Girl Good, Parents Bad
MDMA (Ecstasy)
Citation:   Anthony. "Girl Good, Parents Bad: An Experience with MDMA (Ecstasy) (exp16052)". Jul 16, 2002.

1 tablet oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
I have heard of Ecstasy before but I never had really informed myself with all the info I needed about it. However, I was willing to try it after hearing of a friend's experience. So I hopped on the web to read about the effects. Next, I called a friend Christina who had 3 experiences with E before and many other drugs (she was pretty hot too!). You'll know why I choose her over a male friend later...anyways, we both pitched in 20 bucks and went to the friend's house to pick the 2 tablets up. They were small, blue, with an '@' sign on them. We walked to my house (not good idea) to roll. My parents left and the adventure began.

I knew my parents would be gone 2-3 hours so I figured it would be cool. The only preparation we made was a pitcher of cool ice water. (Christina gave me the idea) It was around 6:10 when we went upstairs and sat down to consume the tablets. She was scared of how potent these would be so her being (5'0, 115lbs) took only half a tablet and I took a whole one. We just sat there on the computer watching music videos waiting to feel the effects. At around 6:30 she said she felt weird and I felt nothing. We continued to wait...this is where my times become blurred so they're just guessed from what I can remember. At around 7:15 we both felt real weird. She consumed the other half of the E tablet. Next, we moved onto playing PS2 'Parappa the Rapper' (trippy game) We both sat me playing and her watching. At around 7:25-7:35 she just started laughing and giggling saying how cool the guy was on the game. Her eyes were closed and mouth moving around a lot. She was curled up in my chair laughing and enjoying herself. She said things like...'This is the best feeling in the world!' and 'I never felt this way before off E' and 'I feel so happy and I look so good' lol anywho...I felt nothing and I was quite in a bad mood because my gf was jealous we were doing this without her. This is where things get fun for me...

At around 7:45-8:00 i began to feel real weird and my vision was blurred we began to watch music videos again. Christina was busy saying how cool everything was and how much she liked various things in life, objects, people, etc. I however was still wondering why Im not feeling it like she around 8:15 I turned off the music vids and just started talking to her. We spoke 'heart to heart' as she said about everything. She hugged me after every statement and sometimes kissed me after saying something totally random. She couldnt stop talking about this and that and everything. I began to feel just blissfully happy inside but at the same time sad, depressed, worried and I thought bad trip coming right up but tried to not worry about it and enjoy the experience.

I never really recognized a 'peak' as I was too much worrying about the bad trip and the neg. feelings from problems I have been having at the time (could I have picked a worst time to roll?) We talked heart to heart and kissed and hugged (both had this urge to hug, kiss, touch people, especially each other) for about another hr until 9. This is where things turn for the worst...

I never felt the peak so I figured it should be coming now so I whipped out the bong (as christina was coming down) we both wanted more E but had none so we chose to smoke some weed. We smoked a few bowls but I didnt even feel the weed at all and I would usually be blazed from this amount of good shit but i felt nothing. Christina than said 'I want to get a job to buy E everyday' hehe i agreed quickly and grinned. Anyway next we retired to our chairs and to music. But this time we couldnt sit down. We began to dance, move, sing, and enjoy ourselves. It was cut short by my returning parents who said the house 'reaked of weed' I was completely having a bad trip. I was called down minutes later and yelled out by my parents. After 20 minutes of this I ran upstairs wanting to die, cry, and just take it all back. However, Christina convinced me they would get over it and convinced me to enjoy it. She offered some water and I drank 3 cups and felt alot better but not totally happy. She drank a few cups. We both went to get more water but when we did we found ourselves running around my house like little kids playing hide n seek and challenging each other to find one another. I remember feeling just like a kid again doing this. After this Christina said she was coming down and it was about 9:30 now.

I tried not to make this a nightmare but it was in the back of my mind the whole time (various problems at the time I was having). We again returned to listening to music but I quite couldnt concentrate on changing the song or doing anything. Throughout the experience, my vision was blurred (christina even reported seeing the clouds on my desktop move), my hearing was echoed mildly, and I felt like I was light weight and out of my body. All of these conditions were mild. The last 30 min or so (9:30-10:00) we spent listening to music and talking. The problems I had made me feel horrible but the E made me feel GREAT at the same time. The horrible feeling overcame the GREAT feeling however. Christina called her parents and got a ride home at around 10:15. She said she felt slightly high but with the blurred vision and rolling feeling. We talked on my steps about how beautiful the world is and how great we both felt and how perfect every creation is in the world. I remember saying how I felt like I was looking down into a mini train set town into peoples lit houses, while i peered at the houses on my block. She left and I ran upstairs feeling a combonation of depressed,GREAT, and confused. I had an urge to just tell everyone of my experience.

I cant remember me falling asleep or where i slept but the next day I felt GREAT! when I woke at first. (I feel asleep sometime between 12-2 and woke up at 4pm the next day) I thought I'd be drained but I actually went and played a game of basketball and hung out with friends with no problems. The only post effects I had was I was thirsty when I first woke, short term memory loss, and some post depression for no reason. For example, today (2 days later) my day went fine but I felt despression for no reason. I feel like I bonded with christina like I have never bonded with anyone before!
I will definitely do E again. However, I will make sure I am relaxed, as stress free as possible, and I will make sure no one bothers us at all throughout the experience.

If you start to feel like its going to be a bad trip or you dont feel happy...DRINK water. Make sure to plan ahead of time...a place, a time (3-4 hrs before you have to leave or before dark), make sure no one will bother you, and choose wisely when it comes to choosing someone to roll with. Someone you won't mind emotionally and mentally bonding with, someone of the opposite sex, you can trust and if possible, has experience with E.

I wrote this to provide as real and as accurate as possible report on the E experience. I hope I helped.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 16052
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 16, 2002Views: 6,049
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MDMA (3) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2)

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