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Gas and Beethoven
Nitrous Oxide & Oxygen
Citation:   Anonymous. "Gas and Beethoven: An Experience with Nitrous Oxide & Oxygen (exp16040)". Sep 15, 2003.

  inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
I was going in to get my wisdom teeth removed, and I was a little nervous, I'd gone in a week earlier to talk to the surgeon and even watched an informational video to prepare me for the experience. The surgeon said I could bring along some music to listen to while he operated. I was thinking of bringing something that would be engaging yet not too crazy because I wasn't sure what to expect since this would be my first time being exposed to Nitrous Oxide. So I brought along a Beethoven CD which I'd learn to appreciate in a new way after all this was over with...

I sat down in the chair, turned on the cd player, the surgeon put the nose-mask on my face and began telling me what was going to happen, like how to breath through my nose (which was covered with the mask) and to breath some oxygen through my mouth if I ever felt like it was too much. At some point during his explanation the gas started to come through the nose mask, the gas smelled sweet yet chemical-ish at the same time. I remember the surgeon saying that his voice may become slightly lower and my body would start to feel tingly. At this point I started laughing, it was incredible, like all my social inhibitions were gone and I diddn't care what he was saying, it was hilarious.

He left the room for a few minutes (not sure for exactly how long due to my sense of time being distorted a bit) and I progessively started to feel the effects of the gas more and more. The first thing I noticed was my body starting to feel distant and tingly, yet I still had control over its movement. My field of vision also shrunk quite a bit, with a dull blackness surrounding the normal areas of my periphery vision. Also the music that was playing through the headphones began to sound VERY interesting, it sounded like I was submerged deeply under water and the music was being played on a boat on the surface and the sounds drifted lazily down to were I was at the bottom of the ocean.

The surgeon and his assistant came in and began the procedure, I completely submitted to them and could feel myself going deeper. They cut and twisted and buzzed, I could feel the vibrations of the tools reverberating through my jaw and my head. Whenever I felt the slightest bit of discomfort sneak up, I breathed in more gas through the mask which gave me a relaxed soothing feeling. It was almost like I was eating or drinking N20 through my nose, like the normal function of smelling was replaced by tasting the gas and consuming it like a mouth would do with food.

Throughought the surgery I was aware of my body but only vaguely, It was as if my mind had sunk deep into the chair and was looking up through my tube of narrow vision that I had remaining. The music was just the Icing on the cake, Moonlight Sonata was especialy memorable because it just seemed to fit my disconnected, submerged, yet aware and content mood.

I've never used any other sorts of mind-altering drugs before but my experience with N20 in the setting of the operating room was extremely pleasant. I was aware of everything that was happening the whole time yet I was deeply detached. I think I owe my pleasant experience to the mindset that I was in at the time, I completely submitted to the gas and allowed it to enter my lungs and body without panicking at the feeling of something alien in my body. The whole experience was that of deep relaxation and contentment, and I still remember it vividly even though a few months have passed.

To those of you who are expecting to have your wisdom teeth removed, go into the operating room with a calm, aware state of mind and breath the gas as though it was air, completely submitting to the experience, it works out better that way, and you may even enjoy yourself, at least until the gas wears off and you realize whats's happened ;)

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 16040
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 15, 2003Views: 20,937
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Nitrous Oxide (40) : Health Benefits (32), Glowing Experiences (4), Hospital (36)

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