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Play It Cool
Cannabis & Alcohol
by Stringman
Citation:   Stringman. "Play It Cool: An Experience with Cannabis & Alcohol (exp18716)". Nov 8, 2002.

40 oz oral Alcohol  
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)


I once had a similar story to the guy who was pulled over by the cops [read story], but due to his rights didn't have to have his car searched.

This happened back in '87 when I was a mere 25 years old. I was out with two other friends and I was driving. Friend 1--J--and I were indulging in some pot and each drinking a 40-ounce Olde English. Friend 2--C--had recently gotten clean due to some bad experiences but wanted to come along for the ride. At some point I had to pull over to take a leak (around midnight, out in the sticks) and as I'm standing there I noticed THE MAN pull up near my car. my mind I'm thinking, 'Shit! My car smells like pot and I've got several opened 40-ouncers! This is bust material!' Earlier, I was feeling pretty great but suddenly now I'm practically sober, yet my eyes are pretty red. Anyways, the officer asks me what I'm doing there and I reply, 'I'm sorry, sir, but I really needed to water the bushes and didn't see any other place I could do so.' He notices my red eyes and asks what that's about. I said, 'Well....I've had a long drive today, it's almost midnight and I'm rather tired and I'm in the process of heading home.' Looking at my car with my two idiot-looking friends inside, the officer then asks if he can check my car out.

At this point I'm thinking I have two options. One: like an idiot, I could tell him, 'Yeah, sure...No problem!' and then watch as I get hauled away, or.....Two: play him and see what happens. I chose door number two and bravely said, 'Not unless you have a search warrant.' I saw both my friends' mouths drop as I stood there waiting for the cop's response. To my relief, all he said was, 'Well, then get in your car and be on your way.' I cooly walked to my car, got in, started her up and left. Immediately I asked my sober friend what the speed limit was, he told me and I made sure the speedometer didn't stray from that speed and also made sure I was inside the line. I watched the rear-view mirror, noticing the cop following me, waiting for me to make a mistake so he could really pull me over! Thankfully, as I entered onto the freeway the cop continued on down the country road.

At the time I considered that incident to be a lucky situation (there's no telling how another cop might have acted), however, I do believe that it was within my right to state that he could not search my car without probable cause. Just because my eyes were red didn't mean I was ripped (and I acted pretty sober according to my friends who were watching the whole scenario).

Just remember to play it cool if you're ever in a similar situation.

Tom 'Stringman'

Exp Year: 1987ExpID: 18716
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 8, 2002Views: 18,082
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Police / Customs (60), Alcohol (61), Cannabis (1) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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