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A Pleasant MBDB Adventure
by Mbdb
Citation:   Mbdb. "A Pleasant MBDB Adventure: An Experience with MBDB (exp15391)". Jun 14, 2002.

  oral MBDB (powder / crystals)


Upon aquiring an unknown, pre-measured dose of MDBD, I tried to find some information on it so that I would know what I was getting myself such luck. No where could I find any information on MDBD, so I had to rely on the source, who told me that it was MDMA'ish, and it was a good dose, and that it was not actually rat poison.

Since I am somewhat experienced with chemicals, I figured that whatever happened (mentally), I could probably handle it. I was right, and it was quite fun. The amount I took was approx. 1 cm gel cap.

~ T+30: Hits rather suddenly. Feels kind of like I was swept away on a cloud. Heart rate a bit fast. There were some fans on in the room, and they were really quite nice against the skin (reminiscent of MDMA tactile feeling). The sound of said fans sounded like white noise and were relaxing. I had a slight dry mouth, and the sides of my head felt tingly, The world was moving around as I walked or moved in a stochatto fashion. There was special when I closed my eyes, but I saw millions of tiny phosphenes with my eyes open (those little blobs you see when you look into a bright light).

~ T+60: Very happy. About a quarter of the empathy felt on MDMA. I was a bit cold, and the word that came out of my mouth were much more random/imaginative/interesting ('Well, the way you keep them from stealing your tongue is to install a couple of Class A laser in you gums, and shoot upon unauthorized oral access.'). K said I was acting a little upset or irritable (he was sober), although I was feeling great.

~ T+1h8m: Some jaw clenching.

~ T+1h13m: Smiling alot. Everything was extremely enjoyable, especially smoking (cigarettes) and conversing. Mild nystagmus.

~ T+1h47m: More jaw clenching...or at least starting to hurt more. Mild nystagmus became spontaneous (present even when trying to focus on a single point). Palms became sweaty, and pulse was 106 (reg. range 60-100).

~ T+2h15m: Coming down a bit, but not too much.

~ T+2h35m: Conversation less random. Less of the cloud/floating feeling.

~ T+2h51m: Eyes dilated (iris was 3-4mm says K) in dim-regular lighting level.

~ T+3h52m: Still some jaw clench, dry mouth. Pretty much sober. Feeling bored.

~ T+4h15m: Emotionally touchy...I can't help but feel guilty over the smalles trivialities.

~ T+4h39m: A little bored and blue. Probably because I liked it so much, and I wanted more.

~ T+5h24m: Mild headache (maybe from smoking alot, though) and I still have that annoying jaw clench (much better though) . Feeling emotionally fine.

All in all, I liked it alot. I liked the way my thoughts connected, and I *really* enjoyed conversations. A very social drug.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 15391
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 14, 2002Views: 26,772
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MBDB (190) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), General (1)

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