Alphabet Land
by Trippydude333
Citation:   Trippydude333. "Alphabet Land: An Experience with Ketamine (exp15135)". Mar 29, 2018.

  repeated insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
    repeated smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  


February 20, 2002

The first drug I did in the new year was Special K. I procured what seemed to be 400mg or so
from my old friend I. He is an experienced K-head. His first experience with K led him to write a song, and it scared me. The song was about absolute apathy. he said that when he went outside, while coming out of the trip, he saw a girl and chased her off because he felt like people were empty and like he was the only one alive.

On Wednesday, at 10 AM, separated into many lines, I snorted up some into each nostril through a pen. I was curious as to how it would feel. I had been feeling more in touch with life and felt like K would give me something interesting to dwell on, a new experience. I sat down and waited. There was no burn, and the K smelled almost like hand cream, very nice. Nasal drip came within 5 minutes and was bearable and actually, somewhat nice. Within 10 minutes, I was chilly and a little removed. I did another two lines and I felt more and more derailed and detached. A euphoria went through me, and my head felt a little floaty. Nothing at all like DXM or N2O. I felt some fear over not knowing where I was
going, but I was in control.

I decided to see if I was vahing any visuals. Closing the bathroom door behind me, I was surrounded by a blue
field and I could feel my voice exiting my body, impacting the walls and bouncing back. It was interesting, I wrote this about the experience of being in the bathroom, in total darkness:

“Perfectly numb, time slows to twice what it was. Demon dimensions with brilliant blue skies and warriors and angels rushing overhead. This is the land of K. Everything grandiose has become unseen and everything hidden is revealed. Movement is not a privilege but law. It is the way everything is. Wow. I am lost in this space where my body moves molecule by molecule through a space designed specifically for it. Sound manifests as an ancient alphabet. No wonder the ancients eventually started to represent sound with symbols. Visual blending with sound- synaesthesia ... It is reality. Weirdness is abound. Just another wave of Ketamine reality... There is no anger and no pain, at least none that can manifest, only that which cannot be described. Sound, not while on a rug, giving pleasure, what is that???? Who knows. The answers are not in the past are they, they are in the future? The past can only create a sense of nostalgia which irrevocably leads you to it. The future is the great mystery. Blah. My mouth is so wet and funny. Its interesting.”

Ketamine allows for these strange sensations to be experienced. I like DXM a lot more than Ketamine. It is far more emotional and stimulative, filled with some hallucinations, however it is much longer lasting and eventually you get bored. There is no
boredom with K, the one hour feels like a day and it is enjoyable. I expected to reach some sort of K hole, or numbness, but I never did. Slight stimulation and dissociation accompanied my trip. After I came down, in about an hour, I finished off all the K I had left, and experienced similar effects. I smoked several cigarettes while peaking, and my hands shook and I felt tingles, like I do on any substance while smoking.

I came out of the experience, feeling fulfilled. It was the last drug Ihave done in 5 months. It was interesting. Not too heavy, but not mild. It took me places, within my own room. It made it so simple to pretend things.

I would do it again, but only in lack of anything better to do. For me, Ketamine was interesting, but hardly psychedelic. It was indeed the new experience I was seeking. :) Peace Love Unity Respect

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 15135
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 29, 2018Views: 991
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