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I Wasn't in the Photograph
Citation:   Jupiter. "I Wasn't in the Photograph: An Experience with LSD (exp1533)". Nov 1, 2000.

2 hits oral LSD
It was the last day of my junior year in high school. A bunch of us went to the park outside of town on the hill for a picnic. It was a lot of fun, romping around the playground equipment and picnic tables and playing in the grass. After a while, we split up into two groups. Five of us, me included, went exploring at a man-made stream at the edge of the park, where a cement wall created a little waterfall. The other half of our group, which included about six people, took a van to buy some food and drinks, and cigarettes if they could find someone who sold to kids under eighteen. They were gone for about two hours.

During this time, my friend R and I roamed away from the pretty waterfall. We were going to freak out our friends my pretending to down a few pills of acid. After she went back to the waterfall, I did two hits of acid I happened to have with me but I didn't tell her about. When I came back to the waterfall, she kept asking if I really took some. I didn't say anything.

I kept watching the water in this little creek. It was very hypnotic. And this is where it got really strange. I THOUGHT I had been watching this water the whole time, kneeling in the grass. As it turned out, I had been on one hell of a trip.

I thought I was still watching the water when someone shook me and asked if I okay. I sat up and realised I was lying on a park swing at the OPPOSITE end of the park, almost half a mile away from the man-made creek and the little waterfall. My pant legs and shoes were soaked. The people in the van had returned.

They told me they'd been looking for me for over an hour, that they had panicked and were fighting and crying over whether or not to call the police. R had told everyone what she thought I did. They also said that, before I ran off in what they called a fit of ecstacy, everyone had gathered together for a group photo. I was later shown the photo, and I was in it, right in front, a big smile on my face, but I'll be DAMNED if I can remember posing for it. I still swear, to this day, that I was never in the photograph.

I'm a fan of acid, but I still think you have to know your body well enough before trying anything. I'd done two hits before, and was confident I could handle myself. It's not that I had a bad trip or a train wreck. I simply lost ALL sense of reality. What I thought was just an hour of hypnotic staring at a stream turned out to be an hour of running around like a wild child, and eventually disappearing. I could have run onto to the highway and gotten flattened by a semi and would never have known. I have scars and scratches and tears in my clothing from that very weird afternoon, and I don't remember getting any of them.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 1533
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 1, 2000Views: 9,753
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LSD (2) : Overdose (29), General (1), Large Group (10+) (19)

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