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Wow.. Wow.. Wow.. Who Are We?
Salvia divinorum
Citation:   PaysDaily. "Wow.. Wow.. Wow.. Who Are We?: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp16715)". Mar 10, 2005.

35.71 mg smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)
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My background:
I'm a 45 y.o. who's had much experience with most drugs, etc. I was a poly drug abuser as an 18-20 y.o. & went through a 4 month drug rehab in 1977. I then became a certified substance abuse counselor in 1988 & was a counselor for 10 yrs... I wanted to give something back for my years of abuse, etc.

I stopped using drugs in 1983 having had a 2 day/night spiritual experience... no need for details as GOD (Geometry Of your Divinity) makes these experiences unique for the individual & quite unexplainable in human terms, etc.! I can say that I came into direct contact with GOD's love for us & it is too powerfully amazing & overwhelming, loving, & compassionate to even try & put into human terms.

My quest for spiritual truth has been ongoing throughout my life. I have beliefs in Western & Eastern teachings/philosophies… reincarnation, karma, twin flames, charkas, etc., etc.! I have been speaking to GOD on a daily basis for the past (almost) 20 yrs… I talk to GOD just as I’m talking to a friend & GOD has spoken back in so many amazing ways! I’ve had many, many spiritual experiences… I’ve experienced both good & evil (energy veil). But there is no force ‘out there’ that is more omniscient, omnipotent, or omnipresent than GOD (our real Father/Mother).

In the past 20 yrs. I’ve smoked aprox. 10 joints of marijuana, along with a few beers/mixed drinks here & there. I’m not much of a drinker.

I came across some reference to ‘Salvia’ on a message board & started researching it. I spent hours & hours & hours researching Salvia… with no interest in mushrooms, DMT, MDMA, MDA, cocaine, marijuana, or other psychedelics, (done that, been there) etc. For mine is a ‘spiritual journey of introspection’ only & I intuitively felt that all these other substances would not give me what I was looking for… & when I follow my intuition I’m always right! I have since spent many nights up until 4:30am researching Salvia. I was very intrigued due to the ‘spiritual introspection’ aspect of Salvia.

I purchased 3 grams… each 1 gr. 10x extract (if I’m going to do this, then I’m going all the way with a 10x’er) from a popular vendor & 2 gr. 10x extract & a pipe from another that claims theirs is ‘organic’. I will say that both are very powerful, but I think the ‘organic’ (a darker green) is just a little stronger.

My reason for using: After all my research I felt I could come into direct contact with the ‘Heart’of our Father/Mother… GOD & ‘commune’ directly with GOD! My only purpose was in ‘s

piritual introspection’, with no intent of using this ‘divine’ substance to ‘get high’, etc. Little did I know how divine this experience would be (all 7 to date)! All 7 experiences were variations on the same theme… but intensified with each subsequent one… while still using the same dosage each time!

My Experience: I took 1 gram & divided it into 14 sections & then gel capped them. I then took 1 gel cap & dumped it out & then divided it into 2 equal sections. I prayed extensively to GOD as to why I was doing this & called for protection, etc. The room I used it in was my bedroom… my bedroom is a very spiritual place for me… I have an altar, many spiritual focuses… Jesus, St. Germain, I Am Presence, Mother Mary, Sanat Kumara, Lady Master Venus, El Morya, Arch Angel Gabriel (and others), a huge amethyst stone, etc. I was very comfortable & felt safe. Since I was doing this by myself I also prayed/called for safe protection in that I would not leave my office chair (because I was doing this by myself), etc. (which I never did in my 7 experiences to date). I played mellow spiritual music with cordless headphones & had the lights only slightly dimmed. I put the dose of half a cap (1 fourteenth of a gram of 10x extract) into my pipe, lit it & inhaled deeply & held it for probably 30 seconds. I was using a stopwatch & at aprox. 20-25 seconds I could feel a ‘melting into my chair feeling’… then nothingness for 7 to 8 minutes as I’m coming into a conscious state of awareness I feel the presence of GOD… I don’t think its GOD; I know within all my ‘being’ that it is GOD. I feel & see the room wrapping/rolling over upon itself as if this reality (as we know it) is going to disappear as a speck of dust and I’m going to enter into the being of GOD… but I kept pulling back saying “not yet, not yet”! WOW… exactly 10 minutes of an unparalleled experience… nothing, nothing, nothing can compare! After 10 minutes everything was fairly normal; no hang over, heavy head, etc. feeling, I felt fine, but boy did I have questions!

One question I had was… Why did it take until the end of the experience for me to become consciously aware? Well, I thought that the next time I use Salvia I will tape record myself… and that’s where it all begins!

2cnd through 7th experiences… Well I used 1/14 (that’s all, one fourteenth) of a gram each time & the same bedroom scenario was the same, only on the 3rd time I did not use any music at all. Each experience lasted exactly 10 min., and each time it felt as if I was becoming consciously aware at the 7-8 min. mark. I could sense that I was almost touching the very being of GOD & again I didn’t want to go all the way because I didn’t feel that I would come back to my body, that I would remain in the ‘spiritual’, ‘etheric’ realm.

I then listened to the tape recording of my experience & that’s where I was hearing myself talking out loud to beings I couldn’t remember seeing. I was asking why was all this (the universe) created… they were telling me that they were waiting for me… and I would tell them that they couldn’t start without me (start what?… I don’t know). I felt like I was at the hem of the garment of GOD’s being & that I was reaching up to touch the very being of GOD, but if I did I wouldn’t be coming back to my physical body, but that I would remain there with GOD!

Whew! You talk about something like this and no one can understand unless they’ve been there! Well I can say this much… the beauty, wonder, power & most of all a warm, warm gentle, but so powerfully compassionate love that our creator has for us is AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME… I was feeling like I was just ready to enter in to GOD’s heart when all of a sudden I became aware of my physical self & was feeling bad because my loved one’s wouldn’t know what happened to me if they were to find my body dead in my chair, even though I knew I wouldn’t be dead! I felt that I needed to really think about what has happened to me through these experiences.

I’ve had many, many spiritual experiences, but nothing this phenomenal, etc. Since using Salvia I have had a new, conscious awareness of GOD as never before… as I’ve said earlier I had a very powerful spiritual experience in 1983 & since then I’ve developed an almost daily ‘communion’ with GOD that has been very loving & enlightening!

There were many other statements, comments that I had made to my unknown/unseen friends-brothers/sisters (that is what they seemed like) while under the influence of Salvia. My 1st use of the Salvia was on July 17, ’02 & my last use was on Aug., 4, ’02… and I intend to use again sometime on Sunday 8-11-02 or during that week. I’ll keep in touch.

A Brother on the… ‘Path’ that only leads back to the ‘Heart’ of our Father/Mother GOD!

Father/Mother GOD I am grateful for the “DEEPER” understanding/contact I’m having with your presence and I will only use Salvia for my own “spiritual introspection”. I am yours and I am also grateful to begin to know what it means to be “LOVE”. For we are hear on this earth to learn how to ‘love’ and to be that ‘love’ in action forevermore!

Your child… becoming your ‘Son’.
Thank You… Father/Mother GOD!

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 16715
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 10, 2005Views: 22,970
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