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The Visuals Almost Overwhelmed Me
Citation:   Daisybabe. "The Visuals Almost Overwhelmed Me: An Experience with 2C-T-7 (exp17244)". Sep 4, 2002.

50 mg oral 2C-T-7 (powder / crystals)
After reading an t7 trip report where the setting was a golf course, I knew I also wanted to experience a “nature trip.” I had taken t7 once before and had a good idea of what to expect. My memory is awful, but I believe my first dose was around 45 mg. On this particular night, I had last eaten a very small meal around 6pm, and was in my typical good mood. I am generally healthy and am on no medications.

The trip was not planned specifically for this night, so we got a bit of a late start. At 11pm, my friend D. measured out 38 mg (+/- 2mg) on the scale and ingested it with a bit of Powerade to kill the taste. I was still driving back to my house at the time, but I wanted him to get a head start. After stopping at Walmart for some balloons, we arrived home around 1230am. D. said he felt some mild “coming up,” he couldn’t define it very well. At 1am, I measured out 46 mg, (+/- 2mg) and ingested that with a few swallows of iced tea. I also wet the tip of my finger and picked up a small clump (3-5 mg) of powder that had not made it into the scale’s cup and ingested that as well.

D. picked up his drink, I grabbed a sheet to sit on, and we headed out towards one of the playgrounds in my neighborhood. (For clarity, I live in one development, of 6 or 7 that are in this neighborhood. There is one main road running through the entire complex, with a park at each end.) It is very residential, and knew it would be very safe to be out this late in this area. I wanted to find a slide, a merry go round and some swings to play on. And, I was barefoot and wanted to walk through some soft grass.

1:15am – Arrive at the playground. Decide it is much too small and is in too close proximity to some nearby houses. We agree to walk to the other park, about a mile away at the other end of the neighborhood.

1:35am – I feel the first faint signs of awareness, kind of a slight tensing of my neck and shoulders. We explore the second play area, and decide its perfect. There is a huge grassy soccer field, nice soft sand and mulch to walk on, plenty of benches and things to play with. No swings though, dammit!! I am still pissed off about that. D. sits down on a bench, and I spread my sheet out on the ground at his feet, so that I could sit crosslegged.

145-4am - My memory gets a little fuzzy here, we sat and talked for a little while, and then I remember looking up at the clouds and seeing them change. There would be one small one floating by, and I would blink and suddenly there would be four. Then they sped up and flew across the sky, only to come back to the beginning and then slowly drift by. Then a large cloud passed overhead and it kept changing shape, making all kinds of animals. I saw a rabbit, a bear, a giraffe, people’s faces, a car. I fixed a whippet for D., and then one for myself. As I inhaled it, the whole world turned green. The sky, the sand, my skin was all this bright green color. After the whippet high faded, I distinctly felt the t7 rise up another level. With the increase came a slight wave of nausea. I had to intensely concentrate on my breathing, closing my eyes and repeating over and over that I will NOT throw up, I will NOT throw up, and it passed.

I opened my eyes again to the most wondrous geometric patterns I have ever seen. Fractals and starbursts and all those old school Spirograph designs covered everything I looked at. The dark black sky and ground was superimposed with neon colored shapes and pastel swirls. The visuals were just so intense the nausea returned with a vengeance. I dry-heaved several times, and eventually lost the few swallows of tea I had consumed earlier. As quickly as I got sick, it passed, and I was again immersed in the swirling colors. At one point, I remember my feeling my eyes roll back, something I’ve never experienced on any psychedelic other than MDMA. I felt my trip go even higher. Some time later I had another round of nausea. Each time, it felt like the nausea was announcing my entrance into a higher level of tripping. My friend D. asked for another whippet, and loading it into the cracker and attaching the balloon was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. When I looked down, it seemed as if my hands were 10 feet away, and I had no control over what they were doing. I ended up loading the cartridge simply by touch. I was so involved with the visuals, I had no awareness of my surroundings. The world was soundless, I couldn’t smell the grass or the dirt, I had no sense of actually sitting on the ground. My legs began to shake, and my teeth were chattering. I still don’t know why that happens, but it happened on my first trip too.

I kept wanting to just close my eyes and concentrate on what I was experiencing, but every time I attempted to, D. would make some small noise, or scuff his shoe and I would snap back. For some reason, he was never really tripping, and in fact was uncomfortable being outside. It was steamy hot even at 3am, and there were a lot of mosquitos. We decided to go back to my house, away from the bugs and heat, where he could play online or something. Standing up for me was a challenge. I had absolutely no balance and I was swaying back and forth, the ground pitching and rolling was no help either. I slowly shuffled a few steps, and as I walked it became a little easier. My friend D. walked through a small gate, and as I walked out behind him, I could see him walking on out to the left, and yet, there was a second him, still standing at the entrance to the gate. The first him kept walking towards the left while the second him turned back to look at me, then walked off towards the right. I stood there watching the second him walk away for a few minutes, then turned away towards the left where my friend really was. As I walked up to him, the grass I was walking through rippled and shifted like a pool of water. As he continued to walk, I looked down and he was leaving bright glowing green footprints behind him. I followed those until we got back onto the sidewalk headed home. D. was trying to talk to me, but there was a huge gap between when his mouth moved, and when I heard the words. He would speak, and his words reverberated into unintelligible echoes. I had to ask him several times what he said, and finally just gave up on being able to understand him. This marked the first time I really noticed any sounds, and once I did, it seemed my hearing became superhuman. I heard frogs croaking blocks away. I heard fish swimming in the lake we walked by.

About halfway to my house, a section of sidewalk was covered by sprinklers. D. was not inclined to get wet, and nimbly walked around each stream of water. I, on the other hand, was in awe. There were about 10-15 separate sprinklers, and each one appeared to be spraying a different color of water. One was blue, one was red, one yellow, orange, pink. I have never seen anything as beautiful, it was like seeing a liquid rainbow. I walked right through the heart of them, and was just in heaven. The water felt warm and soft and incredible. One particular sprinkler was pointed right at me, I walked into it face first. I could see each little drop of water, they seemed to hang in the air before dropping away. In each perfectly formed droplet, I could see a reflection of the scene behind me, the trees, the sidewalk, the clouds. Each drop was like its own self-contained little world.

4:30am - We made it back to my house, and as we approached, I became very nervous. I knew my roommate was home sleeping, and I became very worried that we would wake her up walking inside. I finally decided it would be ok, as long as we were very very quiet. It seemed each tiny sound, and creak and footstep was magnified. I showed D. the computer room, and went into my room to change. Being wet didn’t bother me, but my house is kept very cold and I knew I needed to be dry or I would freeze. I got lost in my closet for a while, looking at all the patterns on the different clothes hanging inside.

I remembered I had the DVD of Better Living Through Circuitry, which neither of us had ever seen. D. put it in the computer and we sat down to watch it. He was sitting in the computer chair, and I was sitting on the floor, rubbing my fingers across the carpet. The movie began and it was just amazing. The edges of the monitor couldn’t contain what was on the screen. Scenes at parties with lasers and lights would just expand out of the monitor and cover the whole wall. During one elongated dancing scene, the expansion kept going until the whole room was filled with lasers and glowstick trails, I really felt at that moment I was sitting in a club watching the show live. Twice again during the movie my nausea came back, but each time I was able to just breathe and avoid throwing up.

There are interviews interspersed throughout the movie, and each time someone’s face would appear, their features would completely shift. You know that photoshop program, where you can play with making people’s noses longer, or their eyes bigger? That’s what was happening. DJ Spooky was talking, and I watched his forehead become huge, then shrink, and then his chin swelled up and out, then his eyes became like google-eyes.

6:00am – The movie ended and we sat and talked for a few minutes. My roommate always gets up before 7am, and I realized we needed to be out of the house before she saw us. Around 6:30, we decided it would be ok to drive the very short distance to the gas station on the corner for a drink. Our reasoning was that we would not be on a main road, or a road with any traffic. In fact, we weren’t even really leaving my neighborhood. I was still seeing very intense and numerous trails, but he couldn’t drive stick shift. We arrived at the gas station without incident, went inside and bought drinks, then simply hung out in the parking lot talking, waiting for me to come down enough to drive.

7:30am – I could easily have gone to bed and slept at this point, but he needed to be home, an hour south of me. We decided to start heading in that general direction. The interstate was very quiet, few cars, and nice wide flat lanes. I was doing just fine driving until we came to a construction zone. The shoulder was closed, and they had those concrete barricades right along the edge of the lane. I can’t drive next to those things sober, and being still a little off, driving next to them really freaked me out. Then, on top of that, it started to rain. However, the sun was also still shining. I couldn’t see the road anymore, the sun reflecting off the raindrops and wet road was way to distracting. The very next exit we came to I pulled off and into another parking lot to regain my composure.

8:30am – The rain stopped and I felt safe enough to continue driving, and arrived at his house around 930. I dropped him off, and drove back to my house, getting back in town around 1045. I was starving, but didn’t want to risk the nausea again, so I just ate a plain bagel and some water.

11:00am – I laid down for a quick nap, I had to be somewhere at 1:30pm. When I woke up, I was completely down, but totally exhausted. More so than just a lack of one night’s sleep, tripping seemed to take a lot out of me.

I slept most of the rest of Sunday, and now on Monday I feel perfectly fine. I did not get the headache I usually get after a night of being high on something. I do have some soreness in the muscles under my collarbones, and also my stomach muscles. I think the former is from unconsciously tensing my muscles, and the latter from the dry-heaving. I also have a deep purple bruise on the bottom of my foot, in the arch. I must have stepped on something very sharp and painful, but I have no idea what it was.

The author of the golf course trip report mentioned that it seems like each sense has its own time to shine, and I found that to be very true during this trip. There was a time of just sheer visuals, I was utterly oblivious to the heat or my surroundings, or the mosquitos. Then later, it was all auditory, with the vocal reverberations and the superhuman hearing. After my first trip, I said that t7 was my absolute favorite drug. After this trip, that opinion has been reinforced tenfold. This trip has been the most visually intense of any experience on any drug I’ve tried.

And I can’t wait to do it again.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 17244
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 4, 2002Views: 15,276
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2C-T-7 (54) : Glowing Experiences (4), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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