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Infinite Bliss
Citation:   End User. "Infinite Bliss: An Experience with 5-MeO-AMT (exp17076)". Aug 27, 2002.

6.0 mg oral 5-MeO-AMT (capsule)
Ok so I didn’t know much about AMT when I first found out that I could get my hands on some, so the first thing I do is search the good ole internet to get ideas of what to expect, dosage amounts, and how to avoid negative side effects. I mention the drug to my friends and they say, “Hell no, you try it first and let us know then we’ll decide.” So I tell everyone to screw themselves, I’ll try anything once if properly educated.

To my good fortune I find out that what I have my hands on is 5-MeO-AMT!!! So back to more research I go, and this chemical starts to scare me a little bit. But since I trust the beautiful young lady who was bringing it to me, I prepare for a weekend of who-knows-what. I begin fasting Thursday with the intent of dosing after work Friday. All day at work I just want the time to fly by so I can begin this mysterious experience.

4:30 pm - I take 6mg orally (in a capsule). I am the only one taking the drug, but I make sure I’m with my little brother and two of my best friends just in case anything negative were to befall me.

5:00 pm – I am already starting to feel very queasy, my stomach turning as I walk through Burlington Coat Factory with my friends who are shopping for gear. But I already have a smile on my face, as I feel as prepared as I can be. More prepared than any other first experience I had with anything else. I feel the need to go next door to Eckerd and grab a bottle of water. I begin gagging, but after a few sips I feel alright.

6:00 pm – As we pull up to my friend’s house, I have them let me jump out of the back of the Tracker so I can go puke. A disgusting mix of yellow stomach acid and water comes out, but fortunately I am fine immediately after this. In fact, I look up from being bent over to notice the whole alley he lives in is vibrant. Colors are seeming brighter, and I have a big smile on my face. Time for another cigarette. I think to myself, “holy hell I’m in for a long night / weekend.” But it only makes me smile some more.

6:20 pm – We are inside my friend’s house watching the Simpsons and smoking a bowl of mid-grades. I can feel a head trip coming on, but not to the point where thoughts kept overwhelming each other. I felt clear headed and was talking intensely. I keep smoking cigarettes like it’s my job. Every time one goes out another is lit up. Don’t seem to know why but it feels good. Also, the air conditioner in my friend’s living room makes me get nice and comfortable, as I lay on the couch starting to realize that it’s not just colors and trails I am seeing. The room seems liquid. Not part of it – the whole room! As I engage in some pretty deep conversation with my friends about other friends of ours who seem to be losing their lives to H, the room is already taking on a whole new form. We decide it’s time to go for a ride. The music in the car is soothing. Coldcut’s “70 Minutes of Madness” has me smiling the whole time.

7:30 pm – Back at another friend’s house, he leaves to pick up some sativa and I turn on the Tech 1200’s. Unfortunately they rent speakers for a club night they throw and I can’t hook them up. So I listen to Deltron 3030 and Outkast’s “Aquemini” through the damn DJ headphones. While setting up records, mixing tracks, and using the mixer I felt completely under control. A speedy feeling, much like meth, has overcome me. There is also a wonderful body buzz going on, but not too much to put me on the floor in one place like MDMA. The visuals are there, but only if I focus or try to focus on something. I am much more “on-point” than compared to mushrooms, LSD or MDMA. Did I mention I have this big cheese smile on my face? I am constantly thirsty, so I take a chug of water, and whaddaya know – I go upstairs to puke some more.

8:30 pm – My friend gets back with the heady heady sativa so we go upstairs to sit in A/C and puff. We smoke a blunt, 2 bowls and take 2 bong rips. Now the world is changing…. I am able to keep normal conversations, but the only thing I can focus on in the room is the person I am talking to. The rest of the room is, to put it best, like looking through a kaleidoscope. I am lying on the bed as the body buzz in the A/C feels great. I tell everyone how much they are missing out and should’ve entered this realm with me (still smiling of course). At the same time I am constantly thinking of the lovely girl who had brought me the 5-MeO-AMT. She was much prettier than I thought she’d be, as I usually go into everything pessimistically anymore. I want her to come join me.

11:00 pm – We have been puffing probably two more blunts and getting ready for Dieselboy at the club when I suddenly don’t know if I feel like getting up and going anymore. The music at my friend’s house is good enough for me, as I love all the hip hop and jungle they have. I am tripping INTENSELY, the whole room still moving like we’re underwater, all colors brighter, everything flowing together. More intense visuals than staying up for 4-5 days on meth. More than the most LSD I’ve ever consumed. But still this euphoric body buzz and mind rush that is almost indescribable.

12:00 pm – My friends talk me into going to the club cuz “everyone’s gonna be there.” I feel like I can handle the club, but I was wrong. Dieselboy came on just as we entered the bar, and I chose not to consume any alcohol. Weed and 5-MeO-AMT is enough for me. I am no longer experiencing intense visuals because my eyes are racing back and forth all over the club. I am swaying to the music, hanging over the bar looking down at all the little junglists dancing their asses off. After the set I go sit in a chair by the door to wait for my friends. Still smiling, talking to people who are telling me “Oh my God what are you on? You look like a kid on X-Mas!” I just keep smiling…

4 am – We go to an afterparty where a coupla friends are DJ’ing and I decide I wanna go see if my boy as Xanax for me to come down with, not knowing it wasn’t over yet. I shut my eyes at the afterparty and see a new world I hadn’t taken time to experience yet. The visuals with eyes closed are better than the ones with them open! A wonderful cartoon-like world with me at the center. I have a conversation with a tweakin friend who comments on how happy I look but so on-point and not fucked-up. Time to go to see my boy.

7 am – My friend’s Dad’s gas station has the best tasting slurpees in the world. So I grab slurpees (2 of em), some gum, and more cigs and head to another afterparty. No xanax though, bummer. Then I realize I don’t need it because I have no headache, none of these side effects talked about on the web. The only negative side effect had experienced was the nausea and puking.

8 am – Back at Kurt’s house and we smoke 4 or 5 bowls, and throw on “The Lord of the Rings.” My vision has now become so blurry when I try to focus I cannot watch the movie. Instead I keep talking, philosophizing, and telling people about the experience so far. The body buzz has faded as I am now getting quite cold in the A/C. The weed keeps headaches away, and I wonder if this is the best drug ever synthesized.

12 pm – To my friend Nolan’s house to relax. I am still surprisingly wide awake and talkative. Visuals finally fading too, into simply trails. As we smoke 2-3 more bowls I start to fade out. I try to remember how much fun I had, and remember that fun like this usually comes at quite an expense.

4 pm – I finally fall asleep. But only till 10, and wake up feeling quite unexpectedly energized.

In conclusion, I think that 5-MeO-AMT is a fabulous drug but not to be abused. I could tell brain cells were evaporating as the room twirled throughout the night. I would mos def take it again, but not for quite a while. Visually – spectacular, better than anything I’ve experienced. Body Buzz- intense but controllable. Mood – complete bliss all night long. Not a negative thought for 24 hrs.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 17076
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 27, 2002Views: 23,199
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