Subtle but Interesting
Calamus (Acorus Gramineus)
Citation:   Skandre. "Subtle but Interesting: An Experience with Calamus (Acorus Gramineus) (exp17219)". Jun 3, 2003.

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10 g oral Calamus (extract - 5x)
After reading many conflicting reports about Calamus, I was somewhat apprehensive about trying it. While some reports claimed the substance to have hallucinogenic and stimulating properties, others claimed illness and vomiting. I decided to approach my experimentation with caution.

After purchasing a 25 gram packet of 'Japanese Sweet Flag 5X extract' (AKA Calamus) from an online vendor, I first tried smoking about a gram in a small pipe. The smoke was fragrant and not unpleasant. After several hits, I noticed a slight stimulating effect. My senses seemed just a bit heightened. It was very mild and required a large intake of smoke, so I abandoned this method.

About a week later, I tried simply eating the powder, washing it down with soda water. I had read many reports that claimed the substance to be extremely bitter and unpleasant, however, I found the powdered form to be very palatable. It had an almost sweet flavor. I began very slowly, eating only about 1/2 gram, then waiting for 15-20 minutes to ingest another 1/2 gram or so. I continued to do this until I had eaten approximately 10 grams. At no time did I experience any of the reported stomach discomfort or nausea. I did feel a bit hungrier than usual, but it was nothing unpleasant. After about 45 minutes of my initial intake, I began to notice the subtle effects of calamus. Though I did not feel particularly motivated, I felt an increase in mental function and a heightening of my senses. I had a strong urge to venture outside and take in the beauty of nature (which I did). I also noticed that I felt very serene and at peace with myself.

It is hard to describe the effects as compared to anything I have experienced, but in some sense it was like a mild 'trip' without the hallucinations and mood shifts of a psychedelic substance. To quote an earlier report, I would not call calamus a psychedelic, but it is definately psychoactive. The effect peaked around the time of my last ingested 1/2 gram, and continued, tapering off slowly, for a few hours afterward.

I enjoyed my experience eating calamus root powder. Smoking it doesn't seem as effective. The effects, though subtle, are interesting and pleasurable. If you are looking for a serious trip or a huge buzz, this is not your ticket. If you are interested in appreciating your surroundings, meditation or just a serene state of mind, calamus is a good candidate. I fully intend to bring the remainder of my calamus extract on my next camping or hiking venture. Just be sure to approach it carefully and with respect, and it may reward you.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 17219
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 3, 2003Views: 40,130
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