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The Psychedelic of Choice
2C-T-7 & Cannabis
Citation:   Da Reaper. "The Psychedelic of Choice: An Experience with 2C-T-7 & Cannabis (exp1725)". Sep 16, 2000.

25 mg oral 2C-T-7 (powder / crystals)
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)
(T + 0) 3 pm I dosed with 25 milligrams orally this time and My friends A, J, and P dosed 20 mgs each and my bud D dosed 25 as well. So we sat down to wait out the effects

(T + 1) Well damn if my nausea doesn't start up again at the exact same time, but this time I was prepaired, so I whipped out my bowl and took a few tokes and the nausea just dissappered. P is starting to register some nausea as well and I dispence some medicine to him as well and we all feel better. No one else reports any sign of nausea. D decideds that he wants 5 more mgs so he does that and J wants 5 more as well, again I opposed him but he still took it anyway. so we kick back and continue to watch south park.

(T + 1:30) I'm getting the first effects early so I go into the trip room and switch on the blacklight onto this really cool pyschdelic poster and I notice some hazy effect but nothing major. A is saying hes already started to see walls melt I think hes full of it but thats just me. No one else reports feeling anything.

(T + 2) Oh HELL YEA this is my basic feeling now, Very strong trails and good Mdma feeling I'm loving this already. P is starting to feel really good as well and reports numerous trails while making himself a drink. D is reporting mild effects and J is redosing again another 5 mgs. I think he's crazy but I can't stop him so ...

(T + 2:30) We head to the roof of my friends house, I find that im having a bit of trouble climbing the ladder to get up there :0 When I get up there I can see for a long ways in most directions as he lives atop a hill. So we smoke another bowl for the hell of it, then my friends go back inside to chill and I just sat down and looked at the trees, I've never really looked at trees before like this. The trees seemed to grow vast and turn into a jungle, and a flying pink rhino (don't ask) came upto me and asked me how I liked his home, I was so shocked that I checked to make sure my eyes were still open, they were. Then the rhino disappered and I found I had been sitting on the roof for 5 mins and it seemed like a LONG time. So I went back inside to find my friends getting ready to smoke me off the roof (they thought i had been up there like for a half-hour). They were equipped with smoke bombs and everything and I barely escaped sitting in a cloud of smoke, although who knows if i would have noticed or not.

(T + 3) So I went back to my friends room and chilled looking at this trippy poster and contemplating the universe to the tune of Strange Angel. So I happened to turn around and look out the window and I see light comming through the trees for about 10 seconds and then its suddenly replaced with the most complicated fractal universe I have ever seen, I still had my eyes open, I checked. So im staring off into a fractal universe and it was like a kalidescope that kept changing the fractal patterns. This is the strongest trip visual I've ever had. My friends were off elsewhere, I think they went to take a walk.

(T + 4) Put in this trippy movie called Infinity's Child nad watched the animated visual eye candy and listened to the strange sound track. The I played some soul caliber with A, it was quite amusing. Otherwise I just was tripping hardcore and I hadn't tried to talk to my friends too much as they were consistantly elsewhere :)

(T + 7) Coming down but still very high and still seeing things, so we called over another friend E and he drove us to a rave not too far away and Me, A, D, P, and E danced all night and played with glow sticks and the 2C-T-7 after glow is a very nice thing to have at a rave almost as good as rollin on X. E had tried to dose 20 mgs when we got to the rave but when he tried to drink it, he lost 5 mgs because he left the cap on the 60 cc syringe we were dispensing the dissolving liquid in. But he did manage to get 15 in his mouth :P

(T + 11) I'm driving the car home seeing as all my friends are tripping on something be it 2ct or some acid they found at the rave. I feel great driving and only the afterglow is left and I don't feel that tired and we make it home safely and we poped in a movie to watch and I ate the only food I had that day, a bowl of ramen noodles. :)

(T + 13) - I get to sleep, again I have a mild headache but a bowl of weed stops that cold and I drift off to sleep.

The next day the afterglow was still present and the same lethargy feeling was present. I absolutely love this chem and would recommend this to anyone. This was the strongest and best trip I have ever had and im a vet of acid too . I hope to try this again sometime when it again becomes economically viable to pay the exorbatant price for this molecule.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 1725
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 16, 2000Views: 8,334
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2C-T-7 (54) : General (1), Various (28)

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