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Mitragyna Bioassay
by Darklight
Citation:   Darklight. "Mitragyna Bioassay: An Experience with Kratom (exp18480)". Oct 27, 2002.

2.23 g oral Kratom (tea)

Originally posted to: Shaman Australis Forums, submitted to erowid by author.

I performed my first bioassay on leaves last week. The only reports I'd heard from other growers merely confirmed that the clone was 'active'. No further details were given. While I'd done a certain amount of reading on the topic, and have prior experience bioassaying biological unknowns, subconsciously I guess I wan't expecting anything more exciting than say a cup of strong coffee. Or for sure i would have heard about it earlier, right? So:

2.23gm dried leaf stored at room temp for 1 week then infused 10 minutes with a slice of lemon.

2.15pm Started drinking tea on an almost empty stomach ( except for a bit of fruit I had 20 min ago ) Bitter as hell, taste could prolly be improved by a spice: cinammon, cardomon or allspice might help, don't think honey would.

2.20 Noticeable mild euphoria ( which I wasn't expecting ) creeps in. I check for signs of placebo effect but my face keeps smiling sorta without me. Bit of a 'third eye' buzz. Still 1/3 of the cup to drink, but its easier to handle the bitterness once you like the effect.

2.24 Finished drinking tea. Still euphoric. Hanging for a cigarette but every time I go to grab the packet I decide I don't want one after all. The best way to describe the overall effect of the tea is 'uplifting'.

2.45 Went a bit drowsy for a minute and considered taking a nap, but circumstances intervene. Mild euphoria persists. Still can't seem to manage to smoke a cigarette, and I'd kinda like one.

4.45 Euphoria persists, pineal buzz persists. Some difficulty co-ordinating using the keyboard: more typographical errors than usual, short term memory seems slightly impaired. Tried to smoke a cigarette and bloody lost interest in it about 1/4 of the way through. Managed to eat some more fruit as I was hungry.

5.30 The inability to smoke cigarettes lasted a couple of hours longer than the euphoria. Euphoria wore off about this time, but I couldn't manage to have a cigarette for about 90 mnutes after this.

From previous written descriptions of effects I was expecting a dopaminergic :-) And I'm hanging for a smoke but I can't seem to finish one, and its not even making me grumpy.

As I'd only used 50% of the biomass I was given, I was thinking about smoking the rest tomorrow, but decided instead to give my sister a cup of the tea to get her interpretation of the experience at the same dose level. While she confirmed and repeated my own experience with the material, and is a reliable bioassayer, some of this repitition could possibly be attributed to me descrbing the effects I was experiencing to her before she consumed the tea

Aside from the singular feeling of appropriateness from having consumed product from formerly endangered plants that I'd helped to proliferate, and the pleasant surprise obtained from the effects, I can honestly say that kratom deserves further research for both its euphoric effects, and its anti-addictive properties which may well extend beyond those of opiate withdrawl. We'll keep working on this, and we'll keep you posted.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 18480
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 27, 2002Views: 50,534
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Kratom (203) : Alone (16), First Times (2)

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