Scientifically Documented Experience
by Aes
Citation:   Aes. "Scientifically Documented Experience: An Experience with Cannabis (exp18032)". Jul 29, 2005.

0.25 g smoked Cannabis (plant material)
Marijuana is a substance of fleeting effect. It has been used for centuries by millions for numerous reasons, and has been a topic of developed discussion on many levels; including medical, philosophical, and spiritual levels. Still, after its massively widespread use, marijuana’s specific effects and use remain a mystery even to its most serious supporters. It is well established that after taking a dose of marijuana, one feels enthused with his/her existence, relaxed, and euphoric at times, but the specifics of these effects have been hard to focus in upon. It is through my effort here that I wish to provide scientific documentation on the psychological effects a dose of cannabis has upon my body, and the varying sensations that my body is stricken with throughout the progress of my session.

Due to legal issues, my study will, unfortunately, be quite unscientific. I have, as a medium, this computer, on which I will record in 10-minute intervals the exact sensations, emotions, and varying temperaments I may come to experience. I also have my personal webcam, on which I will record, at significant legal risk, my actions within my room. This document will most certainly be kept secure, as its public release would be a massive legal liability.

Finally, I am making preparations to address the specific cravings and effects of various audio stimulation throughout my experience. As a somewhat seasoned “stoner”, if you will, I am quite familiar with the dramatic effects of music upon a person while in the midst of a marijuana-induced “high”. In the same manner, a variety of food and drink will also be provided.

And thus, let us begin with some previously-acquired data:

Name: Aes
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 128 lbs.

7.45 am - Smoking began. 0.25 grams of moderate quality acquired in New Jersey, USA by means of a two-car trade off, beginning in New York City, USA, where it was grown.

7.55 - I am, at the moment, filled with a deep psychological pressure to make haste and finish my work so I have time remaining to “clean up” my smoking tools, as well as a fear of being caught red-handed by a number of my superiors. I repeatedly picture them coming to my door in my mind, and they each, for some reason unknown, have face and body textures very similar to those of the “Simpsons” television characters. I must make haste to clean up, I will return.

8.00 - I have returned, supplies hidden, and have been recently staggered by the discovery of a sixth plane of sense. I can, not by means of any other sense, detect the presence of non-incandescent light, specific pressure in different places, and scents upon myself, my clothes, and objects I am directly touching by skin alone. I seem to have gained a new way of thinking, but slightly written over previous objects in my mind. Hence a “retarded” expansion of thought. I must beg the reader’s pardon on any confusion caused by my part. I am quite intoxicated at the moment.

8.04 - I am still going up, believably. When I close my eyes, I can view coloured graph-generated lines forming pictures of what I can see in my mind. I seem to type by predicting giant mathematical patterns in my mind outlined by these wires. This sensation cannot be grasped by anyone who has never used marijuana. I just feel happy and content, yet massively hungry and thirsty. I also feel satisfied with myself for the labour required to purchase this bowl. And I just completed my inhalation of the first bowl of chips. The world around me seems fascinatingly dynamic, and I am filled with an urge to rush out and behold of its beauty, but I must hold fast. I will return, with a plant from it to satisfy me. Oh, and food.

8.11- I have returned, with Triscuits, green tea, and a small cactus. I choke upon a dry Triscuit, and I feel waves of discomfort flowing through my body, but it only makes me feel more tired and nature-acclimated. Once again, I fear being apprehended as my small marijuana stash container is still left on the table. My thoughts move fast, but my body feels as though a racing car in one of those bond movies is chasing him, and he’s flying downhill. I also feel an earthy attachment to my car. Anyway, on the physical sign, I now see a psychedelic cloud with earthy video-game tones in it and I feel very close to nature. I am now very warm everywhere, and greatly stimulated to relax..

8.14 - As my watch beeps the time, I struggle for exterior contact for no reason. I wish to call someone, and speak aloud, “Damn, everyone’s at school.” I crave salty food and inhale some more Triscuits, but then take a fearful swig of green tea. The life existing around me feels so beautiful, I wish to clad myself in clothes much in its colour and natural patterns, and go out into it where I can experience the beauty of music and love right in its deepest deaths. I feel as though the world has just thrust upon me the key to life in this marvelous cannabis experience and wishes me to emerge from the world relaxed and rejuvenated. I require a different musical selection now, and I restart my webcam.

8.21- Euphoric is the only way I can describe my situation. It’s save time. Nirvana deeply connects to my soul, I feel like an artist. I wish strongly to play my bass or guitar, but I deeply crave to just listen to what I am doing in my experiment. I feel empowered by the grunge music on, and feel much empathy towards Kurt Cobain.

8.24 - Still stoned, my world is surrounded by colours. The cactus represents Mickey Mouse in quite a severe manner. I wish to present it to the camera.

8.27 - A sudden burst of hilarious ridiculous action hits my body like a truck, but I gain control. For some reason, I continued to move my body as though I was laughing, but did not maintain the facial expression or focus at all. I feel as though my ears are being pulled down in a sensual way by the lobes. I also feel a wonderful sensual pressure by pressing upon my temples. I must now go outside, I will report back.

8.34 - Still stoned. I am starting to begin to come down, but it is slow and gradual. Time seems to flow slowly. I am feeling ‘alright’ as so many smokers before me have said. I for some reason feel as though smoking has brightened and improved my life, rather than acting in a negative, dirty way as I might unfortunately consider while not high. At the moment, I feel happy, content, and sleepy. I wish nothing more than to pass out on my bed, but I feel dedicated to staying awake to further my study. All colours currently associated with nature. I am now filled with fear, as I see a blue light entering my room. I rush to the window, expecting to see an officer to arrest me, and see nothing. So I lock my door and turn down the music.

8.39 - I am amazed that I’ve only been “high” for 40 minutes, it feels as though it was an eternity, considering the movement of the sun over the earth has been dramatic, and my mood has changed so deeply. I am really “stoned” now, and am experiencing a euphoric full-body buzz, as so many of us have heard described. I consider going out for Chinese food, as fried rice with little pieces of meat sounds amazing. Maybe I will order it, they couldn’t be too upset, eh? Maybe some spare ribs too. Oh, shit, no delivery. Damn, I wish they delivered everything. Or they had like a totally automated method for delivering all food, where like everything would be kept in giant metal containers or something. Wow, I just had a total out-of-body experience, I feel content and happy with everything the world has to offer, and am thrilled with the thought of my article being enjoyed worldwide.

8.44 - Still stoned. I realize I repeat “still stoned” often. I now must play Mechwarrior 4, the thought of piloting a gigantic robot fascinates me.

9.24 - Amazing program, really. I seem to be suffering from a significant loss of concentration, currently, and need to browse the web, but I am overdue on a report. My head is heavy, and my eyes are tired. I have a mild headache, but my entire body feels “tingly” nerve stimulation. My entire vision is a floating blur. Colours are vibrant but primarily green in base (all of them). I feel relaxed, happy, and accomplished. Thirst is very strong, with hunger waning. All thought is very random and brief, and seems to bounce disconnectedly.

10.05 - After a significantly long Diablo II session, I now feel relaxed and “tingly” all over, and desire sleep deeply. Time seems to move very slowly, reggae music is highly stimulating, and all colour is bright and “wavy”. That is the only word I can come up with to describe it. I feel gentle and very sincerely nature-acclimated once again. I feel accomplished.

10.20 - End of study. I now just feel warm and content, and this feeling continues for an average period of approximately 6 hours (until 4.20 in the afternoon, in this case).

The next day - I feel refreshed, alert, and have a slightly lacking memory of yesterday, but I associate a very positive and natural feeling towards it. I feel less stressed than usual, but feel, aside, absolutely normal, if slightly more inspired and focused.

Thank you for reading my study, It is my sincerest hope it has proved an interesting resource.


Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 18032
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 29, 2005Views: 35,603
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