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by 5ht
Citation:   5ht. "Comparison: An Experience with MBDB (exp14292)". Feb 20, 2004.

250 mg oral MBDB (powder / crystals)


MBDB compared to MDMA

Because of its claimed similarities to MDMA, I had been curious about MBDB for quite a while. Many people might have the same questions I had, so I will attempt to run a qualitative comparison between it and MDMA.

The express delivery package with 1g of MBDB arrived this morning at 10:30am while I was making coffee. (Unexpected surprise for a Saturday morning)! We immediately changed our plans for breakfast and figure that since we had been fasting since the night before and had nothing planned for the rest of they day, this would be perfect. I then pulled out my pocket scale (Deering 10g) and cut 250mg for myself and 200mg for my wife (which doses at approximately 2.85mg/kg of body weight for the both of us).

Down the hatch. It tastes similar to MDMA, but even more 'chemical'. It tastes poisonous.

11:20am (T+0:20)
Very sweaty palms. Quicker but otherwise same as MDMA.

11:30am (T+0:30)
Pupils highly dilated, first effects become very obvious. There is no denying that we are high.

Visuals are strikingly similar to the come up of an MDMA high. Lights sources become brighter and yet get a little hazy around the edges. Bright colors become more alive. Our lava lamp looks very very cool. Unfortunately, this is where the visuals stop. There are no more visual alterations throughout the entire experience.

11:40am (T+0:40)
There's a body buzz. Similar in presentation to the MDMA body buzz, but not nearly as enjoyable. If one can describe the MDMA body buzz as if ripples of joy were penetrating the skin and sinking deep into the flesh, then MBDB seems to have a warm fuzzy feeling only a few millimeters below the skin. If I had to scale it, I would say the buzz is 25% as enjoyable as what it is on MDMA.

There is a bit of an unpleasant cold sweat going on, we are cold, but sweating a bit under the arms and at the temples.

Simply put, MDMA gives me a swift kick in the ass after an hour. MBDB grows on me over the period of 40 minutes. MBDB will not surprise anyone.

12:00pm (T+1:00)
Nystagmus kicks in, pretty similar to a high dose of MDMA. Very nice.
Jaw clenching kicks in, worse than a high dose of MDMA. Very npleasant.

There are some empathetic qualities, but they seem to be a lot more introspective. I would find it very hard to use this under therapy. It's easy to reflect, but hard to communicate. There is just no desire to talk, but I feel closer to my wife just stretched out in the same couch with our legs interlocked. There is no desire to get up or do anything except stay put, relax, and trip. Very enjoyable.

This is where the trip plateaued.

2:30pm (T+4:30)
Very slow come down. Mild headache kicks in. We notice that we are extremely hungry not having eaten all day. We had an afterglow until about 8:00pm (T+10:00).

MBDB is a fun research chemical! It has an enjoyability of its own, but nowhere near as fun as MDMA, and seems to have a much lower potential for abuse. I would say its worth trying out at least once, but I wouldn't go out of my way to get some again.

MBDB shares many similarities with MDMA, but it absolutely does not work as a substitute. I find it hard to classify it as an MDMA analogue. Anyone expecting an MDMA like experience will probably be very disappointed. Yes, the experience is similar, but only the side effects are virtually identical (nystagmus, body load, clenching). All of the fun properties of MDMA (body buzz, empathy, mild visuals, sounds and smells) are either very diminished or simply not there...

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 14292
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 20, 2004Views: 14,590
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MBDB (190) : First Times (2), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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