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Doing Coke For My Screenplay
by flannery
Citation:   flannery. "Doing Coke For My Screenplay: An Experience with Cocaine (exp18244)". Oct 17, 2002.

  insufflated Cocaine (powder / crystals)
    smoked Tobacco  


tonight i did coke for the first time. i had always been interested in it. actually, i'm writing a screenplay about cocaine addiction, and i thought 'how can i write about something i dont know??' i researched a lot, but i had no experience. besides, i just wanted to do coke, plain and simple.

so, my friend natasha and i planned a day to do coke. it took a lot of phone calls and hassle, but it turned out well: i got two grams from my ex-girlfriend and also an eight-ball (3.5 grams) from natasha's boyfriend's friend (sorry, thats complicated). we went to pick up the two grams and we each did two lines immediately. all i really felt was my tongue and the roof of my mouth going numb. then we had to go to the bank and pick up our friend. we picked her up, then we each did a line. we got numb but didnt feel anything. NOTE: natasha and our friend have done a lot more drugs, they used to tweak a lot. i had only taken pills and smoked weed once. anyway, we were driving to T's house (the guy with the eight-ball).

suddenly it HIT ME - the music in the car started to feel like magic, like it was surrounding me, and i just felt SO GOOD. it didn't feel all gross and drug-ish like pills sometimes make me feel. just clean goodness. it was intense for maybe two minutes, then wore down to a really nice feeling. the other girls still didn't feel it.

we got to T's house and did some more lines. his coke was better (my ex pinched some of ours too). we all got really talkative within five or ten minutes. we just started having these fast conversations, really great conversations, but we kept jumping topics. i just felt like there was so much to say. i feel cheesy saying this, but it was totally bonding. we kept doing lines every fifteen minutes or so for quite a while. i just felt really happy and talkative and comfortable. after about an hour and a half my teeth started grinding, but i didnt feel bad at all. we went out to smoke, which was really nice. it kind of cleared my nose and throat. we did some more lines and talked and talked. about an hour later my teeth were grinding like hell and my mouth was really dry, but i still felt great. i had to get home, so we (me, natasha, our friend) left T's house and started home (we live about forty minutes away from him).

in the car we all smoked, but i started chain-smoking. i didnt feel bad at all, just that my stupid teeth were crunching away constantly. it was hard to talk without chattering, but it was merely an annoyance. natasha made me stop smoking so i wouldnt get sick (i dont smoke often) and we just talked all the way home. now i'm sitting here writing, and my pupils are pretty large, my teeth are grinding a whole lot, and i'm kind of jittery. sometimes the computer screen kind of wiggles. i can stop my teeth grinding by concentrating, but as soon as my mind wanders, it starts up again.

so now i can write my screenplay much better, having experienced coke. i am excited to revise some stuff.

i really liked this drug. i dont like pot (i hate the smell and it just makes me weird). coke is perfect for me. i can still function just fine (i just went in my mom's room to check in with her when i got home, she couldnt tell at all).

the grinding teeth are annoying, and my jaw is going to be really sore, but this was a great experience. i never want to be a cokehead, but i definitely plan on doing it again.

i think these are good observations: chew gum (so my teeth wont grind as much), drink water (i got sooo dehydrated), and make your lines longer and skinnier rather than short and fat (it doesnt hurt as much). all in all, a success!

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 18244
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 17, 2002Views: 63,129
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