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Can't Breath
Methcathinone & Cannabis
Citation:   KhatKiller. "Can't Breath: An Experience with Methcathinone & Cannabis (exp18614)". Apr 16, 2007.

80 mg smoked Methcathinone
  0.25 g smoked Cannabis
I recently decided to refine myself some methcathinone from pseudoephedrine I found around the house. My friends and I sat down for a smoke and massively covered our bud in khat. So we smoked, my friend A about .01 g, my friend B about .14g, and myself about .08g with a little bit down the hatch by B. So A, B, and I went inside and about 10 minutes later B and I began having violent tremors and B went into convulsions and stopped breathing.

B was also on many resparitol, prozak, and ridalin for normal medications. B was coached to keep breathing and eventually sent home for fear of not being able to help him. A at this point claimed the 2 hits he took were the most powerful he'd had in his life. Methcathinone is definitely an enhancer for cannabis, yet too potent when laced too much. The cheapest KB I can find is turned into astronaut fuel at low doses.

At any rate, A and I sat for about 1 hour while I talked with my girlfriend on the phone to try and keep calm. I kept eating food and this seemed to conquer it. A went home and for about 1 more hour I had felt the buzz, and it soon subsided and my g/f left me to sleep.

In total this experience lasted about 3 hours and it was extremely potent at that. I personally extracted the khat with hydrogen peroxide, heated because it concentrates it and works better near boiling.

Today another batch was mixed and in the end we're feeling quite awake from about 150 mg, but this is surely a great bud additive. At any rate, use wisely for B and I were nearly at the point of having cardiac arrest, for my g/f informed me she could hear my heart beat rapid and loud the entire time.

Be careful... But don't get paranoid, it seems a lot stronger than it is.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 18614
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 16, 2007Views: 12,079
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Methcathinone (81) : Combinations (3), Health Problems (27), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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