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I Met Lady Salvia But No One Else Did
Salvia divinorum
by J. Briggs
Citation:   J. Briggs. "I Met Lady Salvia But No One Else Did: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp15801)". Jun 30, 2007.

3.0 g smoked Salvia divinorum


Okay, I am going to start from the beginning. I recorded a program late at night called 'sacred weeds' on channel 4 at university. It sounded like the kind of program I am interested in, as I love to find out about other states of consciousness, but it was on very late, so I set my video recorder and went to bed. In the morning I watched a program about salvia divinorum, including the effects it had on two test subjects, and I remembered reading something about it last year when searching for information about the psychoactive properties of morning glory seeds. So upon return from university I did some intense internet research on the internet about salvia divinorum.

So taking a credit card in one hand and keyboard in the other I ordered some salvia online. It arrived earlier today. My parents are away on holiday, so I asked a friend over to 'sit' me while I tried an experiment with the little sage-plant. I put some salvia into 3 shaped gauzes and loaded the first into the bong, purchased along with the salvia. My friend was with me, as I am seriously afraid of freaking out and hurting myself, and I sparked up. I felt the first hit (these were small doses) and while holding it in I loaded up the second amount of salvia. I held for as long as I could without too much discomfort and blew out. I could feel it already, but only a very mild buzz. I Lit the second bong. After holding I blew out again and contemplated a third.

My friend asked 'Can you feel it?' To which I replied 'I feel mildly humourous', as everything seemed funnier. It wasn't funny like witty, and I was experiencing no hallucinations. I sat back, in the quiet and closed my eyes. As I looked I could see the back of my eyelids, but the thought of me trying to hallucinate was exceptionally funny. I felt a tingle or a brush which began at the base of my spine and moved up...up...and as it went I began to say 'It feels like a blanket' but as I did the tingling went up over my head and I knew that this stuff worked.

It wasn't intense, enjoyable, but not intense. No hallucinations, although, and this sounds wierd, every object in the room looked more pronounced. The objects no longer blended into the room, but stood out more. My friend turned to me and highlighted a picture of a ship on some rough seas we have on the wall. He told me to look at it, I did. He said 'I bet if you look at it hard enough you could be there'. I didn't say it, and I hope someone knows what I mean when I say he misunderstood the buzz. I was interested in the light of the room as the sun was going behind and coming back out of the clouds, making it lighter and darker. I felt that this was ultimately more interesting. I felt slightly back from myself, and yet, somehow bombarded. So at the same time distanced and closer to everything. Once the buzz was gone (a couple of hours later) I tried a couple of salvia spliffs, to which a mild buzz was achieved, but nothing too intense, and nothing like my first hit.

Three of my friends also tried salvia (one at a time), but only one felt mild buzzing and didn't seem to understand the effects of the plant. The other two said it had no effect. They are all heavier than me by at least a stone and they were having the same quantities, but they must've felt something?

I wished my friends would leave, they didn't understand and I felt, and this is wierd, that salvia would not show herself to them, as they were in it for 'kicks'. I felt, on the other hand, that I respected her as she had given me a glimpse of her power and that she would 'show herself to me' if I persued her. Now, I don't know if I thought of salvia as an entity at this time, or whether it is just with hindsight, because shortly after my friends left and I decided I would try to go a bit 'hardcore' with her. So I took the gauze out of the bong, allowing more room for bigger hits, and took one big hit. This hit was as intense as my first and I decided to do another two to really go the distance.

I loaded up the second, lit it and took it in. Again holding my breath for as long as possible. I wanted to do a third but my co-ordination had gone strange, I was leaning down setting up the bong but the salvia is very light and tricky to load. I don't know if I heard a woman's voice, whether salvia spoke to me, but I remember feeling the need to reply to a mischevous girl. Aloud, alone and through laughter I said,

'Well if you will be so light and tricky there's no way I am going to find you.'

Now I can kinda imagine a woman's voice somewhere in my memory, but I don't think I heard one, it was more a presence, a female presence. It was friendly though. Not menacing. I was still sitting in my back room, and as I tried to take another hit suddenly the salvia got too harsh to smoke, and coughing through the bong, I sprayed the floor with bong water. I don't know why it suddenly became too harsh to smoke. I am sure it was just coincedence, but with hindsight I think what I found so funny at the time was the fact that I wanted to find my place with salvia, I had, I just hadn't realised it. In a strange way it seems as if the salvia itself didn't want me to smoke it, as it would take me away from her, onwards to somewhere more scary.

Visually when the bong water sprayed it sprayed forward in an arc. As it jetted out across the floor it seemed that the floor could go on forever but at the same time was still my floor, with it's same real-world dimensions. I didn't feel like I couldn't move, but again with hindsight, I sat very still after spraying water, just looking at the floor. My head in one hand. Then gradually it began to subside, coming down into the buzzy marahuana-like feeling.

I simply told my friends 'I had a crazy hit', I don't want them to have me committed, It's the wierdest and yet the most normal thing to happen to me. Describing the salvia feeling is difficult, it is strangely familiar but completely different. Definitely not a party drug. Choose your smoking buddies well, treat her with respect, don't overdo it, but don't insist from her, you can be her master and she will be yours.

PS: I know this sounds like I may be a space-cadet, but I am really not, I understand that I sound crazy, or like I am making it up but it is real. Plus please note that these are my experiences with hind-sight, at the time I just felt 'gone', and in translating it to words it may sound more profound than the experience actually is. Expect a little, get a lot.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 15801
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 30, 2007Views: 8,046
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