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First Time -- Mediocre
by fairnymph
Citation:   fairnymph. "First Time -- Mediocre: An Experience with BZP (exp15515)". Jun 19, 2002.

200 mg oral Piperazines - BZP (powder / crystals)


Dose: 200 mg BZP (benzylpiperazine)

Setting: I'm on a two hour drive to visit my bf.

Experience: with most other drugs, much experience with stimulants. First time with BZP.

Note: I am taking corticosteroids for an allergic reactions (40 mg prednisone/day). I don't think that this affected my BZP experience at all but I wanted to note it regardless.

1:45 am

I am driving up in my car to Sacramento to see my bf. I've had a pretty shitty day -- running around trying to find a big paycheck that got lost in the mail -- and I'm tired from not sleeping enough, and just generally feeling stressed out and depressed. My fatigue is beginning to bother me a bit though, as I drive very poorly when sleep-deprived. I decide impulsively to take some of the BZP I have on hand...

(Note: I do not recommend driving on a drug the first time you do it, and in hindsight I can see that my judgement was perhaps poor. Still, I am very experienced at driving on stimulants (and I drive better than normally) and I am safe driver in general...and I knew enough about BZP to gauge that I'd probably be fine to drive on it. Furthermore, I WAS feeling rather tired and it seemed like BZP wourld be better to drive on than sleep deprivation.)

1:55 am

I swear I can feel some effects already...I don't really know how to describe head feels a little different, there is an uneasiness in my stomach, and overall I feel ever so sightly altered. It amazes me that I could begin feeling it so stomach is fairly empty, other than a handful of vitamins I had taken an hour beforehand....possibly these increased the absorption of the BZP?

2:05 am

Yep, it definitely wasn't placebo that I was feeling earlier...the same general 'weird slightly fucked up' feeling is growing. My eyes feel different, maybe like they are dilated? My neck has been bothering me all day and I notice a slight headache creep up towards the base of my skull...seemingly a result of the BZP.

2:15 am

At this point I am begining to feel some pleasant effects. Mild euphoria (not too different from amphetamine-like euphoria), a nice feeling in my head, though NOT in the same place of my head that I get a good feeling on amphetamines. I find myself wishing that the BZP sensitized this particular region of my head -- but oh well. I can still feel that nagging little headache too. My eyes continue to feel weird, as if they are wiggling around a bit, but they still feel tired. Overall, I'm still tired, which I find annoying as I was hoping the BZP would wake me up...

I give my bf a call to tell him where I am and doing so definitely picks up my mood a bit. I put on some cds -- first Madonna and then Tori Amos -- and I'm having a fairly pleasant time driving along listening to the music.


Yep, I'm still coming up but I feel a (mild) body high now (some skin sensitivity in addition to an upper chest/torso glowlike warmth) and my head-euphoria is still increasing. The little headache seems to have dropped off into the background and while I am still aware of it it no longer bothers me...still feeling tired at this point. I'm also feeling slightly confused (as I do on a strong dose of MDMA coming up) -- I want to skip to the next song on my discman and my fingers get confused spatially, thinking there are three buttons when there are only two. This annoys me, as I don't like feeling confused (even if only so slightly) and I miss the clarity of amphetmine/methamphetamine.

There is a distinct speedy quality to the drug (even though I don't really feel alert yet?) -- my thoughts are rushing through my mind more quickly, and my obsessive-compulsive thoughts and anxiety are noticeably worse.

I notice that unlike on other stimulants, I don't feel insanely horny. However, about 15 minutes before arrriving at my bf's, I start feeling a little horny....I think it's mostly mental, though, and not related to BZP. On a side note, a few hours later we have sex and I realize that I am not gonna come...or at least, not without substantial effort. Sooo, BZP does seem to delay orgasm...

3:00 am

I seem to have evened out/plateaued at this point and I'm feeling in a nice place...not amazing, but pleasant and comfortable. I am still having some nagging thoughts but I've become more used to them.

4:45 am

At this point I begin truly coming down, though it is, like the comeup, exceptionally gradual. I have never experienced a more gradual come up and come down on any other drug. 4-methylaminorex is somewhat similar in its comedown but again, not as smooth.

Interestingly, it is really only at this point that I stop feeling slightly confused, and begin feeling actually alert/stimulated/woken up.

7:00 am

I am at baseline now, and able to doze off.

Next day

No noticeable lingering effects or hangover. Noticeable but not severe lack of appetite -- comparable to low doses of amphetamine sulfate orally.

I'm not particularily interested in trying this drug again, despite how cheap and available it is...not really because of any negative effects, but simply because there were few really positive effects. I might try it in a different setting and mindset, though, as that may have had some effect...Overall, though, I'd just rather do other stimulants...especially as I try to be moderate with my stimulant use...I want to save my getting high for better drugs.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 15515
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 19, 2002Views: 26,756
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BZP (101) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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