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Real Horrorshow Floating
Citation:   ¿?¥KraftWerk¥¿?. "Real Horrorshow Floating: An Experience with Opium (exp14530)". Erowid.org. Nov 24, 2015. erowid.org/exp/14530

  insufflated Opium
I had grown my own opium poppies and was quite frankly very excited to try a substance that would hopefully be more enjoyable and memorable than cannabis. I cultivated the unrefined opium from the poppies (Although it is quite illegal where I am, as it is a schedule I narcotic, so if I was caught and convicted of Conspiracy to Produce a Schedule I Narcotic, I could face life in prison).

I have done quite a bit of of organic chemistry and such and I knew that unrefined opium contains a substantial amount of impurities. As Opium is a mix of nonpolar covalent compounds, I knew that it would be best to methylate it with Methyl Hydrate, then I could extract what is most desirable from the Opium (Namely Morphine and Codeine). I am quite aware that Hydrolized Opium is Heroin, so I only partially refined it (I want to stay away from Heroin). After the extraction process was complete, I had a blonde colored powder, I basically adjusted my dosage on what I felt. I don't exactly remember how much I took, but it was not much, as I did not want to risk respiratory arrest due to an overdose of an opiate.

This 'Devil's Mixture' instantly kicked in upon snorting. As with all opiates, I felt as though I was disconnected with my surroundings, and as though my head was completely separate from my body. I felt as though I was travelling over waves of pure bliss, this opened up my mind. I instantly saw what was wrong with my life philosophy. I also felt as though a blue shield was closing around me, and like I was floating through walls and time. I could see a blue 'Spice Box' as I called it, and whenever it opened I felt the warm euphoria of the opium surround me. I know that the hallucinations were likely caused by a large amount of morphine present in the mixture.

I floated through this realm of peace and unity for what felt like a lifetime (but was actually only about 3 hours). The bliss that I felt could not be described with words, it was as though I had found the key to pure happiness, harmony and inner peace. This realm was so utterly welcoming that I did not want to leave. The mental voyage that I took was like nothing that I will ever experience again, it was frankly, too enlightening.

It was scary to return to a world where the peace that I experienced was not present. One word of warning, I do not recommend cultivating opium poppies, the risk of arrest is becoming increasingly higher, and the Justice System is becoming more ruthless when sentencing the producers of any illegal substance. Please, do not produce these substances unless you are sure you will not call attention to yourself (i.e. growing 200+ plants, which is just stupid as you will get caught).

All in all, Opium is enlightening, granted it is partially refined, just be careful you do not take too much as you will either kill yourself from this or start an addiction to opiates (which I heard is not fun at all). Remember that you must open up your mind before you can see time ;) Take care of yourselves and each other, as it is the only way you can achieve constant inner peace. Just for the record, I am not a hippie, but a 'Compassionate Conservative', if there is a such thing.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 14530
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 24, 2015Views: 3,004
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