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Nothing Like being Stoned on Grass Alone
Bupropion (Wellbutrin) & Cannabis
Citation:   Cannibust. "Nothing Like being Stoned on Grass Alone: An Experience with Bupropion (Wellbutrin) & Cannabis (exp14393)". Apr 7, 2005.

200 mg oral Pharms - Bupropion (daily)
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)
This report will focus on my experiences of mixing Wellbutrin (Bupropion) and marijuana. I have contacted several others taking similar and higher doses who have not experienced the same complications I have, but my intent is to explain the possible complications because I have yet to find a credible source discussing the interactions of the two substances.

I was prescribed 100mg of Wellbutrin twice daily by my doctor to help me focus and stay on task because I have ADHD. I did some research on Wellbutrin and found the side effects of it alone would most likely be a lot to bear. At the time I was heavily into smoking marijuana (I was high nearly all day long, every day). I also frequently drank alcohol and have had various other drug experiences (DXM, Foxy, MDMA, Mushrooms, Salvia). After reading about Wellbutrinís possible interactions with marijuana and alcohol, I was skeptical about starting the drug, but knew I needed to improve my school work. Below is a short summary of how marijuana has affected me while on 2x100mg of Wellbutrin SR daily.

Being heavily dependent on marijuana, I finally gave into temptation approx. 5 days after I started taking Wellbutrin. I started small, only taking a few hits. Immediately I noticed blotchy colors in my vision and the high seemed strange...much too focused. Due to the small amount I smoked, the buzz wore off in about 20 minutes and I was feeling fine again. I tried similar amounts in the fallowing days with the same results. About a week and a half into my medication, I took one huge 18' glass bong rip of very high-quality marijuana. The onset was instant and disturbing. There was substantial body-load. I would go as far to say as the body load felt nearly as bad as when I had a bad trip off 5-meo-dipt (Foxy). It included a loss of feeling in my face, like weights had been placed on my body, and major muscle tension including a disturbingly stiff jaw. Walking around I was lightheaded/dizzy and confused. My motor skills definitely impaired. This wore off in about 45 minutes, which I attribute to my high tolerance to marijuana. If I had not been such an experienced marijuana user, I fear I would not have been able to handle the trip. According to some reading I have done, I have found it is possible for someone to have a 'psychotic episode' on a combination of Wellbutrin and marijuana.

Since I have smoked multiple times, but taken it easier and slowly risen my high to the desired level. Unfortunately being stoned on Wellbutrin is nothing like being stoned solely on grass. It is confusing with a strange body load...and seemingly focused high. I feel little or no euphoria, which is disappointing because conversation used to be one of my favorite activities while high. Now I turn inwards, usually with lots of negative feelings to those around me.

The side effects of Wellbutrin alone were enough for me to stop taking it, and switch to Ritalin. In the following weeks of taking Wellbutrin, I smoked nearly every day. As each day passed I could feel the drug purging from my system, and my high slowly being restored to normal. At t+3 weeks, I still donít feel the same high I used to, and am rather disappointed. A few side effects of the drug are still lingering, such as constant bloating. I have started exercising and drinking lots of water in effort to clean my system of all chemicals (I have also stopped taking the Ritalin), so I can achieve somewhat of a baseline and start using mind altering substances once again.

In conclusion, Wellbutrin and Marijuana is tolerable, but not a strongly desired high. It also did not give me any lasting complications, but I could see someone who is new to smoking being easily overwhelmed and possibly wanting to seek medical attention.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 14393
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 7, 2005Views: 129,534
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