Do Not Listen To Your Friends
by alex
Citation:   alex. "Do Not Listen To Your Friends: An Experience with AMT (exp14965)". Jun 2, 2002.

30 mg oral AMT (capsule)


I had been looking forward to this rave for quite a while. after trying ecstacy a few times, i had decided that i better stop. seeing as i didn't want to become an e-tard. i went with a group of friends, one who has tried AMT and has friends who had pleasurable experiences on it, and 3 first time rollers.

from what i had heard about AMT it was very dancy/speedy with mild effects similar to ecstacy, and acid- which i have never tried. i take the gel capsule with 30 mg of AMT at about 9 or so, and start to feel nauseous 30 minutes afterwards. about an hour after this i feel fine, like i want to dance, the nausea has subsided. but i have yet to feel the desired effect.

i start to get somewhat of a body high, similar to ecstacy. colors fascinate me, and edges blur. things get pretty intense so i decide to sit down. i have to follow my friends around, so i stumble around the overcrowded hot facility. my friends are on ecstacy for their first time, having a blast, wanted to dance, i myself would rather be at home sleeping, or better yet. not on this drug. i end up in an upstairs room, on a sofa, with my head on the lap of somebody i do not know. the room is so hot that i can barely breathe, and barely move.

i desperately want to find a security guard to see a paramedic that he offered to my puking friend eariler. but the thought of walking around in the sea of people downstairs makes me stay stationary. somebody i know finds me, but i don't seem to know him. i go outside and find a friend of mine, and sit on some kind of bench next to people i don't know. the only way i feel better is to lie down, and i am so messed up that i lie on somebody i don't know, who turns out to be very nice and babysits me for the next 3 hours.

everyone around me is very worried, because i look so cracked out, and i am babbling. the security guard says i cannot lie down, because he's afraid that i will pass out, but obviously he's not worried enough to get help, i want to ask him for help so badly, but i'm too scared. finally i cannot stand leaning any longer, and i go out to this guys car and try to sleep for a while. sleeping being impossible. i smoke a cigarette, which makes my hands shake, and feel tingly. which becomes very uncomfortable.

i have hot and cold flashes, and my teeth won't stop chattering. i think i stood up for a total of about one hour the whole night, being at the rave from 10 pm to 5:30 am. on the ride home at about 6 i felt a little better, just wanting to rest my head. but not so much nausea anymore. the whole night i thought somebody was saying 'wooohooo' next to my ear. i could feel their breath, but i would look up, and no one was there. i started to come down around 7 or 8, feeling very uncomfortable, not unlike coming down off methamphetamines.

i managed to sleep on and off. and it is now 6 pm, and i'm starting to feel semi-normal. although i do feel a bit 'cracked out'. some parts of my experience were somewhat pleasurable if not more 'trippy' and interesting. but in the long run, it was not worth the hours of pain, thinking i was going to die. and scary visuals of bugs when i would shut my eyes. the come down was terrible. absolutely horrible. i do not recommend this drug to anyone, at least i will never try it again.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 14965
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 2, 2002Views: 10,273
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AMT (7) : Rave / Dance Event (18), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2)

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