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Remembering my Basic Iconography
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose
Citation:   Philbert MacAdamia. "Remembering my Basic Iconography: An Experience with Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (exp18083)". Jul 26, 2005.

10 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (ground / crushed)
As the colors on the trees outside changed I felt the need to appreciate it in as deep a way as I could. I couldn’t wait for my mate to join me on the weekend, nor would I subject my friends to the heretofore untrodden path of the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seed. On a bright and beautiful eleven o’clock morning, I found the seeds that were given to me by my soul brother.

I counted out ten as research suggested a dose to be for my weight and desired intensity. I spent a half an hour filing off the remnants of the husk that clung to the outside of the seeds, which were out of their pods, but were not yet what I considered to be prepared. I took a mortar and pestle and ground the cleaned seeds as near into a dust as I could. I read later that most people soak the seeds in hot water for hours first, but my time was short and this method proved to be acceptable to me.

After preparing myself I sat and mixed the powder with orange juice and drank it. I immediately felt a little queasy, but I had not eaten anything that morning so that ought to have been expected.

Over the course of the next two hours I grew increasingly restless as my body began to feel alien. Nausea became evident, as well as a slowly tightening jaw and a general feeling of drunkenness and mild confusion. CEV’s began, but mild and lacking the dimension of LSD trips. I lay down to rest and listen to the music. It was close to T+2:00 when my sister-in-law arrived home from work early, much to my discomfort. After 10 minutes of feigning sleep I approached her and told her of my state, uncertain of her reaction. She was fine with it and it was a huge burden lifted from the experience.

At around T+3:00 I felt myself peaking. Nausea was gone, OEV’s were visible now (though still lacking the dimension or vibrance of LSD or Psilocybin visuals, a quality I would learn to appreciate). I entered the experience with every intention of navigating my trip, to keep my mind focused and cognate. Up until this time I felt like a cork on the ocean, aware of where I wanted to go but unable to control the trip enough to get there. Now I still hadn’t much been able to change the direction of the trip, but my mind was surprisingly clear, and certainly lucid enough to analyze the ideas and feelings I was exposed to.

It felt good to move. Proprioception seemed enhanced like with LSD, and dancing was second nature. I stood before a full-length mirror and danced to progressive trance music and my movements were fluid, beautiful and precise. I learned a great deal about dancing, and returned to the place where I have danced before on LSD. I was no longer fighting with my body with forced, quirky motions that characterize my usual dance style. My soul brother says on LSD I look like Jacky Chan instead of Charlie Chaplain.

I felt my body being pushed hard and I remembered that it was not my body that was in danger, but only my perception of it. I remembered that my body was nothing more than a symbol, an icon in a matrix of icons that all refer to each other in our Mundane World. I knew that I had the potential to shrug off this iconography, but that any breakthroughs in this state would risk being incongruous with the rest of the system on my return, and so I had to treat the icon of my body with care. The rest of the system of which I was a part would treat harshly the concept of bodily harm, even if I knew it was purely conceptual. I wanted badly to break through this iconography and I knew that in order to do so, my words would have to go as well. It then occurred to me that dropping the conception of the body would be tantamount to death… And I was not afraid. On the contrary, what a release it was to know that it’s only a symbol, a concept that I clung onto so dearly every day! I also knew that there was much to learn in this iconographical system first, and other souls to learn from and to teach before I choose to let go.

That learned, I felt the rest of the trip could be enjoyed. Coming down, I went to a website of crazy visuals and knew that they were the product of the quality of the trip I now consider to be a distraction. I enjoyed them, but they were meaningless and I was no longer enamored with them. The focus of my journeys is now to pass through those distractions to find the truth beyond. I was grateful that the Baby Woodrose seeds did not tempt me with overwhelming visuals and that I was able to see this.

At T+5:00 I was back in my body. My body did feel sore, and my head began to ache slightly. OEV’s were still evident. Overall, the experience was more lucid and ‘sharp’ than a Psilocybin trip, and felt much more like LSD. The short duration of the trip made it perfect for an afternoon, like mushrooms, but it still had the intensity and clarity of my LSD encounters. I consider the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seed a trusted ally.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 18083
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 26, 2005Views: 71,710
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