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Wanted Bud, Got Hospital
Brugmansia spp.
by Luke
Citation:   Luke. "Wanted Bud, Got Hospital: An Experience with Brugmansia spp. (exp14238)". Apr 26, 2002.

3 flowers oral Brugmansia (flowers)
[Erowid Note: Although the author identifies the plant source in this report as 'datura', we have received credible information that the plant was actually a Brugmansia (species unknown). The report was edited and re-categorized in March 2005.]

A couple of weeks ago on a saturday night my band was over at my place and so were a lot of my friends and my girlfriend. My folks had a few of their friends over for drinks too and too listen too my band play. I didnt have any bud and all my friends were dry too and i was heaps desperate too get off.

A week or so before that we had discovered a bunch of datura [Brugmansia? - ed] plants down the road on the way too the beach, but i was really against them coz i had read a lot about them and they sounded stupid.

After my band had a couple of sets, i decided the datura [Brugmansia? - ed] was the way too go, coz as i said i was really desperate so we walked down too check em out. I think it was about 10 pm or so. The plants were full of flowers so i ate one and took a two in my pocket for later.

We walked down too this little park near the beach and i ate my two on the way down there. By the time we (includes me, my girlfriend, and a few more friends. one of which had eaten one flower) got down too the beach i was starting too trip out and i really needed too piss. I had a piss down there with not too much trouble, and then started developing the harshest cotton mouth i had ever had, worse than any weed cottonmouth. I kept constantly drinking water and just pissing it basically straight back out.

Across the road was a big plant of aloe vera which looked a lot like an octopus, which i stroked a lot and invited others too do so. They ust laughed at me and stuff.

After this i cant really remember walking anywhere but my speech got slurred and i remember the road turned too nets and i was scared that they would catch me. We were heading for a friends house who was with us at the time and this is where i got really bad. When we got too his house i fell over on his concrete a lot and wrecked up my knees and then i just sat there. I walked inside after that and for some reason i was just laughing and i crawled around, finding my place underneath his table. On the way too his house apparently i was crawling too get away from the nets, probly adding to the pain in my knees.

Not much was hapening there so we headed off. On the road on the way home i was being really annoying and complicated. I was talking too a little tree which i thought was a good friend of mine (i saw him all night and talked to him) and i wouldnt stay on the road. Two of my friends who were with me just walked off coz they had too get home so now it was just me, my girlfriend and two members of my band, all of which were staying at my place. I was real lucky too have them there coz without them i couldve easily ended up dead (i love you guys).

They finally got me home and by this time my talking wasnt understandable. As soon as they got me in my mum asked if i was blind drunk and they said no hes eaten some flowers. She said datura and they said yes. My final band member was asleep when we got home, but he was soon awake with all the commotion.


Some stuff happened in there and my mum decided i had too goto hospital. The oldest member of my band (who can drive) drove me in with my dad coz he had too much to drink and couldnt drive. At the hospital i saw a lot of things, including more of my friends and other strange things. Like hacky sacks all over the ground. They put me in intesive care with a catheter and when i woke up i didnt really remember anything.

I was in a lot of discomfort at the hospital and i was really agressive towards the nurses and doctors. But the whole time i thought i was just out the back of a family friends house sitting in their living room.

I would have too say this was the most scary thing that has ever happened too me and i want too say thank god for all my friends that helped me and kept me alive. NEVER DO THIS SHIT SERIOUSLY, ITS WAY TOO INSANE.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 14238
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 26, 2002Views: 18,567
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Brugmansia (84) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Entities / Beings (37), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7)

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