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Ancient Hymns to the Great Earth
Citation:   Echo Gates. "Ancient Hymns to the Great Earth: An Experience with AMT & 5-MeO-DMT (exp16771)". Dec 5, 2002.

T+ 0:00
35 mg oral AMT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:30 45 mg oral AMT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:59   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 0:59   repeated smoked 5-MeO-DMT  
I’ve had previous experiences with both AMT and 5MEO-DMT. AMT is always great. I’ve lost count of all the wonderful overnights spent with friends here at our novel, century-old “treehouse” apartment, mystified by this entrancing substance. 5MEO was never as much fun--until after I started combining it with other drugs. “Goes great with everything!” In fact, I’ve only tried 5MEO once all by itself. There was the typical experience of being barraged with psychedelic chaos, then having my soul sucked into The Void where confusion finally dissolves into acceptance, insight, and peace. 5MEO would have been an exhilarating experience, except that all conscious thought I had left was focused in an effort not to puke.

Determined not to be so easily discouraged, I decided to make yet another foray into the long-anticipated 5MEO hyperspace. Maybe this time I would not be so unpleasantly distracted. My boyfriend Z was taking this trip with me. He went first, inhaling a delicate and deceivingly small amount of 5MEO vapor out of our multipurpose disemboweled light bulb. I watched him slump forward on the couch a mere 40 seconds later, flushed and struggling to breathe. Just as John Lennon sang, “Now you see the meaning of Within...” he heaved all his withinards outwards, and curdled milk meat puke with Boston Cream Pie splattered all over the Persian rug.
*”Now you see the meaning of Within....”*

Haha. I got discouraged with the whole 5MEO-DMT thing after seeing that, and didn’t give it another go until months later, in the middle of a DXM stupor during a sleepover with some friends up north. Wow! That trip was so great I tried 5MEO with everything afterwards, until my tiny $20 baggie ran out just as I obtained a few doses of AMT.

I’ve always thought AMT and 5MEO-DMT would make an interesting combination, especially since the positive mindset induced by AMT might counter the sheer terror of the 5MEO breakthrough, while still potentiating the relative insanity of the experience. Combining the two is also an ayahuasca-type combination since AMT is a reported [weak] MAOI inhibitor. I’ve read plenty about Ayahuasca and its analogues on the internet, but always thought it sounded a bit jungley and, well, Messy, for me—though I’m all for having a spiritual encounter. A mixture of 5MEO and AMT might be the perfect way to finally experience a variation of the Ayahuasca trip for myself. Sort of a neo-techno-jungle kind of thing. Yeah.

Unfortunately it took a long time for me to gather the two substances in one place. But at last I did, on this fateful day:


I get home from my telemarketing job early. (Yes, I am a telemarketer, the Punching Bag of America). Z arrives a few hours later, worn out from working all afternoon in the restaurant kitchen. We’ve had less than the recommended R&R, and Z has been running a fever all day, which I think he’s passing to me. But short weekends, impending school days, and mad curiosity have rendered all that irrelevant. There’s a marijuana shortage lately too. (You know things are bad when your dealer calls YOU asking if YOU’ve heard anything!) But the negative circumstances end there.

In thirty minutes we are getting ready to take the first AMT capsules when our friends S&S come by. They have the first pot we’ve seen in a week. We buy some and watch the movie we rented that morning, Time Machine, and it’s much better the second time around, stoned.

They leave around 12:30am, after the movie, and we finally drop the caps. Z is stuck on the concept of time for the rest of the night, elaborating fascinating theories at length. The movie was great food for thought for me too, as well as work. I saw in-depth into all my relationships with people there, and the conversation I’d had with the girl sitting next to me that evening took on great significance, as if it were an enigmatic unfolding of ideas that could change our lives. I’m sure, in some small way, that life changes with every event. I think the perceptions were real, but they were so deeply detailed that I know they would be too small to matter normally. So much of what needs to occur in communication happens unconsciously.

As we listen to some trance techno laced with beautiful Hindu songs, I have vivid memories of my past. They are so inspirational, bringing back the simple feelings and vague hope that always fills childhood. The trees today looked just like they did when I was thirteen, in the hammock outside my mom’s, listening to Kurt Kobain and thinking my first deep thoughts. Very moving.

I think about how timeless the forest is, because it always looks like the same year there. It could be 2002, or 1984.

The effects of the AMT are increasing rapidly after the first hour. I leave my boyfriend in the living room and go lie on the tye-dye bedspread. It’s impossible to stop moving my body. I realize I’m fighting the effects of the drugs. It’s been months since I’ve done AMT, and it feels like a tremendous shock to my system. Furthermore, I truly am sick, coming down with whatever Z had. I didn’t notice how sick I was because I’d taken ibuprofen all day. Now it’s wearing off, and I can’t take anymore because I’m starting to feel ill. I feel the fever flaming through my body and the congestion in my chest. It is hard to breathe and for a long time I feel like I’m having a panic attack. It hurts. I feel actual pain. When I start “disappearing” into kaleidoscopes, now I think I’m dying. I find myself kicking in bed, clenching my fists. Visions of death are going through my mind. Occasionally I try to relax and remember to calm down, but soon I run to the bathroom and vomit, because I feel like I’m in danger.

After that, the difficulty passes and I feel so relieved I can’t imagine how I thought I was dying. I start to enjoy the trip as I return to the living room where Z is laying on the couch. We smoke some dope and I feel warm rushes of joy. I close my eyes and sit back. I think about a dream I had last night where I was catching gold-glittered parakeets with Z outside my dad’s house, which had a new window.

About 3 a.m. it’s time for the second pill. As usual I don’t have any problems with this one, just a steady climb into the sky to peak at sunrise. Beautiful. I put on my biggest kikwears that I always end up in while tripping, the ones with all the pockets for carrying stuff. “It doesn’t take you too far,” Z says, “but mostly because you don’t care anymore how far you go.”

I feel it starting to explode in my head and whole chunks of time are lost in timeless ecstasy. It comes from me in waves of heat, but I am shivering cold. I saw myself dancing in my mind, and others were dancing with me. We were doing the same thing. I couldn’t tell if they were following me, as if it were all in my mind, or if I was part of them. My mind asked why distinctions like that had to be made, if there was no time.

I hope in life after death. I’ve been scared before, when I can’t figure out “where” I’ve gone, if I passed out or fell asleep without any dream or length of time to prove I existed while I was “away.” But why does the body have to be the mechanism of life? It might just be a mask or a filter through which I perceive. But with totally different perceptions, who would “I” be? I change my perception with AMT, and I no longer have words with which to think about it to myself, or talk with Z. Would I be a “newborn,’ who didn’t have words yet? Would I even remember if there was life after death?

I feel I am going faster than time, skipping over the surface. Again I fall into kaleidoscopes. Everything is symmetrical, because it is a sliver of reality into whatever I am outside of time, and it folded out into a scene and became reality. I recede into the timelessness, and we are all one because of emotion, which is universal. Reason is just part of the temporal world. We are like a million eyes looking out from God, which is the closest I could be to God without being absorbed, or no longer conscious. I wonder if the creatures covered with eyes that are closest to God, in Revelation, are poetic language for this.

Human-ness is a sum, sums are greater than time, and the essence of our consciousness is a sum. When I can, I write like crazy in my notebook. I used to be crazy enough to write like this all the time, but now I know they are just descriptions, and there are millions of descriptions, and that details can be distracting from life. I feel more mature now that I can tune into “normal” things without feeling so urgently that I have to write down all details, though I still write all the time anyway.

At breaking dawn, I load a few grains of 5MEO into my crackhead lightbulb pipe and whisper a quick prayer—“please be nice to me!” I inhale through the short plastic straw. I take about four hits, though I can feel it after the second. After the fourth I can’t even hold the lightbulb any more, but have enough time to put it down. I am surprised that my body totally relaxes, totally limp, because 5MEO usually alerts me, but this is so relaxing. Energy flows through me. It is the best thing I’ve ever felt, growing stronger, wiping everything from my mind. I feel like I’m being possessed....

I wake up still in the chair, moaning. The feeling stays with me a long time; a long time goes by, sometimes I am awake, sometimes I am not even inside my body. I think I am talking to someone. But it is beyond words. Sometimes I can’t move, and sometimes I can’t stop. The most conscious thought I have is that the songs on the CD player, some Global Underground CDs and the like, are great hymns to the earth. The music is very moving, like themes, things you hear a lot of in different versions, because they are our ancient hymns to the earth, the way we appreciate it, and we are only emotions. The hymns have always been around, as long as emotion. Music is emotion. The hymns/emotions/essence is greater than me and gives me hope. It felt like something I always wanted to touch, but could not conceive of so I could not look for it.

I have thoughts, but they are like gratitude instead of inspiration, even though I am seeing the world in new and beautiful ways. It is appreciation, like I am singing with the hymns. The sky turns saffire blue as the sun comes up.

I smoked 5-MeO-DMT several more times, with the same great results. Though we were exhausted the rest of the day, (do not walk up stairs in the hot sun! after this) neither one of us is sick anymore. Wow, I think everything I read about ayahuasca was true. It is very sacred, and my life feels renewed and refreshed. But I am still coming down, too.

This was a great combo and possibly the greatest ecstasy I have ever felt. I never had a reason to post a report before, despite great trips. I wonder if anyone else has tried this type of “ayahuasca.”

So there: I submit my report and chemical research for the benefit and amusement of all science. Years later I too will be filling out some questionaire sent out by these shady psychedelic manufacturing co.’s:
Did you fry your brain? ...Yes.
Are your synapses snapped? ...Yes.
Did you have a good time anyway? ...Most Definitely!


Echo Gates

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 16771
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 5, 2002Views: 27,765
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5-MeO-DMT (58), AMT (7) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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