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I Could Have Danced All Night
Guarana, Ginseng & Alcohol (Beer)
Citation:   stephen king. "I Could Have Danced All Night: An Experience with Guarana, Ginseng & Alcohol (Beer) (exp17096)". Jul 29, 2005.

3600 mg oral Guarana (capsule)
  250 mg oral Ginseng (capsule)
  1 gal oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
I bought guarana from a Holland and Barrett on the emphasis of several psychoactive plant information web sites, stating that taken with alcohol, very desirable effects are to be had. They did not state however exactly what these effects would be. Anyway the night started out like many other of my Saturday nights…me, my cousin and a mate waiting for a taxi to take us up town. We took three high strength guarana tablets each, each tablet containing 1200 mg of guarana. Half an hour later we were a pub, had a pint each then came to the conclusion that it wasn’t a very good pub so we soon left.

Our second destination was Wetherspoon’s, a local bar. This was where the fun started, well for me anyway. After I had consumed 2 and a half pints of blackthorn cider, and around 7 bottles of wicked blue (to get the taste of the cider out of my mouth). I decided to have a ginseng capsule at this point to try and kick-start the guarana, it seemed to work as within a matter of minutes I was starting to feel very light headed. I would have usually of been feeling drunk by now but this was definitely a different feeling. Five minutes later I found that I was starting to laugh and the most ridiculous things, and I mean really laugh, at one point I genuinely couldn’t stop and laughed for roughly 10 minutes straight.

We decided to leave quickly because we were getting funny looks off the staff, so we eventually ended up at the vodka bar (a bar upstairs and club downstairs). By this point I was definitely drunk but I also had so much energy. We went downstairs to the club and I rushed onto the dance floor without a care in the world.

My cousin at this point who had the same amount of guarana as me, was suffering from a migraine (he does not think this was due to the guarana) and therefore had hardly any booze at all that night. My mate however also drank relatively little but said that he felt a light buzz.

I however at this point had gone completely mental and I was running around the dance floor like a maniac, I slid across the floor on my knees several times and repeatedly knocked my cousins drink over (completely unintentionally). In retrospect I am surprised that I was not thrown out of the place they must surely of thought that I had taken something rather more illegal than guarana.

When the place closed it was two o’clock in the morning but I could of carried on dancing (if that was what you would call it) for hours longer. We eventually arrived home at roughly three o’clock and I was surprised at how tired I had become by this point, I had read about the drug causing insomnia and was surprised this was not the case with me.

The next morning I woke up without a hangover but feeling very drained and somewhat nauseous when walking around. But after I had a cup of green tea I was feeling a lot better and had recovered some energy again.

Overall I would say guarana is a fairly safe drug to use within limits, I personally doubt I will ever take more than five tablets in one night. I don’t think it really has much of an effect without alcohol and I would say it is a very fun going-out or party drug and certainly livens up a night. Its effects I would imagine are very similar to speed or amphetamines without as much euphoria. A safe and easy to get drug. Mixing it with other caffeine products reportedly enhances the effects of guarana so I will certainly try that within the next few days. Thanks for reading, enjoy yourself!

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 17096
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 29, 2005Views: 19,340
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Alcohol - Beer/Wine (199), Ginseng (144), Guarana (117) : Club / Bar (25), Combinations (3)

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