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Hyperaware of My Emotional State
AMT, Nitrous Oxide, & GBL
Citation:   Renwick. "Hyperaware of My Emotional State: An Experience with AMT, Nitrous Oxide, & GBL (exp17077)". Aug 27, 2002.

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T+ 0:00
25 mg oral AMT
  T+ 5:00   inhaled Nitrous Oxide
  T+ 14:00   oral GBL
Due to AMT’s long duration I have been waiting quite a while to be able to fit it into my schedule. I was going to trip with my friend S. who had given me the substance a few weeks earlier. The plan originally was that I get out of work at 9 p.m., get a few hours of sleep and then S. was suppose to come over around 2 a.m. and we were going to take the AMT then. The plan went okay until I got to the sleeping part. I tossed and turned for an hour then decided I couldn’t sleep and took the AMT at 11 p.m. instead. I called S. and he said he was going to head over in about an hour and a half. In the mean time I watched Annie Hall and waited for the AMT to come into effect.

The first effect I noticed, at about the one and a half hour point of the trip, was an increase in empathy and an increase in the mental awareness of my emotions. It was not, and never did develop into, anything nearly as powerful as the emotional effects I get from MDMA. The effects also seemed to be of a different nature than MDMA. MDMA increases a person’s physical awareness of emotion as well as their ability to express their emotions; AMT seems to increase a person’s mental awareness of their emotions and how they have ended up in their current emotional state. There also was never any of the emotional dissection and introspection I get from 4-acetoxy-DiPT or 2C-T-2. Instead of cutting apart my feelings and seeing where I went “wrong” or “right” and wishing I could go back and change things, which 2C-T-2 and 4-acetoxy-DiPT seem to initiate, I was merely hyper aware of my emotional state and the way it came to be.

S. arrived as Annie Hall finished. He told me he took his AMT a little earlier before he arrived so he was already feeling the first alerts. He had taken AMT many times before and was very aware of the effects. He had brought over a large bag of movies and trip toys. At that point I knew the night was going to be fun. S. and I talked for hours about a number of topics. AMT seems to open you up to conversation making it very interesting to hear other people’s opinions on things. This is not the feeling that you can talk to anyone and that everyone is your “best friend” that you get on high doses of MDMA, but an increased awareness of what the other person believes and your ability to accept that as uniquely theirs.

As the hours passed another aspect of the AMT trip became apparent, there was a definite increase in energy level. It was definitely not similar to the extreme anxiousness that methamphetamine causes, just a desire to move about and “explore the world”. I was also yawning from the sleep deprivation as AMT lacks the “wake-up” effect of amphetamine as well. Yet I still wanted to get outside and explore so we decided to go for a walk at about 4 a.m. Walking around the visual aspects of the trip became more apparent to me. Everything seemed to gain an extra dimension of “depth” that was hard to explain. It seemed as if I could see things from multiple angles at the same time. My direction sense wasn’t off at all, as it usually is with high doses of LSD or psilocybe mushrooms. S. looked at a row of sunflowers growing in someone’s lawn and remarked that they looked like Godzilla, he had taken 50mg of the substance and his visual perceptions were far more altered than mine. I could easily see that this substance would be very visual at doses higher than the 25mg I took, which would have been interesting but could also have caused some problems on navigating the long walk we decided to take.

Along the walk we encountered many ridiculous things. When we came to a street we would break our pace and put our feet “in” it as if it were a river of some sort. Patterns in objects seemed to increase and everything seemed to flow, which is common for me on any psychedelic. We walked underneath someone’s window and we heard loud jazz music playing, we both thought it was so wonderful that we lingered there for a few minutes to bask in the depths of music. After that, we continued our journey and saw an almost naked man, he was wearing only underwear, standing in the window of a Laundromat. It seemed as if he wanted someone to see him, especially after he came outside, still just wearing underwear, when he heard us talking. We tried to ignore the strange almost naked man and wandered down the street some more. A few minutes later, we were stopped once again by a man who pulled up in an SUV and asked us if we knew where any cheap hotels were. We told him we didn’t and headed on our way back. On they way back we were stopped for the final time of the evening by yet another man asking for directions, which I was able to provide this time. We then stopped under the window again to listen to the jazz music before heading back home.

Once we arrived home S. took a box of nitrous oxide cartridges, some balloons, and a cartridge cracker out of his bag. We did a few balloons of nitrous which increases the closed eye visual to insane levels. The closed eye visuals of AMT share more similarity to LSD than to any of the other drugs I’ve done. The AMT closed eye visuals all seem to originate from the center of the field of vision and pour out forming a kaleidoscopic tunnel-like pattern that seems to suck you in. AMT doesn’t seem to distort time in the same way that LSD does however, LSD seems to make short periods of time seem longer and AMT seems to make time go quicker to me at least. The weird thing about this is that you can close your eyes for what seems like a minute to enjoy the closed eye visuals only to find out that ten minutes have passed. The nitrous oxide added an incredible intensity to these “tunnel visions” so that they seemed to suck you into them.

Then S. took another item out o his “bag of tricks”. This item was the Homedics Percussion Massager with Heat. When he first took it out I laughed at the silly looking device but soon came to find out that this device is the psychonauts best friend. The device has two vibrating balls on it that are conveniently placed to be about as far apart as the width of the spine. If you place these balls at the place where your spine meets your skull it increases the visual effects of the AMT, and probably other drugs as well, almost as much as doing nitrous oxide does. It also has the same effect when placed on the front part of the shoulder where it meets the pectoral muscles. When you use the massager in conjunction with nitrous oxide the effects are no less than heavenly and almost impossible to describe.

At around 6a.m. the effects began to drop and we smoked some marijuana. I took a few hits then realized that I had an appointment to take my cat to the veterinarian between 8 and 9a.m. I told S., and we sat and talked. The marijuana kicked things back up into effect for another couple of hours but by 8:30 I was okay to drive a few blocks to take the cat to the doctor, especially since there was almost no one on the road that early and that cat doctor was only just barely out of walking distance for two guys carrying a cat in a cage. The veterinarian’s office was very interesting but I was socially very conscious and aware and I really don’t think that anyone could have guessed we were tripping, unless we told him or her, for most of the trip. AMT is a very lucid experience.

The drive home was easy and we got home just as easily as we got to the pet clinic. The come down from the AMT was even slower than the come up, and we sat talking until about 12:30 p.m. Then I decided to take a shower, which was very pleasant because of the AMT effects, before I decided to take some GBL and go to bed. Although I was still not fully at baseline the GBL combined with my sleepiness and managed to overpower the AMT allowing me to get to sleep. The overall duration of the compound was probably around 14 hours because when I awoke at 5 p.m. I was fully down with only a slight lingering after-glow from the experience. The only negative after effect was a slight headache, which I get quite often naturally anyway, so it may not even have been from the AMT. It is also worth noting that I have also been experimenting with a number of nootropic substances lately including Piracetam, DMAE, Huperzine A., large doses of B-vitamins and Choline and that my headache disappeared after taking my daily doses of these “smart drugs”.

Overall I’d say that AMT is an incredible substance at this dosage level and slightly higher, I don’t think I’d personally enjoy doses any higher than 40mg – 50mg because I generally only like very intense trips if the duration is no more than a few hours. Also, while it definitely isn’t a replacement for MDMA the empathogenic and energizing effects are very nice and the dosage can easily be adjusted to tailor the trip to a persons preferences. I’d say that I find it more pleasant than most of the other research chemicals as there was no bodily distress at all with the compound and very little after effects. The only thing that is problematic with the substance is the duration, because you have to plan to do it. If I were to try it again, and I probably will, I would like to take it at 6 p.m. when I have the following day off so that I will be down by 6 a.m. and can sleep until noon and not have to worry about messing up my sleep cycle.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 17077
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 27, 2002Views: 34,335
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AMT (7), Nitrous Oxide (40) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), General (1)

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