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Halloween in Hell
by keyser
Citation:   keyser. "Halloween in Hell: An Experience with LSD (exp16365)". Oct 30, 2018.

7 hits oral LSD (gel tab)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)


I was 15 years old. I had taken lsd about 35 times previous to this halloween. The first time I took it I kinda enjoyed and kinda didn't. But I always looked forward to doing it. So, on halloween me and my friends decided to trip because it seemed like it would be fun. This was before I had a good understanding of powerful drugs like lsd. There was about seven of us. And we all bought light blue geltabs. And a few of us got some dark purple ones. Unknown to me the purple ones each had two doses in them. I'm a very small guy for my age, and had never had a bad trip before. I also have bi-polar 2.

The night started off with alot of other people buggin us to get them some geltabs(it was from a semi exclusive source) and this ended up injecting 5 more people into the mix, and they weren't close friends. So we all took our acid, I ate a light blue and a 2 purple ones, but I thought I dropped one of them out of my mouth so I took another purple one. And we started smokng alot of weed out of a bong. We were chillin in my friends neighborhood in someones garage who we didn't even know. It was just getting dark and people were just starting to trick or treat. After about 5 bong bowls I started to feel real fucked up and I was feeling extremely uncomfortable with everything. I couldn't take bein outside anymore. My good friend noticed and suggested we go to his house for a little bit. So we did that.

We sat in his room for a little bit. It was there I was starting to get schizo of the lsd. In his room I started to feel like I was in a moving spaceship and I couldn't get comfortable. Then our friend who was 21, tripping as well, showed up. We all considered him our drug mentor as it were. He came by to get us out of the house, he was worried about me. Right around the time we left I was feeling more fucked and confused than I had ever been. We went back down to the neighborhood, everyone I saw trick or treating was getting to me in a bad way. After we got back down there I layed on the grass just staring up. I was really starting to hate how I felt. My behaviour was getting erratic by now. I didn't want to be outside so I went home.

I was at home flipping out basically. I tried to fall alseep at one point, I tried taking a shower, I was trying anything that popped in my head to get sober somehow. I contemplated calling my dad and telling him I fucked up bad, good thing I didn't. So after a while of my running around whacked out of my gourd, my friends came back by. They knew immediately I was having a bad trip. I thought I had the secrets of the universe figured out and everytime it was on the tip of my tongue it would go away and I was very confused, but I seriously believed this. And I kept thinking about x-3 whatever that is. At this point I was not me and I can't even explain what happened next. Too fucked up for words.

My friends saw a bottle of my medicine sitting out and thought I overdosed on them, which I didn't. Then they dragged me out of my house and I made an ass out of myself in front of alot people on the street. My friends didn't handle the situation right at all, they were slapping me and stuff like that. Later on I ended up coming down, but still thought they were doing magic tricks and things like that. I've left out a good deal of what happened because I can't even explain it.

I ended up learning alot of things from it. Lsd isn't a 'fun' drug. For the right person it makes a good shaman tool. It doesn't make your body feel good at all. The only thing enjoyable about it are the hallucinations, but for that I have to eat too much. I haven't tripped in 5 years, and never will again. I did trip again after that a few times. Lsd is stupid in the hands of a kid.

Exp Year: 1998ExpID: 16365
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 30, 2018Views: 778
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LSD (2) : Various (28), Bad Trips (6), Difficult Experiences (5), General (1)

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