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A Heightened Sense of Awareness
Belladonna (berries)
Citation:   Kitchen Witch. "A Heightened Sense of Awareness: An Experience with Belladonna (berries) (exp17696)". Jan 21, 2007.

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1 bry oral Belladonna (plant material)
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I've harvested my first batch of berries, my plant is in its 3rd season. It's a gorgeous plant that didn't go without some problems, potato beetles found it quite delicious and I was made to spray it with Trounce once every two weeks during the peak of the bug's season (the berries were well washed/rinsed before ingesting). The berries matured quite nicely, varying sizes and I still have many more coming.

Being in the medical profession I know exactly what belladonna does and how we use it in both emergency situations and more often in ophthalmology to dilate the pupil for surgical and diagnostic procedures.

I ingested a small berry, blueberry size. Quite bitter, nasty aftertaste. I took the second, one about the size of a dime in diameter and quite plump about a half hour later. Again, horribly bitter.

The heightened sense of awareness fazed in slowly within 10 to 15 minutes. Some tachycardia, no worse than my near lightening hit, max about 150bpm for about 5 minutes at its worse.

It was much later, about an hour when I noticed the dry mouth, insatiable thirst, and hardly quenchable (my bladder is nice and flushed). Still experiencing the awareness, everything was brilliantly clear and the auras were resonating.

I began to be bothered by what my eyes might look like. I had a heightened awareness of them being in my sockets. I began to experience some photophobia, yet my pupils were dilated to a max 3 or 4 (and I was in a light muted room).

The rest of the evening fades since I fell asleep during a rather wicked storm, but the effects on my eyes lasted for a about 36 hours.


Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 17696
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 21, 2007Views: 39,197
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