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My Brain Was Doing So Much Thinking
Citation:   Steve G. "My Brain Was Doing So Much Thinking: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp16878)". Erowid.org. Feb 14, 2019. erowid.org/exp/16878

  oral Mushrooms

I have been a regular weed smoker for over 5 years now and have been doing ecstacy twice-three times a month for over 3 years.

The first time I ever ate mushrooms was a year ago when some of my friends had been eating some and they thought I'd eat some with them. I had eaten a relatively small amount compared to the 2nd time I did mushrooms.

My first time was quite a hilarious experience for me (mexican shrooms), I felt like the world was really funny, people's faces seemed funny and at the same time weird, all their facial expressions seemed very clear as well as their behaviour, I was tripping on every single thing (the car stereo, talking to the trees, and many other funny shit), yet that only lasted for 3 hours or so.

Me and my friend A went to Amsterdam this summer and we thought we'd eat some shrooms over there, we went into a store and the guy selling them told us that a pack of mushrooms would give us a good trip. However, we thought we needed an intense trip (I still regret that till now), so we took 2 packs of Hawaiian mushrooms and decided to eat them next to the fountain in central Amsterdam. My friend A had never experienced shrooms before and this was his first experience. I remember the guy at the store told us to eat half of the pack first, wait for 30mins and then eat the other half. I thought I'd just eat the whole pack really fast and just get on with it. A ate the first half then went to buy some orange juice and came back within 30mins and ate the other half.

I started to feel it kicking in, while we were sitting a dealer approached us and wanted to sell some X (dealers are everywhere in Amsterdam!). He was standing up and I saw his face make those strange movements which were quite fast, his ears started growing really big and his face looked really small compared to his ears, and I was sitting there and just laughing my ass off! A thought that we were overdoing it with the dude and that we should head to the hotel to grab our jackets...

As we were walking, the walls were making faces and I felt like I was in an absolutely wicked and interesting state of mind and felt that the world was just bright and beautiful. As we reached our room I started to feel really mashed so I thought we'd go and lie on our beds for a while, as I opened the door of our room, every single thing seemed to be moving in the room, it was hilarious! The lamp was just dancing and the pillows were all dotted and light in the room was so bright, A started repeating the word 'shrooms' the whole time and just laughing! He kept on telling me on how this is so fucking good! We were laughing our asses off for I dont know how long (It took us quite some time to figure the time).

I decided to sit back and calm down from all the tripping and talking we were doing. Then suddenly I felt that my stomach was in deep pain and my whole body was so fucking numb (as if I had been drinking 10 shots of tequila). In a funny manner I decided to ask A whether I had taken too many shrooms cuz I'm feeling really fucked up, he answered me back by saying 'Don't worry man, everything's cool, dont feel paranoid or else you'll get into a bad trip'. The word 'bad trip' gave me a sense of fear and I felt that maybe I ate too many shrooms, I was thinking like: 'shit, what've I done, I've never felt like this before, I hope this ends as fast as possible'. I thought about dying on shrooms and how bad that would be.

The pain started to increase and I was just drooling all over the floor and I wanted to kill the buzz I was having and just get back to real life.
I wanted to kill the buzz I was having and just get back to real life.
After I guess 5 hrs or so, I started to calm down a bit. A kept on telling me not to worry and that everything was ok its just a drug and we're going back to real life. I knew I had got into a bad trip and that I have to get out of it by any other way. I felt that the room was really small and uncomfortable, thats why I'm never going to do shrooms and sit indoors. Later on, I was starting to feel physically better; yet my brain was doing so much thinking and I was saying some weird stuff on how this world seems so strange, why are we here? I started to feel more connected to God and felt that he was really the most powerful.

That was my second time trying shrooms, my third time was 2 days after that day, were we did mexican ones in a park and everything was really funny, yet I was doing more thinking about god and how could such a mushroom do so much to your brain! As of having a bad experience the first time I decided to eat those ones really slow and at certain intervals of time. My second time wasn't as intense as the first time but it was definitely amazing.

I think that after taking shrooms I can see the world in another perspective
I think that after taking shrooms I can see the world in another perspective
than what I always had, I can now see alot more clearly through things and especially through people, yet I sometimes get mild flashbacks, especially when I'm talking to people, I can see their faces make some strange expressions. Now I look at life in a more detailed way, is that a good thing or not? I always used to go with the flow with things and took life in a really lazy manner, now I feel that I have to be serious with things. Could that be a response from experiencing death (according to my first time, when I got into the bad trip I thought I could almost jump out of the window in order to stop the pain I was going through and just kill myself instead, I felt I was physically being tortured with my second time)?

Why did I get into a bad trip? Is this because I consumed alot?


Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 16878
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Feb 14, 2019Views: 1,003
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