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Blasted To Space Station Alpha
Citation:   Matt Himself. "Blasted To Space Station Alpha: An Experience with AMT (exp14772)". May 21, 2002.

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T+ 0:00
25 mg oral AMT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:35 10 mg smoked AMT (powder / crystals)
Substance - AMT
Experience - First time using AMT (or any research chem for that matter)

Setting - my house, solo.

I was in a great state of mind. I had researched AMT as much I think one could do. I even had people on IRC telling me stop asking about it. Haha. Well, anyway... I weighed out 25mg into a capsule. I knew this was a low dose based on erowid and word of mouth. I figured I would rather go into this slowly than dive right in.

I knew AMT could last for 16+ hours. I was going out early with my band to record an album (I play in a local band). I figured I would be out before parents were awake, so this would be an ideal time to try this.

At around 11PM I swallowed the capsule

12AM: Nothing...

1230AM: Feeling kind of bouncy, floaty

1AM: Feeling really tired. I figured I didnt take enough because I had been told of AMT's stimulant like effects which would keep me up. I give it to sleep and go downstairs.

115AM: After using the bathroom and about to sleep I look in the mirror. I look at my eyes and get the same COLD stare I do on most psychedelics. I was wondering if perhaps it was just taking really long. But then when I noticed my shirt was crawling with slight colors, I figured it was there.

120AM: Go back on IRC

130AM: It's affecting me, but still not as much as I would like. Mild effects. I know that my dose was low, but I was still looking for a tad more...

Talking to people on IRC, they tell me to boost by smoking a slight ammount. I take a look at dosage for smoking on erowid. I figure at this point, visuals and effects have begun, but Im still tired...

135AM: I go downstairs to smoke

Vaporizing AMT was almost instant. It shot up wispy vapors. They tasted like moth balls and burnt like hell. It was absolutely horrible. I smoked only 10mg (possibly up to 15mg). I knew this was a strong dose, but I felt quite comfortable with the state I was in

136AM: I feel like Ive been shot out of a speedy psychedelic cannon. I feel like I flying at tremendous speed. The rush my body got from holding the foul smoke was incredible. It also boosted my mood and I experienced some intense euphoria. I managed to go back upstairs and on IRC.

200AM: Full effects have kicked in, and still coming up

230AM: Many more visuals, mostly just patterning and crawling. My carpet is glowing and seems to by sliding around a bit. The computer screen has geometric patterns on it and it is difficult to type. But I still manage to talk. My jaw is clenching very hard, and my teeth are chattering away.

330AM: Still coming up

430AM: I think this is the peak. And its also when I hear 'WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING UP!?' I turn around, enter my mother. I knew instantly if I didnt stop shaking or chattering she would know I was on something. I said 'I had alot of caffeine at work', which was true. She shook her head, called me stupid, and told me to go to bed immediately. Not wanting to piss her off or talk to her anymore I complied. I say goodbye to people on IRC and head downstairs.

530AM: Still really strong, but Im somewhat lonely now

730AM: I can see the sun shining in. It was making cool glowing bands of light, but they are fading. Visuals have stopped now, but my teeth are still chattering. Im still shaking too.

830AM: My friend calls me and says they will pick me up in an hour. I wait 20 mins, and then go take a shower, walking by my parents, exchanging a few words. Nothing bad tho.

850AM: Shower feels really nice

930AM: I leave with my friends, who ask me how things went. I said great and they still were. They said I was stupid for using things I ordered via the internet, but they are entitled to their opinions. I also smoke a long craved cigarette. It calms my chattering a bit.

130PM: All of the effects have left me. I am tired, and very drained from this. I have been awake some 30 hours at this point.


Conclusion - I found AMT to be quite fantastic. I found its visuals to be powerful, while the mindset to be very happy and peaceful. This is not something I could do again for awhile though. My jaw and face hurt today from the chattering, and I am so exhausted, but Im staying awake to finish homework.

AMT was extremely powerful. But thanks to all my research I handled it quite well.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 14772
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 21, 2002Views: 14,795
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AMT (7) : Alone (16), General (1)

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