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Four Experiences
Citation:   Aleph. "Four Experiences: An Experience with 5-MeO-DiPT (exp16876)". Aug 17, 2002.

  oral 5-MeO-DiPT
I recently began experimenting with 5-Meo-Dipt again (wasn't so promising a few years ago due to different expectations). Following are four experiences and a general opinion on the stuff.

Personal data:
Height 5'9'
Weight 135 lbs.
Early 20's
Very healthy both mentally and physically

The 5-Meo-Dipt came from a reputable chemical supplier as the hydrochloride salt. HPLC and GCMS data looked ok to me, so I consider it to be pure.

Experience #1 – the 5mg dose
Mental state is one of anticipation and relaxation. I am well rested and feeling happy. It’s late in the afternoon and I’ve recently (4 hrs ago) eaten a light and healthy snack.

T 0 - I take the 5 mg in a capsule with a full glass of water.

T+0:15 - I begin to feel the expected edges of come-up, a light tickle of bodily vibration and a pooling of excess energy. I tap my foot absent-mindedly as I continue to skim through articles in yesterday’s paper.

T+0:45 - I am definitely feeling full-effects, with increased tactile sensations (this includes heightened awareness of muscle soreness and mild headache I was ignoring). I put the paper down and stalk off to the kitchen because suddenly I feel voraciously hungry. Munch on some fruit, various leftovers (mmm danish), and have another glass of water. Time to look for things to do. I go take a shower for the hell of it (feels great!). The towel is so very soft and comforting on my skin as I dry off. I notice that my pupils are somewhat dilated.

I go out and lie down on the porch in the evening sun for a bit (which feels warm and tickly on my back). Listen to the 9th, tire of its dramatism, and put on some lighter fare of the trip-hop variety. Try to read a little Calvino, but can’t concentrate, spending the time appreciating the feel of a book in the hands, turning the pages slowly and deliberately while glossing over the words.

The sun is beginning to set, so I venture back inside and decide to get into my hot tub (I love water). The warmth is very pleasant (like a plush water blanket), and the jets feel amazing on the soles of my feet, which have become very sensitive. I would kill for a massage at this point, though circumstances do not provide me with one (save it for another time I guess).

T+4:30 – The effects are fading as I lie in bed drinking tea and reading the book I couldn’t process earlier. The sheets still feel nice, but do not command as much of my attention.

T+5:30 – I have a glass of water and a little L-tryptophan to help me sleep.

T+14:30 – I awake refreshed without any lingering mental effects. Loose stools, but nothing like the painful excretion others have described (this may be a diet or health issue).

Conclusion: A very nice experience, I found this dosage very pleasant although minimally psychedelic. It amplified my sense of touch, interfered with my short term-memory, and produced as a result a mild euphoria. Comparisons with other substances fail, the closest I can think of is a light does of 2C-B, minus the visuals. Definitely not like MDMA, LSD, etc.
I observed no visuals of any sort (perhaps slight brightening of colors). There was a small amount in the audio area, phantom notes in songs and the like, but nothing attention grabbing.

A mild and enjoyable ride without any loss of control. This would be a great with sex.

Experience #2 – the 14mg dose
Mental state is good, I’m happy. Physical state is poor, 20 hours without sleep, poor diet, and coming down off of stimulants. Just got home after a long car ride from Los Angeles and am dead tired, but unable to sleep.

T 0 – Convinced that I will be unable to sleep, and pretty sad about the prospect since it’s 8:30 AM, I decide on a whim to take the 14mg dose I’d measured out before I left on my trip. Add my regular ~250mg supplement of L-tryptophan because I forgot the night before. I crawl into bed and slip on a pair of headphones, listening to The Richest Man in Babylon by Thievery Corporation.

T+0:15-20 – The onset is remarkably consistent in terms of time (but then I am consistent about not having a stomach full of food). Similar to lower doses, but more of a body buzz than before.

T+0:45 – I awake, apparently having dozed off during the remainder of the come-up (possibly due to tryptophan?). This is extremely disorienting, making me very distressed and anxious. I feel cloudy and hazy like the first few seconds after waking, and the wall’s subtle texture ripples back and forth before my eyes, crawling and shifting. I remember that taking psychedelic doses of any substance while sleep deprived is a bad idea. It doesn’t help that it’s been about a week since I last had sex. I realize that I may soon be unable to take care of some complex things, so decide to go brush my teeth and take a quick shower. The shower feels prickly in a very good way, but my thoughts are rapidly becoming less and less logical as my ego slowly dissolves. I am fighting back a fierce hunger, out of worry for my poor colon more than anything else.

T+1:30 – Visuals are light and un-eventful, closed eye is a shifting blob of colored wax. My heart is beating somewhat fast, and I have difficulty feeling a consistent flow of time. I am feeling a degree of anxiety, perhaps due to stress hormones built up in my system. I am gradually beginning to forget complex concepts, and am paying most of my attention to my body, which seems to be in a state of distress. This distress is having a negative effect on my thought processes.

T+2:00 – Visuals are the same, mild non-verbal auditory hallucinations fade in and out. My heart is racing, and I am very worried about this. Stools are loose, and my intestines feel very uncomfortable and spasmodic. I have a glass of water and try to relax, but find this to be impossible give the body feedback I am receiving. This is not going to be a very comfortable next few hours.

T+3:00 – I am lying in bed, heart racing still with no sign of slowing down. I am concerned for my health, aware that I will be fine, but convinced by my body that I am in some sort of imminent danger. I have to tell myself not to panic, and silently repeat a few words that can help me relax. Not helping, this body load is too much, and I can’t be sure if my sense of time is flawed, or if my heart is actually racing. I am also forgetting basic things like my name, where I am, how to form sentences, etc. My ego is being taken apart brick-by-brick.

T+3:30 – I need help. Stumbling to my bookcase, I open a small pill bottle labeled “antidote” (actually tic-tacs, though my brain often falls for the placebo routine when my memory starts to fade), take one, and feel nothing. I convince myself that it’ll take time to kick in and crawl back into bed. The next hour is a slow crawl into and out of psychosis. I forget what is and is not real. I have to test objects to see if they are solid. At some point I believe that I am dead and in hell. This is really not what I was intending on experiencing.

T+4:30 – I am putting myself back together piece by piece, reconfirming my ideals and relationships in my mind. My heart is starting to slow and my thought patterns are returning to normal. I feel refreshed and very alive, even though I am sleep deprived. My intestines are angry with me and respond with noisy outbursts.

T+5:30 – As back to baseline as I’ll be before I get some sleep. I am wiped, but I have that reborn and energetic feeling that accompanies an ego dissolution and reconstruction. I imagine that a near death experience would feel the same but more-so, and really appreciate the life I am currently living. I am more secure in some of my beliefs, and have discovered some things that I had not been paying proper mind.

Conclusion: It wasn't terrible mentally, but a total drag physically. The tachycardia and intestinal distress were severe, and this colored to a large extent my in-trip mental state. The visuals very rather boring as well, though I’ve never thought this to be a compound providing intense hallucinations of any sort (which is what was so off-putting when I first experimented with it).

I think that this dose was interesting as an experience, but feel that the body effects really make it unattractive for this purpose. The best experiences I’ve had have involved light doses, and I would consider a different compound if I was interested in either visuals or mystical states. It’s easy to go down the road of ego-destruction, but very difficult to see your “god” if your heart’s racing and you’re having liquid shits.

I will try this compound at a high dosage one more time (making sure that I prep well diet/sleep wise this time). My expectations are not too high. If it surprises me, it’ll be a pleasant surprise. If it confirms my expectations, I will cease to take higher doses than ~7mg.

Experience #3 – a 16mg dose
Note: I’ve excluded this experience because it’s redundant; duplicate the setting from the first and the general experience of the second, minus the tachycardia and with a positive mental state for an idea. Visuals a bit more complex too I guess.

Conclusion: Even though there are no lasting after-effects, for me, the body load is simply not worth the psychedelic effects and good body feelings. This is not a compound for profound personal realizations, and I find at high dosages that the intestinal spasms ruin other sensations.
That doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun. I just won’t take more than 7mg from now on.

Experience #4 – a 6mg dose
I woke up feeling great and proceeded to have a productive day, finishing a photo shoot early and having a delicious late lunch with a good friend. We stopped by her apartment after. I went out to the store after to get some milk for coffee, and realized that I owed her for a few pills I’d gotten last month. I dropped by my place and snagged two 6mg doses, giving her a call and asking if she’d like to be paid back now. It turns out that my timing was perfect; she had nothing to do and was bored.

T 0 – Take our pills with glasses of water from the fridge. Cuddle up on the sofa and put on some Thelonious Monk. The apartment is a little cold, which is very nice and complements my warm mood. We start talking about things we forgot to mention over lunch.

T+0:15 – I’m feeling the familiar tingle. I can actually tell how severe the body load will be before it starts, based on how strong the initial tremor is. I decide to start giving her a back massage as she comes up.

T+0:45 – We’re both fully up, me getting the last fifteen minutes of massage. At this point I am too sensitive for anything that’ll remove muscle knots. I become aware of the bruise on the leg I banged on my coffee table, it hurts a little. The hunger is present again, we decide on a snack of fresh fruit and soft cheese. I change the CD to the new Morcheeba album. Time to think of something fun to do.

T+1:45 – Lying around in bed after a long shared shower I sigh gently, close my eyes, and drift for a few seconds. The sheets feel great and the pillow is nicely soft beneath my damp hair. She grabs one of my feet and presses a thumb along the arch. I almost fall out of the bed. The tactile sense is very reminiscent of MDMA. It does not have the impotence inducing effect however.

T+4:00 – We are both utterly exhausted. Orgasms were intense, prolonged, and frequent. This stuff is really a lot of fun. Time for another shower, hopefully one in which I will actually get clean.

T+5:00 – The comedown is consistently clean and fast. There are a few intestinal side-effects, but nothing troubling or painful. Sleep will come easy, and I predict no effects the next day.

T+13:30 – Sleep was excellent, with normal playful dreams and only one interruption (had to pee). I awake feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, though a bit sore.

As an adjunct to sex, a small dose of 5-Meo-Dipt beats MDMA, 2C-B, anything else I’ve tried. The lack of visuals is really a benefit, since they can be so distracting, often pulling your attention from the matter at hand.

It is important to remember that most of 5-Meo-Dipt’s effects are tactile and interior in nature:
You will probably get loose stools, so try to eat a healthy diet.
You may develop an appetite during the come-up, try and have a light snack.

You will probably experience nausea if you take it on a full stomach.
Things will feel good, water, furs, the sun, all are your friends.
Pain will also be amplified, try to plan accordingly.
If you take a large dose you may experience tachycardia. This can be alarming.

Visuals will be almost nonexistent at low doses. Your mileage may vary at higher ones.

You will not likely experience after-effects. No need to plan a day for recovery.

If your body is in not so hot shape, you won’t find the experience so enjoyable.

Math and other complex tasks will be difficult. Not a good thing to work on.

Remember also to start small with this and any other unknown. My light dose may do nothing for you, or it could cause you hours of misery.

5-Meo-Dipt is not something for serious self-discovery or astounding visuals (one might turn to its cousin 5-Meo-DMT for that), but it can definitely make a fun but ordinary afternoon into an incredibly intense four to five hours of delight. It does not open into that empathic head space of MDMA, nor give you as much energy, but I find that positive, since I am not looking for a substitute for MDMA.

I would say that it firmly grounds you in your body, subjugating to a degree the conscious mind. Non-immediate things become very unimportant. You will not care for much beyond being touched and enjoying yourself.

The best way to describe a light dose would be this: the tactile sense and light hallucinations of MDMA, the erotic energy of 2C-B, the intestinal effects of Indian/Mexican food, and the mental cloudiness of light drinking. With no hangover.

I really enjoy it. In small doses…

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 16876
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 17, 2002Views: 18,488
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5-MeO-DiPT (57) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Alone (16)

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