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Citation:   IowaPunker. "Meat-Face: An Experience with Methamphetamine (exp14200)". Mar 30, 2005.

    Methamphetamine (powder / crystals)
I name my story after what people start to look like after decades of meth abuse. Seriously, I remember the cooker I used to purchase my meth from, who had been a three-gram-a-day smoker / snorter for the past fifteen years. He looked so sick. He looked like hamburger. I started calling him 'Meat' because of this, but he just laughed. I never told him what I meant by it.

Here's my story. Its very long so I hope you like to read. I luckily backed away from this shit before I myself became one of the 'meat-faces.' but i did have some fun times, though.

Anyway, I was out looking for the ultimate high. The one drug that could satisfy my cravings for excitement like no other drug could. The first time I tried any amphetamine was when I met a kid in school who had ADHD, and he was prescribed Ritalin and Dexedrine. I wasn't real big on Ritalin but I knew that Dexedrine was pharm speed and I always wanted to try it. Boy did I love those pills. My friends and I would crush up twenty of those little darlings, split the huge pile into big lines, snort ourselves silly, then go out and party the night away. At one such party a guy named 'C' asked me if I wanted to try crank.

'You like speed, right?' he said. 'You'll love crank.'

I had heard so many horror stories about crank, like the way some people cut it with nasty adulterants. But curiosity and my love for amphetamines got the better of me. I sniffed a big line of this off-white, chunky powder. WHOOOOSHHH..... If I thought Dexedrine was the shit, I was way wrong. This stuff was waaaay more potent and packed a longer-lasting, more mentally uplifting buzz. I loved it. There was no turning back now. Snorting started to bother my nose so I smoked it off tin foil one night. I had to be showed how to do it, but once I learned, it was the only way I ever did it. I'd see people snort it and look down on them, like 'Why do it that way? Smoking is so much better.' I got so good at smoking foils, bulbs and glass 'dicks' that I even started teaching amateur tweekers how to smoke.

One day I wondered what it would be like to miss more than just one night of sleep. So I saved my money for about two weeks straight so I could supply myself with crank over a period of a week, and stay awake the whole time. After the first night, I went for number two. That was no problem, either, except that I started feeling giddy and floaty. After the third night, those effects were enhanced greatly. I felt as if I were living a dream. I felt detached from everything. Like I was living in my own personal world. Colors had a softer appearance, sounds were muffled, and my thought processes were slowed dramatically. I couldn't even feel the effects of 'being spun' anymore. It was completely different. It was very pleasant. I felt more relaxed than ever. The fourth and fifth nights were pretty much the same, but with more pronounced effects of sleep deprivation. Colors seemed to 'bleed,' I saw LSD-like trails / tracers, and sounds seemed very distant, even my own voice. It was getting weird. But I kept on smoking.

I then figured out what was meant by 'tunnel vision.' It was so weird. Out of the corner of my eye my vision was so dim and fuzzy, but straight ahead, it was clear as day. Driving a car while in this condition could've killed me, I'm sure. I don't remember much of that sixth day (after being awake for five nights). I crashed around 8:00 PM in a lawnchair in my back yard. I slept for almost twenty-four hours. When I awoke, the effects of sleep deprivation and the effects of not eating (due to a poor appetite) really, and i mean REALLY got to me. I was physically and mentally exhausted for at least a week after that, and extreme hunger plagued me every minute. I remember on one of those recovery days, not one minute went by without me chewing on some kind of food. I experienced nasty cold and flu symptoms as the chemicals slowly exited my body. I call this simply the 'crank flu.' My mouth tasted metallic like I'd been sucking on a penny.

I had a few more binges after that, usually limited to three nights. I stayed clean from crank for about a year (surprisingly, it wasn't very hard). It is so hard to say no to this stuff when it's around, but if I move away to where I don't know anybody and don't make friends in the drug culture, it can be done. That's what I had to do. It got so bad, so addicting, to the point where I had to just say good-bye to everything and escape. There was no other way out for me.

Now I'll admit to you that I still like the stuff. It's fun to smoke or snort just a little dab and go out partying all night. My meth use is limited to only about five or six times a year now. I'm proud of how I've learned to respect chemicals. I've amazingly had no intense cravings like I used to. It didn't fuck me up as bad as cocaine did but it sure could have. Meth is baaaad stuff. An interesting and amazing drug, but way too hard on my body.

If you've read this far, thank you. God bless.
Don't be a meat face. Drink your beer.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 14200
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 30, 2005Views: 18,689
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Methamphetamine (37) : Addiction & Habituation (10), Retrospective / Summary (11), Various (28)

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