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A Total Sensory Overload
by Jon
Citation:   Jon. "A Total Sensory Overload: An Experience with AMT (exp16116)". Jul 19, 2002.

55 mg oral AMT (capsule)

Allow me to start by explaining how me and my friend prepared for this. I still fail to see the rationality of my decision to do no research at all; I went into this experience completely blind. My friend on the other hand did much research so he would be prepared (or thought he would be) for the night to come. We had eaten regularly and were on no form of OTC or prescrption drugs that may interact with the drug. We also decided NOT to smoke any marijuana as we know that this may further enhance the experience, and as first-timers, we didn't want anymore than we were expecting.

We decided to do this at my grandmother's house because it is very large and we would have plenty of room to move around. After she had gone to bed we both sat there, debating who should take what we thought were 40mg pills. After about 5 minutes my friend got up to use the restroom and I told him to look at me and I took it at about 10:00pm. He used to restroom and then came back and took his. I sat down and started playing Spider-Man for GameCube while waiting for it to kick in. My friend (I'll call him Scott for privacy purposes) sat on the couch and watched me play. After about a half hour I got bored of the game and sat in the chair and we watched TV. After about another half hour I looked over to the left of me toward the kitchen where a small statue of a pair of hands holding a small child sits. The moment I looked at it the child began to spin in place. I said, 'Oh my God! Scott look-', and to my extreme surprise, Scott said, 'I know! I know! The kid is spinning!' I was surprised that he saw the same thing before I even said what I saw! But that was only the first. After that we laughed and talked about it as I started feeling more and more pleasent toward life. I felt as though the world was wonderful and I was at ease with myself and my surroundings.

For about an hour we both saw small hallucinations, these include: small geometric shapes, suble warping of objects, swirling colors, and mild tracers. Then at about 12:00am we both felt as if on a small dose of mdma (ecstasy) and were now hallucinating like madmen and tracers were now extreme. We folded out the bed from the couch and put blankets and pillows on it and sat down and watched TV, Conan O'Brien to be exact. Scott started drinking glass after glass of water. Drinking out of a plastic cup, he bit the cup and I turned and he was holding his mouth and said he was grinding his teeth. I went and got him a washcloth to chew on. He chewed on it for a while and got it hung in his braces so I got him an empty toilet paper roll to chew on. While watching Conan O'Brien, I constantly noticed Conan and other people on the shows faces warp, pixelate, turn mosaic, melt, or completely change to another person's face. I had to use to bathroom and Scott said, 'Don't leave me in here alone!' and with a chuckle said, 'I'm really trippin here, don't leave me alone.' I explained that I would be back in a sec and gave him the instruction manual for Super Smash Brothers: Melee to read to calm him down. I then grabbed a small flashlight so I didn't hve to turn the thall light on. As I was walking down the hallway, I turned and glanced into the first bedroom and turned on the flashlight, the entire room was moving around, then the bed started growing really big so I turned the light off and kept walking, as if the hall were a mile long. I looked into the next bedroom, and turned on the flashlight, this room moved about twice as bad. The bed had flowery bedsheets and the flowers were moving like ants everywhere. I thought it was awesome, but I remembered I had to use the restroom.

I walked in the restroom and looked in the mirror and my head got huge and as I was standing there I had forgotten I was using the restroom for a second, once I recovered sanity I walked back toward the kitchen. The kitchen floor is tile, but I saw it as tons of rectangles that grew into a small city of brown skyscrapers. I thought to myself, 'How am I supposed to get around this!?' Then it went away and I realized that it wasnt real. I then walked into the den and Scott told me everything he saw, mainly this: We were listening to Kottonmouth Kings, and he said that the TV grew a face like the Kool-Aid guy and started jumping back and forth. I sat down and noticed that all shades of black and gray were flashing very fast. We decided we needed fresh air, BAD. We went outside and I looked directly at the first tree I saw and the tree turned into a cartoon tree and everything else turned to swirling colors. I blinked and it went away and then I saw a big red dot on the ground moving around really fast. I then saw Jack Nicholson's face on the side of the house give an evil smile and it went away. Scott later told me that he saw the same thing but Jack was surrounded by kittens. Then I saw huge shadows about the size of cars on the ground flying around. Then again, to my extreme surprise, Scott said, 'What the hell are these huge shadows!?!?!' To calm us both I talked about how they were just bat shadows and that I saw them all the time. Then I looked over at the telephone pole and it began to arc over trying to touch the ground. Then again, Scott said, 'Dude the pole is bending over.' I still to this moment am confused by how we both saw the same things. I went inside and brought back to cups and a pitcher of water, Scott drank it all over a period of about 2 hours.

During this two hours Scott leaned against the car and I walked in a circle and we were both talking to each other cinvincing each other that this wasn't real and that it will all be over in the morning. Right before we went back inside someone in a small car stopped about 50 feet from us in the road and shined his lights on us. Then he pulled into a small dirt road to the right of him, pulled out, and drove past us. Neither of us know if it was real or not. We then went inside and sat on the bed. NOTE: Everytime I do something and get unwanted experiences I like to read. The only book she had was a Bible. I started reading it and Scott told me to stop reading in Latin that it was scaring him. Then all of the letters on the pages began to move around insanely. I put it down and we turned out the lights and tried to sleep. I noticed the room falling so I closed my eyes and saw a maze, like on paper. And it started getting filled in with rainbow colors. I opened my eyes, and then closed them again and saw Scott standing there with a knife, his face then took the face of a classmate of mine and he hacked away at his wrist until his hand fell off, while blood was flying everywhere. I opened my eyes and Scott was leaning forward and said he could not sleep. So we turned on the lights and sat until about 5:00am still seeing shapes and warping walls and crazy closed eye visuals. It started to weaken a little and we decided it would be a good idea to try and go to bed since my grandmother would be getting up soon. We went into a bedroom with two beds and lay down.

I was still having closed eye visuals but was finally able to fall asleep At about 9:30am scott woke me and said, 'We did it, it's over!' We both laughed and talked obout it until about 11:00am. I was still saw dark colors flash for about 30 minutes, then it was completely gone except for a feeling of extreme exhaustion. We then called the guy we bought it from and he said that it was not 40mg, but as actually 55mg. We both had a large sense of enlightenment. And to this day my imagination is so much more vivid.

Neither of us regret the experience and we both still joke about it but we both agree that we will NEVER do it again.

I can't really say if I would advise anyone to take this, but do know this: during the experience, it was horrible, we both hated it to an extreme that cannot be described with words, it was one of the most terrible experiences of my life. I thought I was going to go insane or stay messed up forever. But the next day I realized what really happened. How it really had affected me.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 16116
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 19, 2002Views: 15,657
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AMT (7) : Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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