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Second Impressions
Citation:   Matt Himself. "Second Impressions: An Experience with AMT (exp15997)". Jul 14, 2002.

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45 mg oral AMT
Substance – AMT (alphamethyltryptamine)
Experience – Second time
Setting – House sitting relative’s house, alone.

I had just had a good night at work and was in an excellent frame of mind. I arrived at my destination and put all my food in the refrigerator (working at Subway allows one to have lots of free food). I took a capsule that I had measured with 45 mg of AMT out of a pill container. I had not had a psychedelic experience in some time, and I felt I would try again. I had Valium with me (20mg) to help me sleep because I had work the next night.

8:30pm – I swallow the capsule containing 45 mg of AMT.

9:30pm – I feel nothing, but I’m quite hungry. I get my sandwich from the fridge and eat it. Hmmm… was this a smart idea?

10:00pm – What was I thinking? A foot long bologna, ham, and salami was not the thing to mix with a chemical that makes me nauseas. I manage to stumble to a toilet where I throw up. The vomit was thick, almost like a molasses consistency. I am not sure if this was the AMT that did this or not…

10:30pm – I definitely feel the effects now. My mind is working very differently than it does sober. Quite strange thought patterns. I’m starting to notice slight visuals distortions. Some things seem to be shimmering.

11:00pm – I feel quite lethargic, which is strange. Perhaps it is because I didn’t smoke any this time. I feel no amphetamine like qualities. The visuals are getting stronger though. The entire room appears to be breathing. I am talking on IRC and it is difficult to read due to the constant movement of everything.

12:00am – Visuals are stronger still. Everything, and I mean everything is flowing and dancing. I put on my headphones with Dark Side Of The Moon and it makes me quite happy. I am starting to feel compassion for everything and I feel a sense of closeness with those I am chatting with.

1:00am – Of horror of horrors… my modem died. When I was disconnected from talking to people it was the most intense sadness I have ever experienced. I nearly started crying. I walked over to a bed nearby and laid on it and held a stuffed elephant. Holding the elephant in my arms made me so incredibly happy. I felt as it I was making the elephant happy (whether real or stuffed) and that in turn has a great feeling.

2:00am – I have grown tired of lying on a bed and holding a stuffed animal. I decide to go outside and watch the stars. I walk downstairs and try to open the front door. The concept of the lock seems quite bizarre to me. The deadbolt seems like it has a death grip on the door. But I overcome the obstacle and walk outside.

3:00am – I have been laying on the grass watching the stars for an hour now. It was so beautiful. I have never felt so at peace with myself and the world. The grass feelings almost like worms climbing up my body. But it feels wonderful. The cool summer night air makes me feel so good. The stars seem to all be twinkling and glowing just for me.
I eventually get up and walk back upstairs though.

3:30am – I check my modem. It is still down. I walk back over to the bed where I had been laying. I suddenly get an interesting thought. I had never heard how AMT affected sexual activity. So I decide to masturbate to see the differences. I had no interest in doing it sexually; I was just quite interested in what would happen.

4:00am – It took about 30 minutes to achieve orgasm. It was incredibly hard to mainly and erection. But when they orgasm occurred it was intense. I felt as though my entire body was pulsating with intense physical and emotional pleasure. The amphetamine qualities have just presented themselves as well. My teeth have begun chattering and my jaw is firmly clenched. I once again forgot to bring gum, so I chew on a pencil.

4:05am – My modem is working again. I sign back on IRC and talk to people. One person whom I respect as a member of the psychedelic community asked me a series of questions about my AMT experience. I felt so happy to answer them, I felt I was helping people, and that made me so happy.

5:00am – The visuals are still quite strong, my teeth are still chattering away, and I realize I have work in 12 hours. Hmm.

6:00am – The trip is still going quite strong. I take 20mg of Valium in hopes of achieving sleep.

7:00am – Hmm I guess the Valium didn’t work. Some on my friends on AIM have woken up and are surprised to see I am still awake.

8:00am – Ugh… I want sleep badly now. The visuals are dissipating fast. And my mind is returning to normal.

8:30am – 12 hours after ingestion, the psychedelic aspect is gone, but the amphetamine feeling is going strong. I am not happy right now.

9:00am – I manage to fall asleep finally…

12:00pm – I wake up. I guess 20mg of Valium wasn’t enough to completely put me to sleep… but the speedy feeling is gone.

1:00pm – I pack up my things and head home.

1:30pm – Upon reaching home I feel awful mentally. I was driving and although I felt 100% normal, I don’t think I was. I watched the speedometer and realized I was going 70mph in a 25 zone… I am very against driving under the influence of drugs, and I feel quite ashamed of myself.

4:00pm – I take a shower and prepare for work.

5:00pm – The drive to work I did fine. But now I am overcome with the extreme desire to sleep. I also have a very bad headache, and I feel quite nauseas.

5:15pm – I eat a sandwich, hoping my nausea was merely from lack of food. Big mistake.

5:20pm – Upon swallowing the first bite, I threw up the food and bile. It was disgusting and I felt awful.

7:00pm – I am falling asleep standing up I am so tired. I drink 2 bottles of Mountain Dew hoping the caffeine will help. It does to some extent.

9:00pm – I feel very loving to customers. Although I feel awful, I am very pleasant to people. It is quite strange, because I am usually grumpy when I’m at work. Perhaps this is a lingering effect. If so, this is a good one.

11:00pm – I leave work, exhausted. When I get home I go on IRC again. I am so tired at this point that sleep almost doesn’t appeal to me.

12:00am – I talk until 12:00 am at which I go to room and am asleep in seconds.

Conclusions – I think that AMT does have some great qualities. I had heard it had qualities comparable to MDMA. I have never used MDMA but I am presuming my loved up feeling, and holding a stuffed elephant making me happy to be somewhat like that. I’m not sure what the difficult achieving and erection was from… perhaps the amphetamine rush.

The hangover was quite bad. I’m not sure if I would choose to do AMT again. But it I ever do, I will make sure I don’t have work the next night. I will also remember that 20mg of Valium is NOT enough to put you to sleep on this speedy psychedelic ride.

I do find AMT to be quite introspective though. Not as much as my experience with
2C-I, but it is definitely a useful psychedelic tool.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 15997
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 14, 2002Views: 12,196
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AMT (7) : General (1), Alone (16)

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