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Powerful and Introspective
Citation:   Azure. "Powerful and Introspective: An Experience with 2C-I (exp18123)". Oct 14, 2002.

25 mg oral 2C-I
After a day of mild cleansing, me and my brother loaded up the jeep and headed up into the mountains of New Mexico for a day of mental and spiritual opening. Having previously weighed out roughly 100mg 2ci into 4gel caps, the drive was tense with anticipation. Though a bit hesitant in tripping so soon after a surgery, the time suited the schedules of all involved. And, the mountains in this part of the world are incredibly beautiful this time of year with the leaves changing.

On arriving, we set up camp 50 or so yards from where we parked the car, and set up the tent. With everything in seeming order, we toasted and each swallowed one capsule containing roughly 25 mg 2ci apiece. I had been told previously that 25mg would be a good starting dose; the experience was far from introductory in nature. After a short walk, we situated ourselves at the camp, purchasing the required permit for our vehicle. By the time we returned to the tent (T+30minutes), we were well established in a ++ state that quickly shifted in a full +++ psychedelic state (T+1hr) lasting 5-6 hours.

I remember laying back into the tent and being enveloped by a profoundly resonant silence. What ensued can best be characterized as a full melt-down of egoic function. The initial opening consisted of a wonderful energetic clearing. Threads of energy were experienced as coursing through my perineum area, clearing energetic blockages with a resultant feeling of openness; my hands became particularly energized, with a sensation of electricity being experienced strongly at the ring and pinky fingers. At some point during the trip, the sounds of the forest became phenomenally intense; at times, it seemed as if something was circling our tent. Small sounds became intensely enhanced, to the point of being unbearable.

At the two hour point, both me and my brother became alarmed when an individual set up camp right next to us. So much for privacy! A large portion of the trip thus became swallowed up in paranoia, with the resolution being an agreed vow to complete silence. In the future, I would have a more controlled and private environment for this material. It's really not like MDA or MDMA at the 25-35mg level, it's deeply introspective. At this point, the energy welling up inside me was so explosive, there was some desire to 'channel' it. I thus placed my hands on my brothers chest and began 'channeling' the energy through him. He seemed tense and occupied with certain areas of his body, most notably his belly button, picking at it, thumping on it etc. I began to feel there was a hidden language to the nervous actions of the body and wanted nothing for him but that his suffering should be quelled completely. The channeling of energy thus became focussed on how to best heal certain tensions in his body.

At times, the channeling became so explosively intense yet relaxed that I perceived we shared one warmth of heart, experienced as a glowing golden light. Then, I would relent, look at my brother who would make some comment about 'man, that's ALOT of energy'. At one point, a spiral of energy shot through my hands into his heart; we both kind of looked at each other to verify this was indeed happening. There were fairly long periods of discomfort dispersed throughout. I moved through some personal spaces of psychodynamic tension associated with a powerful dismemberment experience I had some years ago on DPT. I can only describe this experience as being one of confronting the comic yet grotesque in existence; as if, the very act of naked being is something to be ashamed of, yet relinquishing that shame is the very activity of knowing.

I'm beginning to feel this experience is an activation of circuits deep in the animal mind. The only mode of transforming these states comes through observing them dispassionately in a way that diverts their energy into the higher mind centers such as mindfulness. This is where meditation is absolutely, totally and beyond doubt necessary in the systematic and long-term use of psychedelics. These deep deposits of psychological energy need the practice of mindfulness for transformation. Betwen the six and seven hour point, me and my brother began to 'come to', with the ability to identify our forms as being mutually exclusive of one another. Honestly, the come-down was rough and fairly long.

About ten hours after ingestion, we were fairly well established in our respective identities. Alot of the come-down revolved around the sheer shock of realizing the intensity of what we had just gone through. The next day, I was tired, with alot of time resting and napping. But, today (2days later) I'm energized and alot clearer in regards to the content of the experience. My opinion--more and more--is that infrequent use of the phenethylamine class of psychedelics is essential in deriving from them any spiritual insight. Furthermore, lower doses seem to lend themselves to a more integrated and manageable experience. In all, I would say this is a wonderful material, more like mescaline for me than 2cb. I don't believe 25-35mg is a good starting dose and wouldn't do that high a dose in the future. 15-20mg is the range we're talking about here. At that dosage range, a mg scale is essential. This isn't one to eyeball, it's quite intense!

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 18123
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 14, 2002Views: 18,385
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