LSD Has Side Effects
Citation:   Quantum Disruption. "LSD Has Side Effects: An Experience with LSD (exp1700)". Oct 20, 2000.

Well I've written to this page before and I don't know if you guys have read any of my stuff, but if you have you know that I have had a few wild trips... But here's the deal, LSD does have side effects, I have found no long term effects, but let me relate to you the short term side effects that I experienced.

I am a very experienced LSD user, I have taken many different kinds from liquid, to geltabs, to paper, to pills. I started a count when I first started using it and at about that time there was an LSD explosion in my area, in Massachusetts, it was everywhere, I was getting sheets for a dollar a hit. Making a killing, but here's my point, I ate a lot of it too.

Once when I ended up tripping 6 days in a one week, (which a slept every night that week) by the end of the week I was having trouble organizing things into the proper order in my brain, I was affected for about a month, in which I stopped all use for that month. For instance, when I was in a place with a lot happening like an intersection in the road, I couldn't seem to grasp where I was and I was in a state of complete confusion, not knowing what to do at all.

That is just an isolated incidence, but as I kept taking the drug more and more things kept happening, my night vision was shot to hell, I couldn't really distinguish things in the dark anymore, even at a close range of 5 feet or so. Whereas before I had excellent night vision, my ability to navigate and sense of direction was completely disorientated. I had trouble formulating sentences and keeping my thoughts together in my head. (just to note, this also happened when I was sober, and I frequently took breaks from LSD usually for a period of 2 weeks to month) I also used to have a stuttering problem when I was much younger, that also came back, very badly, I couldn't get two words out of my mouth without stuttering. (this happened around month 8)

I felt less intelligent, but at the same time all this 'damage' was happening, I felt like my emotional self was being healed, like all the anger and sadness from my childhood was being released, I felt like I was figuring out the meaning to life, and the purpose of it all. And so much more I can't explain but is now a part of me, and anyone who's taken LSD knows what I'm talking about here. So in conclusion, LSD does cause some kind of 'damage' (I use damage for lack of a better word, by the way, hopefully you understand what I'm trying to get at)

As far as I am concerened all the problems I have refered to have repaired themselves, but it took a while. I probably won't ever use LSD ever again, because even though it brings you to a holy place there are side effects, and there must be a way to get there naturally, maybe mescalin :). But it has been a year and a month since I have taken LSD and like I said all these problems have vanished. But it took about 6-8 months for them to completely vanish. So I am saying this, to all you academics out there, there hasn't been a study that proves LSD causes damage, but there also haven't been studies that prove LSD doesn't cause damage, so there you go take it for what it's worth. With any drug, it's good to be careful and use it only in moderation, I did not and had side effects. So just remember, I know what I know and you know what you know, you may not agree with me, but hey that's life. Try what I did and see if it happens, I bet you won't... Because even though you may say it doesn't cause damage, I bet you really do believe somewhere in that 12% of your brain you use.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 1700
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Published: Oct 20, 2000Views: 34,290
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