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Rolling Through Old Film Footage
Citation:   Sophia. "Rolling Through Old Film Footage: An Experience with PCP (exp14314)". Apr 28, 2002.

  oral PCP
Many years ago I was sold PCP under the name of 'Mess', which i misunderstood to mean 'mescaline'. If the dealer had told me it was PCP I wouldn't have kept using it. Yes I continued to use it, assuming that mescaline was just a very unusual psychedelic. This was long before i took much care to understand the drugs i take... that didn't happen until I was introduced to DMT, many years later. It took an experienced psychonaut, to whom I gave some of my 'mescaline', to tell me that there was no way it was mescaline.

I made some inquiries and found out that it was nothing but straight PCP.

When I was taking the drug, I used very small amounts. The effect was incredibly pleasant and social, so much so that me and my friends all used it instead of booze for almost a year. I couldn't dance for shit on the stuff (I'd get stumbly and actually fell on my ass on the dancefloor once) but the physical sensations and mental pictures were really fun. It is quite different from any psychedelic visuals or even Ketamine visuals...more like rolling through old film footage. To be honest, I liked it more than my experiences on Ketamine.

I've been told that PCP is quite neurotoxic, which Ketamine is not. I'm not up on the current literature, but I remember hearing Karl Jansen speak about Ketamine, and in his telling of the differences between the two drugs he mentioned the high neurotoxic potential of PCP.

I was taking it orally, diluted in water, so I am not sure how dosage relates to smoked PCP, but I can imagine that if you had some brown dirt weed, or some moldy weed, or some immature buds, and you 'dipped' them in PCP, the effect might be pretty pleasant.

Unfortunately, because people tend to take more than less, getting too much would be easy, and too much PCP is not pleasant at all. I only once experienced it, and it was terrifying. My vision closed around me and I was unable to see. Then I was nauseous and confused and scared for about 3 hours, and needed to be accompanied by my husband out to the car to wait out the experience.

PCP can make one nearly impervious to pain at high doses. Because of this, PCP can make things seem like a good idea that otherwise wouldn't (leading to the stories of people leaping out of windows, etc.) I experienced very confusing physical reality when really high on it, like being unable to discern the difference between walking up stairs and down them, or standing still and walking. This could lead to very unusual behaviour.

High doses, when I was unfortunate enough to experience them, were very unpleasant--extremely dissociative and numbing. Some people can't walk or move or see, or even think how to get out of their situation. It can be very scary.

Exp Year: 1995ExpID: 14314
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 28, 2002Views: 46,109
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PCP (113) : Various (28), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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