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Roller Blades and the Big Mistake
Citation:   Charlie Edgemar. "Roller Blades and the Big Mistake: An Experience with DXM (exp1549)". Jun 13, 2000.

720 mg oral DXM (liquid)
June 9th 1-2 in the afternoon...I'm at a job interview...
I get the job and I'm told that I'll start work tomorrow...
I grab my backpack and sit outside of the office building and strap on my roller blades(I play roller hockey so skating is 2nd nature) and head to culver city to hang out with my friends...I start to is my last day to hang out cause I'll be workin...maybe I should get wasted...and then find my friends..hopefully my friend Slim..

I skate into thrifty and look at all the diff types of robo and tussin...I pick up rite aid tussin maxium...I look at the active ingredents...dxm15mg per teaspoon was the only active ingred..I battle with my self for 10min and think if this is a good idea..I skate up and downt he isle just thinking (ive done robo a million times..and ive been trying to quit...22 times actually) so I buy it ...2 4oz bottles

I go behind toys R us and down 4oz at 3pm...I skate to ralphs and go to the soda machine where it only cost a quarter..drink the soda then down the other 4oz (I love the taste..but I was thirsty.) I then skate to tanners co. a local coffee house...I sit at the tables and talk to a few people I know there and the drug kicks in (roughly at 3 45)
As cars drive go by they dont go by smoothly...they 'jump' every I'm watching stop action photography and people look very weird...this might not make sense...but they looked like animals..and I know humans are animals...but I felt like they were creatures at the zoo or somtin..and men and women never looked so looked like funny creatures...and the girls looked very attractive...but not in a art was weird. And the english language was very hard to understand and speak..most of my sentences were ..'Yeah, really?!' , 'Cool!' 'Umm hmmm.' nothing complacated...I was lucky everyone was talking about the Laker/Pacer game...

I then proceeded to Slim's house...on my blades of course...anyways Slim wasnt home...and I was very dissapointed...but as I was skating the ground didnt seem real..cause it wasnt moving was doing the same thing the cars were doing...moving in chops..then I looked down at my skates...They looked like they were sooo far away from vision was very altered. But it was funny cause I thought I was sober..I was in deniel about the robo..

I then skated back to Ralphs because I wanted to show off infront of I skated backwards in the parking lot for about 10 min...its around 4 weavin in between parked cars and all of a balance that was already bad..became horrible...I felt like it was my first time skating...when actually ive been skating for 6years..I had to sit down..
So I sat on a bench next to some highschool kids (im 22) who were talking to some drunk guy was just drink beers out side of the store...they entertained me for several min...and I joined in the conversation..then one of the kids asked me to get them a pack of cigs...he gave me 4 bucks and I said sure.. I skated into ralphs and went inline..asking for the pack of ciggs took all my concentration..I rehersed the line 'Can I get a pack of marlboro reds?' in my mind over and over...and over...when the transaction was sucessful I felt like I just overcame some big goal in my life...I felt like I just won a million bucks..
I then gave the pack to the kid and asked if I could smoke one...he said sure..he even let me pack it and open up the cigs...I pulled one out and put it in my mouth...and pulled out my lighter...I couldnt bring myself to smoke it cause I thought the cig was worth a lot more than it really was...the cig became priceless almost..(im really gone at this point..why would I think this stuff) but then i said to myself..I can only smoke this with Slim...So I skate to his house again...he wasnt there...In the next hour...I must of skated past Slims house 20 times...attemped to call him 10 times...only was sucessful once...I was too high to use the phone...I just couldnt do it.

I then proceed to just skate aprox 5 45..I come to a corner...theres a cross walk...and a stop this point I feel like im 40ft skates look sooo far away even though im wearing I start to skate walk...(not really skating..just taking steps basically)...I take the cig from behind my ear and sling my backpack infront of me to put it in the front I look at my starts to talk to me basically...I have no idea what it was saying...but it was talking to me...after I put my cig in the pouch I find my self face first on the ground...a little girl across the street is laughing and pointing at me...and her mom is yelling are u alright!? I said yeah..(I didnt know I fell then..I found out later...when I saw the cuts) then I started to trip really hard...I say myself from an outside perspective...I was 30ft tall and laying on the side walk..I took up soo much space...I couldnt get up...but I manged to get into a sitting positio!
n and I just stared at the trees for least 20 min..

and ofcourse the trees were talking to me....3 trees was an old woman...and thats all I remember...I dont know what they said...but I just know the trees could convey feelings...I just stared at them...then I bliked and it was 8pm and I was skating down the street...I literly lost 2 hours....I dont know how I got there...but one moment I was sitting down talking to trees and the next its 8pm and im skating down the street...I dont know how I got there...then I felt pain in both my arms...I looked at my left hand and it was bleeding and it hurt like hell..then I looked at my left forarm and it looked bent..i was in shock kept saying to myself am I hurt..(my arm wasnt broken but my vision was so messed up it just looked bent) so then I started to wonder if I was hurt and I just didnt feel the pain cause I was high...then my right elbow started to hurt...I pulled up my hockey jersey sleeve and my elbow was bleeding...and I thought how the hell did this happen.!
.(I didnt remember falling untill the next day...which is today actually) so I figured I was hit by a car or somthing..and then both my knees started to hurt (later on when I got home they were bleeding too) and my head hurt like hell...(my head still hurts today too so my fall was pretty bad) I then sat down...which took about 4 min to do...sitting down was the hardest thing in the world..cause my limbs felt so far way..and I din want to hurt myself...I took my skates off and put my shoes on...
and walked to Slims house again cause I could only smoke the pricless cig with him...

He still wasnt I walked home...the lights were beautiful...everything tripped me out...but nothing in a bad way...I was just so amazed that I was this high and no one stopped me or anything...cause it was pretty obivous.
On the walk home for some reason I thought it was time to tell my father that I loved him...cause ive never done that I got home and I told about my job and he talked forever...(mostly about how drugs were bad for maybe he new?) and then I hugged him and said I love wasnt earth shaking but it had to be done one day...u only regret the things u dont just glad the robo made me think clearly enough to do it..(its now around 11pm)

I go to bed..and put on music thats good for my state of mind...I put on Bush 16stone....The Cardigans first band to the moon and Marcy Playground shapeshifter ..the music sounded different...but great...very enjoyable..I then stared at the wall for like..2 hours kept breathing and moving and shapeshifting...and if I stared at it it would change color and become other was great....I must of fell asleep at around 3am...woke up at 9..and felt fine...just pain from my fall...and then I went to work....all in all a very good trip...
I recomend rite aid maxium strength to everyone who wants a kick ass trip!!!
ps if u arent experienced it with other people or have a sitter at least...

'Yeah, I've seen it all, but i've never done THAT!!!!'

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 1549
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 13, 2000Views: 3,490
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DXM (22) : Alone (16), General (1)

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