Microdoses: Consistent Desired Results
Citation:   Samanthe. "Microdoses: Consistent Desired Results: An Experience with LSD (exp16655)". Erowid.org. Aug 8, 2002. erowid.org/exp/16655

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20 ug oral LSD (daily)
I dissolved a sugarcube with LSD in water with the intention of experimenting with very low doses during my regular work day. No clue about dose, “strength,” age, or provenance of the LSD –- my former roommate had found some cubes in the back of our freezer when we moved out of our apartment and gave me some. I kept the water in a clear glass which I covered with plastic wrap and kept out of direct sunlight during the 8 days or so it lasted. I took sips from the glass on 4 or maybe 5 days, some of the days consecutively, some with several days in between. Who knows how much LSD it was, but I’m wildly guessing that it was between 10 and 30 mics on any given day. I tried to make sure to keep the liquid under my tongue for at least 30 seconds before swallowing it.

My motivation for doing this was curiosity, and the desire to try LSD for its stimulant and anti-depressant effects, rather than its psychedelic effect. [I continue to be a champion of the low dose.] The idea came to me for two reasons. First, several of my friends/acquaintances had been taking daily low-doses [they estimate between 25 and 50 mics but who really knows] for antidepressant effects, for intervals of up to several weeks, with good results. Second, I am intrigued by early research with *daily* microdoses [10 mcg] of LSD for the alleviation of symptoms stemming from autism.

The effects were stimulating/antidepressive like caffeine but without the jitters. I have never tried amphetamine-like substances aside from Euphoria (4-methylaminorex), so I don’t have them to compare to. On most of the days I got an alert, a “brightening,” within an hour, and the alert was pretty much as far as it went for about eight hours, except for one or two days where I must have gotten a slightly higher dose. On all the days, I was more energized and motivated to do stuff, with a long peak around T+4:00. My mood was generally lifted and quite happy and confident. My body overall felt really good, like a tiny all-over MDMA flush. I came to really like the reliably pleasant effects. In fact, I imagined how nice it would be to have these effects every day. Not that I want that to become a habit.

The first day of the experiment, I was paying attention to whether I would get any anxiety feelings, which I have been susceptible to in the past. I got no such feelings [anxiety feels like lack of control, which isn’t really that fun when I’m trying to work]. I felt more focused and able to concentrate.

The second day I tried my microdose, I was feeling sort of blue. After taking the sip, I walked around town for a bit, and felt very independent and self-assured. Then I entertained myself all alone, with no desire to really interact with anyone else. I felt autonomous and grounded. This could have been an effect of the drug, or it could have been a coincidence.

The subsequent days that I tried my sips, they were like little afterthoughts in the day. I didn’t plan on them, I just realized some time during the day, “oh look, there’s my glass of dilute LSD,” and I was psyched to take some, but with about as much concern as having a latte. The final day of my experiment, I still got an effect, which means whatever drug was left didn’t suffer too much from a week of sitting out in room-temperature and ambient light.

On one of the days, I got muscle tension in my lower back, which is not where I generally hold tension. The tension faded once I got away from the computer, left the house, and moved around for a while. I did not notice any effects on my sleeping pattern or appetite.

It would be nice to continue this use of LSD, which fit nicely in my regularly scheduled life. I wonder what the long-term effects might be from doing daily microdosing, aside from the obvious problem of unreliable supply.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 16655
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 8, 2002Views: 42,715
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