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Spiritual Experience
Citation:   BoRoG. "Spiritual Experience: An Experience with AMT (exp16179)". Jul 21, 2002.

T+ 0:00
20 mg oral AMT
  T+ 3:45 7.5 mg oral AMT
Setting: A State Park with my friend L

Set: Slighty anxious but surpisingly not nervous

T-12:00 - started fasting

T-1:00 - ingested 2 dramamine

T+0:00 - ingested 20mg with my friend L who had the same - played a game of two of mage knight to pass this time

T+1:30 - getting hard to concentrate, kinda feels like E, time to go on a walk, feels like I'm hungry but I'm not gonna eat

T+2:00 - been walking up around this water tower thing we found and the first visuals are seen, similar to coming up on 1 hit of Acid

T+2:30 - back at the campsite listen to Dark Side. Incredible. eat a fig newton. mmm

T+3:00 - ingest 2 more dramamine

T+3:45 - ingested 7.5mg booster with my friend L who had the same

T+4:00 - going for a hike. Hiking is fun, the ferns and every are slightly moving and everything feels wierd

T+4:45 - heading back from the hiking destination, definately feeling like I am coming up more, stomach feels like it's hungry again

T+5:30 - hanging around the campsite, went to the bathroom and our eyes are not dilated at all, actually they are kind of small

T+6:00 - go on another walk, eat another fig newton

T+8:00 - decide to go explore the woods, as we are doing so we are philosophising about all kinds of stuff, great fun

T+12:00 - visuals have stopped and I just am philosophising, until... I stare at a branch. Suddenly the world behind the branch gains super 3d-ness and and things are popping up in front of it. I shake it off for a second since it's super intense and I tell my friend. I then figure I might as well go with it. So I start to stare and it just keeps getting better. The branch becomes increasingly clear but everything that isn't in the same focus becomes blurry. I wave my hand and it trails across my vision. I stand up but it knocks me down on my knees just staring the branch. I can see the life flowing through the air, like everything is connected. Get up. Break off a piece of the branch and tell my friend, 'I'm gonna keep this forever!' I turn around and the whole forest trips out balls. I drop the branch cause I am so taken aback. I wander to nearby field of ferns. Everything is moving and flowing. I start to feel my entire body tingle and flow with energy. Stop and stare... Things become blurry, trails are super evident. Things blurred sorta like they were intensely surreal. Everything blurs away and smears across my field of vision. I tried to turn my head and the world turned the opposite way but it moved in discreet chunks. It wasn't fluid at all. I can see the life flowing thru and around everything. Things start to disappear, rearrange, colors flow, identity lost. I wander around like a kid in a candy shop muttering things like 'This is what I have been looking for' and 'It's so beautiful.' I lose all concept of myself and become a part of everything around me, a part of nature. Becoming everything, stumbling around in circles feeling everything around me within me.

T+13:15 - I stare at this tree trunk and all the forest behind it. It starts to move and a twig moved like a snake would. The entire scene breathed with life. My entire vision has this crazy pattern over it like waves. Sense of time is GONE. I feel like I need water because I do. I think my heart was pounding but I couldnt tell since I couldn't read my watch or even count. I tell my friend I need to sit down.

T+13:45 - Sitting on a tree trunk looking around but the visuals wont stop. Feel a little nervous that my heart is too fast and feel like I need water. I FEEL the lifeforce of a chipmunk coming near me but I cant see it until it gets right up next to me. Why would it come so close to me I wonder? Isn't it afraid? I can feel the life in everything around me.

T+14:00 - I tell my friend that I need to go back to the campsite and get some water because without it I have this wierd paranoia. Before this I felt that the intense visuals were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and I loved it. We try to leave but I cant see which way to go so I ask my friend and he points me in the right directions. After a few seconds I see this log in front of me but it starts to melt in the ground and disappear. I cant even see the road which is like 40 feet in front of me. I tell my friend, dude I need you to lead me out of here because I cant see and I trust him to do that. I get out safely and in the light I can see a little better. We head back to the campsite and I drink 3 glasses of water while sitting by my lantern because I still felt paranoid.

T+14:15 - went to the bathroom. totaly tripping out and our pupils are fixed at the widest dilation, NICE. I wait outside for my friend and talk to a few people standing there, no paranoia of that and I feel like I'm talking normal but everything is tripping face. On the way back to the campsite I told my friend I feel crazy and still paranoid. He turns to me and says, dude would you like a piece of gum? I'm like yeah sure. He's like 'well crazy people dont chew gum, I mean why would they?' I agree and start chewing the gum and feeling a lot better. He's never tripped before but he seemed so in touch with what to say to calm me. It was awesome.

T+14:30 - Back at the campsite. I am now sitting off by the woods a little to see the moon and I'm in the dark again. I start to relax more. I still have nervous energy but I think its the stimulant effect of the drug as the paranoia is gone.

T+16:30 - decide to get in our tent as it is cold outside. We lay down and feel really tired. The top of the tent is really trippy still, but not as much as before. I fell half asleep and started having a conversation in my head with my friend but I didnt realize I was half asleep until I woke up and said the last word of the sentence I said to my friend. This happened like 5 times. Finally I fell asleep and I dont remember my dreams.

T+22:00 - wake up with a mild headache that comes and goes all day, doesn't really bother me but I take an advil and it goes away for 6-8 hours.

Summary: I felt so in touch my psyche at 12 hours. I almost felt like I took a trip to the astral plane. It was really intense and if you weren't ready for it, it could be scary. I learned many things on this trip, that everything was connected, lifeforce can be felt. I feel like I have gained a new sense. This is the day after and I can still feel others life, not as strong but still there. I would recommend this to anyone with a sounds mind. Just make sure you dont eat too much salt, cheese, or meats. And dont drink with this. It is likely an MAOI so just be careful. I recommend fasting for 12 hours and taking dramamine each time you dose. That's all and I hope you all can have as much of a rewards experience as I.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 16179
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 21, 2002Views: 17,683
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AMT (7) : Mystical Experiences (9), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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