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Watching The Stars Fall
Citation:   Erica.Smerica. "Watching The Stars Fall: An Experience with DPT (exp17532)". Sep 16, 2002.

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60 mg IM DPT (liquid)
Itís already August again, so I wanted to go camping again before the summer comes to an end and before the mountains get too cold. M had not yet been camping in the mountains just beyond the foothills of our little town, so we decided to spend the evening in Indian Peaks. The peaks that comprise Indian Peaks are bordered by foothills, which also surround our town, and the Continental Divide. The specific trail we were planning to hike leads to mountains that stand between 9,000 to 12,000 feet in elevation.

M and I are experienced backcountry campers; we spent a month touring the American Southwest this summer, and we both enjoy being in nature immensely. We also look to these outdoor excursions as an opportunity to relish the natural environment with our favorite psychedelics. These days, it seems we both much prefer to trip outdoors. Although J is a fairly experienced psychonaut, he is not an experienced camper and he doesnít take much pleasure in leaving the comforts of home. I gathered the basic necessities that we would need, just enough food and water for a light dinner and a nice breakfast and various hot teas and herbs. M grabbed our tent and sleeping bag, a couple of flashlights, and some music. J piled his things by the front door, which included the comforter from his bed, his pillow, a large grocery bag full of clothes for that evening and for the next morning, and his tent. He was prepared for a snowstorm, and I wondered how he would manage the hike carrying that load.

I suggested that we go for something rather intense, as most of our recent entheogenic journeys involved strolling about town and taking in the sites on mild doses of various friendly psychedelics. I had been wanting to try DPT again, but J was unfamiliar with this one and he had some reservations. After we discussed DPT a bit, he was quite excited about trying it for himself. However, we all agreed that he should take a lower dose than M or I, since it was his first time and we didnít want anything to go awry. M and I would take 60 mg IM, and J would take 30 mg. We packed up the car and headed for the mountains.

The drive there was absolutely beautiful. After a few hassles with obtaining a backcountry permit, we finally arrived and began the ascent around 6:00 p.m. We had a 2-mile hike ahead of us, climbing to roughly 10,000 ft, which wouldnít take more than 2 hours. J was struggling with his gear; he had his comforter wrapped around his head and body. A passing hiker joked with him about needing mules and asked if he was moving in. Luckily, we spotted a beautiful cliff just ahead that was secluded and away from the trail, so we agreed to pitch our tents there.

By the time we set up our site and prepared our minds for tripping the sun was already beginning to set, which meant that it must have been 8:15 or so. M administered my injection, and then Jís. He usually administers his own injection, but this time he asked me if I could do it. I had never used the automatic injecting device before, although I had given him a shot manually before and I felt fairly comfortable doing it. Unfortunately however, I pulled the machine away before it was finished injecting the solution. I donít think he lost more than 20 mg, but I was a little disappointed that we wouldnít be on the same level. During the peak, however, it didnít even seem to matter, as we were both definitely in the same place.

Within 15 minutes I began to notice some effects. My body was beginning to vibrate and I was trembling a bit. For the next 30 minutes or so, I was absolutely floored. All I could do was lay in the sleeping bag, which was set up on the cliff outside of our tents, and exist. I donít know if my eyes were open or closed, but everything was quite colorful. I was also having some strange visions; I saw eyes everywhere but the eyes werenít attached to any specific being or face. Some of the eyes looked real, some were cartoon-like, and others appeared to be cutouts or clippings from a magazine or newspaper. I forgot about my body during most of this time, but I could return anytime quite easily.

The view of the mountains was spectacular. We could see the glow of Denver peeking up over the mountaintops, which created just enough light to produce a contrast of the moonlit sky against the dark shadowed peaks. The vista was picturesque, and the clouds that were once overhead had blown over revealing hundreds of stars. We must have seen a shooting star or meteor once every ten minutes, which we suspected were residuals from the meteor shower earlier in the week. The occasional airplane that flew overhead made the most marvelous display of lights. One in particular flew across the sky like a bat, in a chaotic fashion, streaming red, white, and blue fireworks.

About 45 minutes into the trip I needed to go to the bathroom, so I reluctantly left my warm sleeping bag and took a little walk. I felt the presence of other beings around me. Their energies felt like little people, and although I never saw one, I did see oneís shadow skirt across the grass nearby. I canít really say why I thought they were little people, elf or child-like creatures, but thatís just how they felt. I wasnít afraid of them exactly, but they didnít seem particularly friendly. In fact, their energy felt slightly negative. Later, while I was in my sleeping bag I felt something pulling my hair; one of the little people seemed to be childishly taunting me. The next day I told my partner, M, about the little people and he said that he felt the presence of what he described as little people, and they were pulling his hair too. I was amazed by this fact because we didnít speak about it during our trip, but only the following day. I never mentioned the fact that I felt a presence Ė animal or human-like Ė to either J or M while we were camping that night.

I retreated back to the cliff and sat outside of my sleeping bag, taking in the environment. I felt so fortunate to be right where I was at that very moment. My eyes were acclimated to darkness and I became aware of just how sensitive I was to light. The stars were still dancing in the sky above, so I decided to hop back into the bag to lie on my back and watch for a while. I suppose we all remained on the cliff for roughly 2 hours after the injection. We were all content just taking in the mountain air and watching stars fall from the sky. While I canít say that I experienced any profound insights or was taught any secrets of the universe during this trip, it was a wonderful experience that humbled me in a way. I felt connected with the energies around me, and I became a rather insignificant, but integral, part of my universe.

Based on my experiences with DPT, I feel that this tryptamine may be best served in combination another entheogen. DPT is itself very raw and cold, and it doesnít seem to produce any strong release of emotion, such as that of MDMA. In fact, I think a combination of DPT and MDMA will be most profound, but I will confirm that when I get to it. Ketamine with DPT is one combination I have tried, and the experience was incredibly profound and valuable.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 17532
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 16, 2002Views: 14,627
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DPT (21) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Entities / Beings (37), Nature / Outdoors (23), General (1)

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