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Overall Pretty Impressive
Citation:   Weather. "Overall Pretty Impressive: An Experience with Zolpidem (exp14182)". Jan 26, 2005.

20 mg oral Pharms - Zolpidem (pill / tablet)
Age: 20
Body Weight: ~135 lbs.
Dose: 20mg

Experiment #1:

Last night my Internet connection was cut off when my roommate stumbled over the phone, and when we met in the hallway between our rooms, we chatted for a while. She had taken her sleeping-aide, Ambien, and I could tell from her behavior that she was inebriated. Her eyes gave her away mostly, and her manner of speech, along with the occasional stumble or loss of motor control. We ended up talking for a while about correlations between different types of artistic mediums, such as a movie made of a book, but I digress. Her seemingly accelerated thought patterns and other comments she made about Ambien ('like, I am seeing you double right now... Not double really, just like there is more there now', along with a long look) intrigued me about the recreational use of the drug. I checked online for information, and read all of the experience reports, and it appealed to me. Ironically, I had a hard time sleeping last night, and I didn't end up falling into deep sleep until 6:30am. I brought this up with her today, and she offered me some Ambien before I could even ask. So today, Weds April 10th, I will start my experimentation with this new drug. I will dose one of the 20mg white pills at exactly 5:00pm. My stomach is quite empty at this time.

T+0:00: Dose is taken with a glass of water.

T+0:13: The noticeable onset was much sooner then I expected, as I am in a dreamy state, a little bit like a low DXM dose, but with more complicity. In fact, my inebriation is definitely here, and I am getting a bit of that quickly-look-over-your-shoulder to find nothing kind of thing. The music I am listening to is nice, but itís a nice background, rather then when on LSD when a song can analyze your life in its every sound. The simple task of copying a CD is an exaggerated effort. What I am typing now comes in bursts of letters, so it is possible to become incomprehensible when read in a normal state. However, the subject is enjoying himself greatly. I feel like I'm all geared, in the space shuttle, ready to take off. And that readiness, and the space into which we ascend, is all spent sitting in this very chair.

T+0:24: I have decided to travel to my car and listen to music. Reports to be made later. This stuff is like a bump of K in the way that it is slightly disorientating in a pleasant way.

T+0:38: Well, there are some similarities between Ambien and K, but I don't feel necessarily disassociated from my surroundings, just a little oblivious to some of them.

T+0:44: I prepared some soup, but the food did not appeal to me much, so I refrained.

After this point, I began to feel somewhat off, I think a combination of going out to my car and attempting to eat accounted for this. I listened to some music, and watched my psychedelic screensaver for a little while, and then I started to get a little uncomfortable and wanted to lie down... Eventually I got in my bed and drifted rather quickly into a deep sleep. I woke up a couple hours later, at around 8:00pm, feeling pleasantly woozy. I ate and talked to my roommate and her friend for a while, and as they left, smoked the very end of a Joint, getting only about a hit and a half of MJ. Even more calm now, I am considering a glass of wine. I feel quite tired, but I will be able to function. I think I made a mistake of doing it after a night of little sleep. The drug pulled me into bed. So the next time I do it, I will be well rested, and perhaps not make an effort to dose on an empty stomach, because the onset was almost a little overwhelming, paralleling that of an MDMA 'bang, you're rolling' onset but without all the waiting.

My motor skills were affected a bit, as my movements were exaggerated and I bumped into a couple things. Overall, though, I really enjoyed the dreamy state Ambien produced, and I feel it is more like DXM or a small amount of K then alcohol or 'being stoned' like mentioned by a few other testers.

Experiment #2:

Having trouble getting to sleep tonight, I decide to take another Ambien pill to assist me. However, I will attempt to remain awake for at least a half an hour to enjoy its effects and to confirm or deny any further interests I might have in the drug recreationally. Having enjoyed a memorable Codeine high last night, to relieve some terrible body aches, I hope I wasn't spoiled too much. I find Codeine to be the most enjoyable drug I have ever experienced, but once again I digress. I took the Ambien just a couple minutes before 4:00am, so I expect it to be hitting me in about ten minutes. I don't plan on leaving this seat for the duration of the experience (though I could use some painkillers), as I found out last time that excessive movement seemed to fluster me and gave me a bit of an upset stomach. I hope that the late hour will lend to my inebriation, as it usually seems to do. If it ends up knocking me out, then I won't mind terribly because it is rather late.

T+~0:17: The onset is more gradual this time, which is nice, but now it is suddenly hitting me, which is ironic because this is what happened last time when I talked about onset. I was hit. Right now I an definitely getting trippiness going on on my computer... The windows are growing and shifting up and down... its rather unreal. oh, and they definitely breathe!! they are breathing with a bit of color. Wow, I just witnessed the death of my Winamp(R). It was almost frightening. Before this type of show is over, I would like to enjoy it a bit more.... it seems, seemed, that the interface of the computer is as living as you or I, and from there many of these kind of theories could arise. I am trying to make my digits' input influence that on the screen, the floaty glossy screens.... Lets see, I guess I got distracted there...

Anyway, on to new tasks. I just took 800 MG of Ibuprophen with a little milk and food. Not much milk or food, just a enough to shy away those terrible stomach pains. Use pain to fight pain must have been the premise for Ibuprophen, really. Anyway, I am robed now, so I'm not shivering like I was, and that initial bump-attack of the Ambien really brightened my evening. I felt like I was in a Disneyland Fantasyland world. Super Visuals... Like LSD visuals with warmth. My computer screen was dancing with the music! Woo boy, This paragraph will be interesting to read tomorrow.

My physical interaction with the world is not its usual self. I feel like the chair is rolling and it isn't, and I feel the desk is rocking like a boat and its not, but these things don't bother me. In fact, they amuse me! I am still rather inebriated, but am just trying to come to grips with what just happened, really. It was like the computer and I were in this little mini-sphere of interaction or something. I'm pretty amazed, but too out of it now to further divulge.... I might pass out soon, though I'd give me at least 10 more minutes.


Well, I finally read the little bit I wrote the other night, and the trip (because I was completely tripping for a few minutes there) comes back to me rather hazily, though I still remember all of the insane visuals I was getting. I hadnít expected them at all, and Iím not sure if I've read of anyone else saying anything about that, but they were definitely there. Perhaps the Ibuprophen had something to do with it, but I doubt it. I attribute it to lack of sleep. Either way, my general feel towards Ambien is somewhat mixed at this time. Though I definitely enjoy the 20-30 minutes that I am twisted, after I came down each time, I had a pretty large desire to sleep. In fact, I was just kind of drawn into bed. But then again, that might not be a bad thing, because I slept very well. Both times I took the pills, I was pretty sleep-deprived, so Iím sure that would explain things. Also, I definitely wouldnít plan on driving after taking these, because that would be extremely stupid. Those who like to take little bumps of Ketamine from time to time, but arenít close to Mexico like me (Ahhh....) might be interested in checking Ambien out if they know someone who takes it. Overall, pretty impressive for a sleeping pill, and I donít even have to take more than 1 pill for some fairly heavy effects!!

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 14182
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 26, 2005Views: 215,378
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Pharms - Zolpidem (143) : Alone (16), First Times (2), General (1)

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