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A Friendly and Comfortable Mood Enhancer
Methylone & Cannabis
by Swifty
Citation:   Swifty. "A Friendly and Comfortable Mood Enhancer: An Experience with Methylone & Cannabis (exp15759)". Jul 6, 2002.

  oral Methylone (powder / crystals)




This compound is pale yellow and has a citrus-like aroma. It dissolves easily in water.

Methylone is a very friendly and comfortable mood enhancer that has its best use as an integration tool. It synergises well with other drugs and is easy to enjoy in social situations. The optimum dose is in the 180-240mg range. Larger amounts can become very effective when used as medium doses staggered apart 30 minutes each. Redosing can maintain the effect of the drug later, but the initial euphoria is not achieved. It lasts approximately 4 hours, and the ramp-down is rather long; about 8 hours before sleeping is achievable, and effects are felt into the next day.

The Assays:

Age 43, male, 6'4', 220 pounds, very good health.

April 15 2001 8:30am

00:00 Ingest 60mg Methylone dissolved in .5oz h2o

00:30 Feel slight alteration.

00:60 Some energy. Not much, but noticible.

02:00 Enjoy a short walk and some lunch. No more effects at the 3 hour point.

Although there was some activity at 60mg, this experiment was considered sub-threshold. The compound has limited effect at this dose.

April 20 2001 4:30pm

00:00 Ingest 120mg Methylone dissolved in .5oz h2o

00:10 Interesting phen-like early alert.

00:40 Definite alteration. Anesthetic-like psychedelic numbness.

01:00 I feel pretty good. I'm able to determine what this compound is like now. There is a quality of cleansing as one goes into the experience. Although there was some trepidation in starting out, I now feel encouraged to do things, and am able to concentrate on tasks without any problem.

01:30 Cook dinner. Make rice and stir-fry. Fun!

02:00 There is a willingness to share experiences. All interactions are smooth and comfortable. I have some appetite, and enjoy some of the flavors of the meal, but the social aspects of this compound far outweigh the tactile in this dining situation.

03:00 The comedown is slow and pleasant. There is not much of a push to get things done, but I'm inclined to complete tasks. I work on some web pages and remain organized and precise. There is a willingness to follow things through and complete thoughts.

04:00 A pleasant dropoff. Some impressive CEVs. Sleep is fine, although I awaken often to urinate.

I thoroughly enjoyed this evening. I found that I was able to practice restraint in all of my actions, and my mood was positive and even-tempered. My partner asked me if I was unhappy with him, and in the same sentence asked 'or is it only me thinking it?'. This resulted in my asking him about my mood, if I seemed too serious or overbearing. We worked through this little emotional knot easily. We were able to come to terms with the changes in our lives, and agreed that it was all temporary. There is an enjoyment of the moment that comes out of social interaction. Minimal body load considering the mental aspects. Nice CEVs reminiscent of the paintings of Matta.

April 21 2001 6:30am

00:00 Ingest 180mg Methylone dissolved in .5oz h2o

00:10 Again, an interesting phen-like early alert, stronger than before

00:30 I enjoy some time on the computer. I start these notes. It's rewarding to write about yesterday with the 120mg trial, and it's enjoyable coming up with words to describe the experience and articulating how I felt.

01:00 The full effects of the compound are beginning to set in, and it remains easy to type and concentrate on tasks.

01:15 Like the previous trial, I am fully into the effects at one and one-quarter hours. The next 45 minutes seem to speed by as I complete these notes. There is a gratification that comes with understanding who I am and what the present moment holds for me.

02:00 This compound has a wonderful self-awareness aspect that seems to increase exponentially. I am aware of each sensation, and there is an accompanying psychological component relating the sensation to thought.

06:00 After some errands and a 2-mile hike, I still feel like I'm on. Not the deep thoughtful material as before, just the sensation of enhanced awareness continuing. It is comfortable and easy to handle.

10:00 Enjoy sex with partner. The material lends itself very well to the tactile senses, and it's totally wonderful in every way. Very little personality shift or role-playing in the sex. Afterward, we share personal artifacts - photos, letters, drawings.

13:00 Not much of an appetite during dinner. Still lots of sharing and interest in others. As this material winds down, it's easy to understand part of why we are here, and the preciousness of each moment.

16:00 It's late, I'm tired and the Methylone still has a slight charge to it. Sleep feels as though it will come easily, and it will be interesting to see how I feel in the morning.

Overall, I was very impressed by this 180mg dose. There was minimal loss of concentration and tasks were easy to complete. There was an appreciation of the entire mesh of humanity as we walked through the expansive fields during the afternoon, seeing the first signs of spring and the delicate colors. I have to wonder if this compound might produce permanent changes, however if that is the case, this is not such a terrible place to be!

April 22 2001

The effects of the Methylone wear off during day. There is some difficulty in the return to reality. Two days later I consider another 180mg experience, but decide to save what I have to share with others later.

May 5 2001 9:00am

00:00 Ingest 140mg Methylone dissolved in 4oz h2o

00:30 I am with a friend that has taken 60mg Methylone. We get somewhat lost during the beginning of a hike and need to navigate more carefully. The material has a strong disorienting property during the onset.

1:00 One thing about this compound: it makes one feel good all at once. At about an hour, one gets the feeling that a huge amount of weight has been taken off the shoulders. All the previous confusion is forgotten, and my friend and I hike over the ridges of a mountain with zest.

1:30 We are stunned as we climb higher and higher, and with each effort there is an accompanying reward as the views from the mountains are absolutely breathtaking. The level of detail I am able to observe is uncanny. It is early spring and each tree is flowering with catkins and plumes like millions of tiny fireworks. The day is clear and sparkles like anything.

2:30 We reach one of the highest points and rest in a patch of soft grass suspended above the valley below. The level of integration I experience as we lay there is tremendous. I fall into a dream-like state. When I close my eyes I fantasize patterns and shapes. I envision flowering trees and mountains as fractal combinations. I am right at the base of a +4 experience! I am overwhelmed as I look across the valley then close my eyes to watch it zoom over me and fragment into flowering trees. I cry a couple times as I feel immense joy wash over me. The integration of the self with the world is fantastic.

3:30 It is difficult to part with this beautiful peaceful place. We make our way down and enjoy a soft glow as we descend back into the valley. Being out of the wind, it is warm and quiet. I feel as though I have received something good and am bringing it with me.

6:00 Still feeling this compound. I know it will wear off in a day or so, but I enjoy the feeling while it lasts.

May 19 2001 10:00am

00:00 Ingest 120mg Methylone dissolved in 8oz h2o

00:10 A slight alert, by now an obvious characteristic of this compound.

01:00 Once again, I feel very good all at once. I work on some artwork and putter around, and feel very much at peace with myself.

01:30 Ingest another 60mg Methylone dissolved in 8oz h2o to see if the material can be boosted.

02:30 No second alert, no second feeling of good. The effects are slightly prolonged, but no intensification takes place.

03:00 Ingest another 120mg Methylone dissolved in 8oz h2o to see if the material can be boosted if more is used.

04:00 No alert, no intensification. The effects are slightly prolonged, but unremarkable.

This was a good experiment. Now that I'm comfortable with the compound I have been able to try different amounts and am not afraid to try repeat doses. There are some profound consistencies, such as the alert at 00:10 and the quick ramp up at 01:00. The ramp down from that point is quite consistent too, and unlike other methylenedioxy's I've tried, there is a profound moment of insight, then the effects dissipate. MDMA seems to happen all at once, but it also comes and goes in waves after that. Also, the effect does not seem able to be prolonged or intensified with booster doses like MDMA.

A nickname for this material might as well be Sparkle. It certainly has that! There is a sparkle at one hour, all at once, and one time only. It's very comfortable and friendly. I have yet to feel stretched-out when the effects wear off, and there seems to be a pleasant residual into the next day. It also had an appetite suppression that lasts a few days. Food is interesting, but one gets full faster.

May 26 2001 10:30am

00:00 Ingest 125mg Methylone dissolved in 4oz h2o

00:10 The alert.

01:00 The sparkle.

01:30 Ingest 125mg MDA dissolved in 4oz h2o

I used the methylone today as a precursor to 125mg MDA. It worked out quite well. I had some hesitation about taking the MDA due to the toxicity reactions I usually get, but I can assure you the methylone made me brave and eager for more of an experience. The MDA put the crown on things today, that is for sure.

June 19 2001 11:30am

00:00 Ingest 150mg Methylone

00:10 A slight alert, no more intense than previous experiments.

00:30 Ingest an additional 150mg more Methylone

01:00 I take a hike to the nearby lake and swim. I was expecting to feel great with the sun, the clear water and the exercise, but it's as though the Methylone were not taking effect, even though I took much more than usual.

01:30 Resting on a rock after a half-mile swim to it, I am 'struck'. I let out a moan of euphoria. I don't realize just how good I feel until I begin my swim back. Endurance and strength are excellent. The CEVs are great, in fact the sun seems a little too bright this summer day.

02:00 After I get back to my swimming spot I rest, smoke half a joint, and gaze out at the pristine lake. The effects of the Methylone at this level along with the pot are just incredible. For a few moments I am so completely tuned in to my surroundings and it is just fantastic noticing every sound and color. However, just as quickly as the revelation takes place, it starts to fade.

02:15 I smoke the rest of the joint and I get back into that wonderful space. It lasts much longer this time, and I walk slowly through the woods, appreciating them so very much. I stop a few times and am struck with bliss.

03:00 The effects even out and I go back home. It feels wonderful.

04:00 A very slow ramp-down.

05:00 Some more pot and I'm way back up again. Need to be a little careful with that!

09:00 I'm still leveling out.

12:00 Finally sleep.

24:00 Still slightly 'on' the next day.

Wow! This stuff is amazing at 300mg. I staggered the doses to avoid that 'one-shot' effect, and somehow it synergized with the pot and I was sent way up each time I smoked. One thing that occurs at this dosage is a feeling of complete integration with experiences and surroundings. The other effects were there in force, especially the CEV's that occur throughout the experience, but more so at the end, reminding me of MDA. Again, the 'push' is very MDA-like, not strong like MDMA. The numbing blissful effect is like MDA, again not as strong, and the closed-eye visuals are very characteristic of MDA, but the psychological component of MDMA is present.

August 2001

I used the Methylone at 250mg on several more occasions during the month. Each time there was the fleeting euphoria that seems to be characteristic of this material, then the slow waves of MDA-like effect that descend for the next 6 hours or so. I find it to be a very good approximator of MDMA, but with no continuous euphoria, and very much less toxicity and body load. It is less exhausting than MDMA.

On one occasion I took 250mg Methylone and 15mg 2C-I, and traveled for six hours, by car, through the mountains (I was not driving). It was a beautiful and unforgettable experience. Many other times I used the Methylone by itself, and enjoyed the revelation and sensory awareness it provided. On one occasion, I took 250mg Methylone and engaged in conversation with someone that had taken 15mg 2C-B (a comfortable and adequate dose for him). We were able to express thoughts very easily and the empathy was as strong as any time I've used MDMA.

September 19, 2001

Stellar Integration

00:00 Ingest 160mg MDMA

01:00 I feel the MDMA effects begin. They are very stoning and lack the insight I would feel during earlier experiences. I haven't used MDMA in over a year and am very disappointed. I try to listen to some music, but I feel detached and uninterested. I mix up some supplements and walk to a hillside field nearby. It is 4:00 in the morning.

1:30 Ingest 450mg Methylone

1:40 The 10 minute alert of the Methylone is felt. I'm quite content to lay on a flat rock at the crest of a hill and look at the stars. The milky way is spread all across the sky. There is a ban on air traffic because of the terrorist attacks of September 11, and the sky is very quiet. Three planets, Venus, Mars and Saturn form a triangle above the horizon. I'm able to watch satellites travel slowly among a sea of diamonds.

2:30 The Methylone overwhelms me. I lay on the rock and am transported. The integration with the sky, the stars and the sounds of the night is unlike anything I have ever experienced. It is a complete plus-four experience, the level of insight and discovery are so great. I feel as though I am part of the spiraling arm of the galaxy I am observing, traveling through space on this tiny planet. I lay on the rock and gaze into the sky, blinded by such amazing beauty.

3:30 Ingest 60mg 2C-B

As the sky begins to lighten, I feel the Methylone begin to subside, and the 2C-B starts to take effect. Color becomes evident as the sun fills the sky and the stars begin to disappear. Long orange clouds travel across where the milky way once spread. The color perception is fantastic, and I see so many shades of blue, and gradations of purple and orange blending in the sunrise.

I wander home and spend the day in a state of content, laying in the sun, swimming, hiking, and remembering a spectacular evening.

January 14, 2002

00:00 Ingest 450mg Methylone

This is the last time I use Methylone. I stay inside listening to music and enjoying every second. The higher doses are definitely the way to use this material, as it has an overwhelming effect that lasts for some time, and is much more impactful. It has a similar effect to MDMA in that self awareness is expanded, but it lacks the rushing effect. Again, it is very much like MDA.


I would have to say that Methylone is a compound that can be used successfully in many situations. It has a warmth and character that is very friendly, and it increases one's sense of well-being so that a positive interpretation of the self can be achieved. In addition, it does not have the 'crash' that occurs after other MDA-like compounds. It seems to have a very low toxicity. I do not plan on using Methylone again, but have found the experiences very rewarding.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 15759
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 6, 2002Views: 37,354
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