Freebased AMT
by ben
Citation:   ben. "Freebased AMT: An Experience with AMT (exp15705)". Jun 30, 2002.

15 mg smoked AMT (powder / crystals)
A few days ago I recieved a new shippment of AMT in. This time it was in freebase form so I decided to free base it.

4:30 pm- Freebased 15 mgs didnt taste that bad and the smoked didn't really hurt my lungs, noticed my head felt kinda light.

5:30 head still felt light. figured that nothing was going to happen

6:30 my pupils are very dialted I feel very sped up, I am walking around my house very suped up.

7:30 I am sitting on my lazyboy watching a local music tv show with some jazz/funk band playing I close my eyes and I can set very profound geometric patterns moving around in my head no color tho only back and white. When I open my eye eveything looks quite weird for a few seconds (kinda grainy)

7:45 I decided I need to get in a pitch black room, so I start walking up stairs to a bathroom. on my way I stop at a mirror and I end up staring at it watching my face change and look really weird, first my face went blank. looked like it got erased I stare at the miror for about 30-45 minutes

8:30 I finaly get to the bathroom, its pitch black so its perfect, first I notice a huge spiraling geometric pattern around me all over, I pulled out this little glow toy I have and started spining it around, I was seeing lots of trails.

9-11 I guess I platueaed during this time because nothing changed

11:30 visuals about stoped still felt very speedy like mdma kinda,

12:30 Went back down strairs and watched The Wall, very good movie

2:00am damn I want to go to sleep but I can't I was getting very bored

3:00am eeehhh still can't sleep

4:30 ok this is the 12 hour making still very speedy

5:30 eehhh one more hour or so

6:30 I took and asprin and feel asleep

10:30 woke up I don't feel really tired still feel alittle weird in my head

this isn't a bad drug for raves and long parties, or concerts. drink lots of water, stay in the dark, don't redose (I had thought about it and am glad I didn't). its gunna be a long trip so prepare for it, I would recommend taking it around 6 or so, so you starting coming up when its dark. maybe some sleeping pills might help?

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 15705
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 30, 2002Views: 5,237
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AMT (7) : General (1), Alone (16)

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