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Exactly Like Pot
Nutmeg ('Space Paste')
by Me
Citation:   Me. "Exactly Like Pot: An Experience with Nutmeg ('Space Paste') (exp1619)". Jul 17, 2001.

2 Tbsp oral Nutmeg
About a year ago, my life got really fucked up. I got in shit loads of trouble with my parents because in the course of about 2 weeks, my friends and i got in trouble for doing shrooms on a school trip, my best friend got sent off to, and had escaped from a rehab center, and i got caught going to 2 raves. I spent about 8 months completely clean from there, because my parents drug tested me. I realized that the only drug i had actually liked was marijuana. Everytime i had taken extacy or shrooms or whatever, i would find myself wishing that i had a nice bong-load instead. Anyway, the first couple months of being clean were hell. Once school started, i was pissed off at the whole world. Then i got over it, and was doing fine until the stress of final exams hit me like a brick. After searching the internet for tricks to get a 'natural high', i came across the Erowid Vaults, and found nutmeg. I read the reports, some sounded scary as hell, and some sounded perfect. It mentioned that some of the bad effects of nutmeg could be reduced if it were taken in the form of 'Space Paste'.
Here is the recipe i got off the net:

'From: J. Tye
~Subject: Space paste! (was Re: nutmeg as a hallucinogen)
~Date: Sat, 29 Jun 91 01:59:09 GMT
Organization: The Scantily Clad Orangutans, Inc.

'Space Paste'
heart chakra, but it's a legal high that will get you pleasantly
buzzed. :-)


4 parts nutmeg (ground from whole nutmeg)
4 parts almonds (soak almonds overnight and rinse)
4 parts *raw* pistachios
2 parts cinnamon
1 part cumin
1 part tarragon
1 part oregano
1 part basil
1 part tumeric
1/2 part cayenne pepper
1/2 part black pepper
To taste: Maple Syrup
One part equals 1/4 cup.

[if you want to make enough for about 500 people, that is.
Try 1 part=1 tablespoon--ed]

- Use only whole nutmeg. Not pre-ground.
- Grind up all ingredients with a spice grinder or food processor.
- Mix in Maple syrup until consistency of paste.
- Do not omit any ingredient, or it will NOT work.

Okay, you've gone this far, time to enjoy. The strong at heart will spread some on toast. I like it blended in milk. It has a real strong taste, so it's best to put it in the milk, fire up the blender, pour it into a glass and chug it down in one gulp. Start with two tablespoons. Effects begin in two hours. I've known brave souls who take a cup at a time. Maybe that's why they disappear for a couple of days.'

I went to the store, bought some fresh nutmeg, ground it up, and followed the recipe using 1 part = 1 tablespoon. I couldn't find raw pistachio nuts, so i used roasted ones, and i couldn't find cayann pepper either- so i left it out. I mixed up the ingredients with honey, making a pasty brown substance, and mixed about 2 tablespoons of it into some cinnamon spice flavored tea. It actually didnt taste that bad until the last sip (if you do this make sure to stir a lot!!!) I began to feel a little buzzed after about half an hour. It increased after that, seeming to rise in intervals of little trippy bursts every once in a while. It grew increasingly similar to a marajuana buzz. For the next 3 or 4 hours it was almost identical to the experience of eating pot brownies (the difference between ingesting pot in brownies and smoking it is that when you smoke it, you instantly get high, peak, and then it fades away, whereas ingestion leads to similar bursts of 'high' and the duration of the high depends on the each individual's digestive system).

I felt the same euphoria, a little bit of the irritation in my eyes, but not as much, I had a small case of the munchies, and cotton mouth was ok, at least at that point. I watched the movie 'Dick', laughed my ass off and went to sleep, experiencing mild hallucinations- similar to those ive had on marijuana. The sleep was very deep and very relaxed, and i had trouble waking up in the morning. The cotton mouth, which had gotten worse by the time i went to sleep, was awful in the morning, and i was very tired, but that was the extent of the rumored horrible hangover that everyone keeps on writing about.

That morning, at about 8:45 AM, i had another cup of tea with two more generous tablespoons of space paste. I was stoned ALL DAY LONG!!!! This is one of the advantages of nutmeg- it is much cheaper than pot and lasts much longer. That was yesterday. I woke up this morning with severe drymouth and ive had a light headache today, but other than that i feel very relaxed, and very nice. my guess is that the horrible rumors about nutmeg came from people who overdosed on the stuff. Two tablespoons of Space paste, which may not even have a whole tablespoon of pure nutmeg in it, works great and im glad i have found a nice, easy, legal means of getting very stoned

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 1619
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 17, 2001Views: 131,067
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