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This is Some Weird Shit
Citation:   Slim Shady. "This is Some Weird Shit: An Experience with DXM (exp1630)". Nov 4, 2000.

2000 mg oral DXM
I decided one day while in the car with a couple of my friedns to drink two bottles of robotussin and take about 25 contac cough caps. I had done this before but never in this high of a dosage. When it first hit me i felt some weird experiences. It was almost like i was floating and the car that i was in was flying through the sky. I also had many visuals. Anything that we drove by it seemed to fly at me and hit me in the face. I lost all of my motor skills and lost all of my ability to speak. It was a pretty cool experience until I started to come done from the experience. That was when I realized that i had a little to much and I started to barf and I passed out.

My friend that did not do anything tried to wake me up but couldn't so they called an ambulance. About four to five hours later i woke up in the E.R. room of the local hospital and found my self with two or three needles stuck in ach arm, with a tube going down my throat which was pumping my stomach, and one or two police officers standing around trying to ask me questions on what I had done. It was very scary. all I remember from that night was drinking it, the visuals and waking up in the hospital. It was the worst experience I had ever gone through. I will suggest to anyone that wants to do this NOT to drink Robotussin and take the contac pills, becasue with both it is WAY TO MUCH.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 1630
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 4, 2000Views: 30,076
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DXM (22) : Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Overdose (29), Various (28)

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