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Convulsions, Vomiting Blood.
5-MeO-DMT (smoked)
Citation:   Reverend Kate. "Convulsions, Vomiting Blood.: An Experience with 5-MeO-DMT (smoked) (exp15342)". Jun 12, 2002.

  smoked 5-MeO-DMT (powder / crystals)
Some friends of mine and myself had been turned on to 5-MeO-DMT for the first time while on vacation in San Francisco. Upon our return to LA, my friends invested in a quantity of it, for personal use and also to share with friends. We are all experienced travellers, and had glowing first encounters with the substance.

We gathered at the home of a friend with a group to 'share the love'. The person who had ordered the 5-MeO had purchased a digital scale, though its smallest unit of measurement was .01 g. He took ~3 doses over the course of a week, and by the time of this event, was very comfortable with his ability to measure a proper dose (assumed to be .01 g)

There were 6 people in the group taking the drug that day - I was busy with homework and was occupied in another room, though I did stop in to check on the gang at one point early in the encounter. They were set up in a circle in the our host's bedroom, which was small but comfortable. My boyfriend, who had used it before, went first, followed by the first timers. Only 3 more people would do it that day.

The first two people to go had positive experiences. I left the room when my friend, 'G.', was having his dose loaded into the pipe. A few minutes later, I was disturbed by a commotion from upstairs: a banging sound, followed by elevated voices. I then heard my boyfriend come downstairs and call 911.

Immediately, I dropped my things and went upstairs.

I have been very lucky in that, in my several years of drug use, few of my friends have been in what I would call real danger. I have seen people lose consciousness, and I have talked people down from some fairly bad acid experiences. But I have never seen any reaction as violent as this.

'G' had moved from a sitting position on the bed to a flailing half fetal position, close to falling on the floor. His eyes were bugged, his face red, and he was making groaning noises. His breathing had become shallow and halting shortly after taking his hit, and shortly thereafter he retched and vomited. The vomit contained more than a little blood, which hung in strings from his face and slicked the floor. His breathing was labored at this point, aided by his girlfriend, 'R,' who had put her fingers in his mouth to prevent him from biting his tongue.

The whole time, she was encouraging him to keep breathing, and telling him that she loved him... He shook and twitched, totally unresponsive. She managed to get her fingers out of his mouth and replaced them with a jewel case.

Then the screaming began.

At this point, he was almost in a pile on the floor. He began to twitch and kick violently, and R lost her grasp. At this point, we grabbed him and pinned his limbs to the bed, waiting for the paramedics to come.

I had grabbed his left arm, and really had to hold on to keep his thrashing contained. His eyes were wide open, and he let forth these long, drawn out primal screams. I have never seen anything like it. It wasnt quite terror - but it was pretty scary to the people watching. Though he was quite red in the face, at least he had found the breath to yell with.

Shortly thereafter, we heard sirens approaching. I went downstairs to greet the paramedics and explain the situation. Convulsing, vomiting blood, screaming, and unresponsive to his name.

I didnt go back upstairs, but it was about 5-10 minutes before G, his arms draped across a paramedic on each side, exited the building on his own two feet. Needless to say, everyone was relieved.

Later, G felt great. He came home from the emergency room and recorded a bit with his band later that evening. 'Jeez, you guys!' He said, 'A little bit of convulsing and you call 911! You bunch of weenies.' He was kidding, but he really felt great.

His experience, apparently, was not at all negative. He relayed space journies and encounters with elves that are his story to tell, not mine.

The night before all this happened, G had spend several hours drinking alcohol. He also snorted an unknown quantity of MDMA. His stomach was empty except for some SAM-e ( a supplement) and 2 bananas.

The pipe had been passed between 3 people before it came to him, and may have contained residue from the prior hits, making his dose higher than average.

What did I take from all of this? I'm looking forward to taking 5-MeO again in the future, but it is something that I will never do alone. I advise all people, especially if this is their first time,to be respectful of their body before ingesting this (or any other) heavy psychoactive chemical. Dont drink the night before, wait a few weeks between doses of this and any other drug, eat lightly and stay hydrated.

G later compared his experience to 'Taking a cosmic voyage and forgetting to leave the life support on..' Though he has said he would do it again in the future, he is grateful for our assistance and knows how easily he could have been hurt.

Please be careful!

It is very essential to add anti-histamines to the list of control factors. The ingestion of an over the counter anti-histamine (benydryl), which was the only control factor not shared by others during the experience, and the unnatural dialation of the bronchial tubes may have contributed to or caused the negative experience.

[Erowid Note: Erowid crew members have witnesed similar dissociated & convulsing reactions to smoked 5MeO-DMT before, although with no vomiting. Strangely, one person who experienced this enjoyed the experience and repeated it quite a few times, telling others 'I flop around a lot.' He seemed unaware of how frightening the experience was for others to watch him undergo and he felt fine afterwards, as with the individual described above. With substances with active doses as low as 5MeO-DMT it is especially important to start low and work up the dose.]

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 15342
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 12, 2002Views: 32,131
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