Angels Trumpet Eye Drops
Citation:   Daydreamer. "Angels Trumpet Eye Drops: An Experience with Brugmansia (exp16918)". Mar 29, 2004.

8 drops   Brugmansia (tea)
  8 drops ocular Brugmansia (tea)
This post will explained how to extract and use chemicals from the plant Angels Trumpet (Brugmansia) to dilate (enlarge) the pupils.

WARNING! The following procedure has not been thoroughly tested and may be harmful or fatal. Use this information at your own risk.

Okay, the procedure is quite simple. All you need to do is pick some leaves or flowers from the Datura tree (Brugmansia) commonly known as Angels Trumpet.

1: Once you have the leaves boil approximately (2) cups of water in a kettle.

2: While your waiting for the water to boil wash the leaves under cold running water and then put the leaves in a standard size coffee mug.

3: Once the water has boiled pour the water into the mug on top of the leaves and stir with a teaspoon for approximately (5) minutes

4: Let stand at room temperature until cool.

5: Drain the liquid into another cup (You can throw away the leftover leaves if you like).

6: You should now have about half a cup full of a light yellow liquid, and thatís it.

WARNING! Do not drink the liquid. If you do immediately call an ambulance or get to a hospital, induce vomiting if possible. If you really want to know what happens if you drink it then just look at my experience that I previously posted on this site in the Brugmansia experience section by Daydreamer.

You can now pour the liquid into an empty eye drop container and put about (4) drops into each eye. (I did not become intoxicated by doing this).

It can take anywhere from (20) minutes to (60) minutes before effects begin, so donít go putting more in thinking it hasnít worked (thatís exactly what I did and ended up with red eyes) make sure you wait the full (60) minutes before deciding you need more.

When the effects began I noticed that my vision became slightly blurry at close range (about 30 centimeters from my eyes) and I found it difficult to read. However my long distant sight was be affected so I could still drive a motor vehicle and perform normal every day tasks. This is the worst side effect and if it is difficult to read magnified glasses will be helpful. NOTE! This effect may last as long as (4) days and is not permanent.

Side Effects:
NOTE! You may only experience some or none of the following side effects.

Dilated (enlarged) pupils.

Fixed-focus vision at close range.

Red eyes.

Dry or glassy eyes.

Profound sensitivity to light.

A slight feeling of burning in the eyes.

Okay, now you ask why anyone would want to do this? Well I guess everyone has there own reasons, however it could be useful if youíre an undercover cop and need dilated pupils to look like your on drugs.

Or may be you just want to look like youíre on drugs.

Its been said that people with dilated pupils look more friendly and more sexually attractive, but I donít think so.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 16918
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 29, 2004Views: 2,881
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