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Most Amazing Night of My Life
Citation:   Trippernaut. "Most Amazing Night of My Life: An Experience with MDMA (exp15307)". Nov 1, 2018.

1 tablet oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
  1 tablet oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
  .5 tablets insufflated MDMA (ground / crushed)
  .5 tablets insufflated MDMA (ground / crushed)
I started the funnest night of my life off by swallowing one pill of MDMA. I always chew up my pill when I swallow it. I paced around the house excitedly for awhile cause I hadn't rolled in a few weeks, and the most pills i've taken are 1, and snorted a half. I could tell already that this was going to be a great night, I was at a roll party and everything was great. As soon as I started to get the coming up feeling, I chewed and swallowed another pill, I nearly gagged from the taste. By then I was coming up hard and I felt pretty anxious so I layed down for a bit. About five minutes later, I stood up and was rolling hard, I had a giant grin on my face that would not go away. Ahhhh, rolling, I always forget how fun it is. I talked to some people, hugged some people, got some E rushes, gave some E rushes, I was in heaven.

Then I snorted another half a pill, and I was immediatly rolling harder than I ever had before. I felt so good, I just wish I could remember more of the night. I remember thinking, If there's a heaven, and it's anything but this, I don't want in. Not long after that I snorted my other half.

Then everything truly got started, that's when everyone in the house was rolling hardcore and the best vibe was everywhere. I did a couple of baloons of nitrous oxcide and I experienced somthing beyond words with each baloon, If I could remember more of the night I would tell you what happened but I just remember it was so amazing, that it was beyond words.

I did more talking hugging and E rushes. Then I could tell I was starting to come down, I looked at my watch and it was already almost 5AM.

I then went outside with some people and smoked about 15 huge hits of chronic. I went inside and layed down for a while and I kept feeling like I was drifting away from my body, and I kept getting glimpses of the room even though my eyes were shut.

Then something happened that was just amazing. I disappeared into a vision of the earth, then I started to zoom away from the earth, and it was all so familiar and felt so wonderful, I have been here before, the universe. Suddenly, a wave of nausia snapped me out of that. I got up and walked outside, and went into the corner of the yard. I realized that I felt alot better outside cause it was pretty cold, I must of been getting pretty hot. But that still didn't stop me from puking, it was by far the easiest puke ive ever had though. Then I layed outside for a while to cool off. I kept seeing people in the corners of my eyes, but when I would look, there would be no one there.

Every time I shut my eyes I saw endless patterns and wave after wave of strange familier shapes.

Around 5PM I went home and went to bed, and didn't wake up until 10AM the next morning, and I had a dream that lasted all night. It was a dream that I was on acid, I had all sorts of other dreams, but I was on acid in every dream I had that night, it was pretty strange, and it was the nicest night of sleep in a long time.

This would be my ninth time rolling and I have never really gotten a burnout at all. But I did manage to get one this time, I just feel kind of moody, nothing I cant handle. I'll just go buy some 5-htp.



Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 15307
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 1, 2018Views: 1,112
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