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Crazy and Hazy, Talkin' Gibberish
by Bluntman
Citation:   Bluntman. "Crazy and Hazy, Talkin' Gibberish: An Experience with Brugmansia (exp15211)". Jun 5, 2002.

15 leaves oral Brugmansia (tea)


My first experience with Brugmansia was hazy, clouded, but overall quite interesting. I'd read most of the Datura/Brugmansia stories on this site, and was a bit worried about poisoning/mass hallucinations. Being only mildly aquainted with Hallucinogens through a few LSD and Shroom experiences, I approached it with an open mind. I started by boiling the leaves into a tea, in a saucepan on my stove.

When I was done, and the leaves were strained out, the Tea was left with a Yellow color to it. I gulped it down over a 20 minute period, seeing as how it tasted foul. After 10-15 minutes with no noticable affects, I started to feel slightly drowsy. I went to lie down on the couch, and had a brief nap, that ended about an hour later. I woke up, feeling slightly refreshed, at around midday.

Now for the next two hours or so, I couldn't feel anything from the tea. My parents had gone out to the races for the day, and said they'd be back at around 6-7, later if they won. So I sat on the computer for a few hours, until it was around 2 or so in the afternoon. By this time it had gotten overcast, and I heard someone come in through the front door. It was my parents. I wasn't feeling very strange, but everything had taken on a dream-like state, and so when I went out to greet them, it didn't seem strange that they headed off to bed, in mid afternoon, home 4 hours earlier than they should have been.

I went back to my computer, not really worrying about it. Some time that afternoon, a friend of my Mum's called for her. I called for mum to get the phone, but noone picked up. 'She must be asleep' I told the friend, and hung up. About 5 minutes later, the friend called back, and said 'Oh, was there a problem with the phone? I heard some strange garbled talking, and then it hung up.' Apparently I had been speaking gibberish to her, and it was at this point I walked into the Garage to find that their car wasn't there. In fact, there were no signs to point out that anyone had been home at all. It was at that point, that I realised I was actually under the influence of the tea, a thought which dissapeared from my mind almost straight away.

After tactfully disposing of the person on the phone 'Oh, I was wrong. They're still out. I have to go, bye' I began to explore this hazy world I was in. (Keep in mind that these are the only things I remember vividly. Although I only had one other hallucination I can remember, I have vague memories of talking to people all afternoon). Anyway, I rang my friend Lauren, and was talking to her, and memories of our phone call were hazy, but I do remember talking to her, and making sense, but two days later when I talked to her I found out that I had been talking gibberish to her the entire phone call, and every now and again I would say 'Be right back' to her, put down the phone, and talk to another person in the room for a few minutes and come back to the phone.

The only side affects of the tea I'd found so far, was that my throat was so dry, I couldn't eat anything. I had made two burritos, and almost choked on them, because I couldn't swallow them, because my throat was so tight. For some reason I ran about halfway around the house to spit out the offending burrito piece, rather than just do it in the sink or bin, but that obviously didn't occour to me at the time.

The only other hallucination I had that day, was around 6ish or so I was lounging around in my room, listening to music, when all of a sudden about 5 or six of my friends walking in, and sat down in various parts of the room, and hung out and talked with me for about 20 minutes. It had the ambience and the atmosphere of a small party. During this time, I was convinced my Alarm Clock was a telescreen, and I ripped it out of the wall to turn it off. It was around this time that my 'Real' parents came home, and I greeted them with the cheery 'Oh cool. Are you actually home this time, or is this something weird happening again' after which I went to sleep. Not very interesting I know, but with all the bad experiences people have had, I thought I might let you know about one that was just strange. Not a lot of hallucinations, just me wandering around hazy, and talking gibberish to myself...

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 15211
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 5, 2002Views: 21,755
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